Best Final Four Betting Sites

Best Final Four Betting Sites

Final Four Betting

It all comes down to 3 amazing games of college basketball action unparalled by any other basketball games of the year! After weeks of high drama, unexpected winners, sore losers, cinderella teams, and prop bets you never thought would come in, it comes down to the big dance: Final Four Betting has begun!

Now it’s serious: 64 teams have all competed, played their hearts out, and it’s all come down to the climax of one of the greatest sporting events of the year: The NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four. There’s just 3 games left in the tourney: who will advance to the National Championship? Who will go home early? And, most importantly, who will be the Champion of this year’s tournament? It may not be who you thought it would be, but that’s Ok, that’s why they call it March Madness: the surprise upsets and things you thought would never happen do happen, and it has resulted in the Final Four matchup we’ve all been waiting for.

Did all the #1 seeded teams make it to the Final Four?

Are there any Cinderella stories, like Gonzaga teams from years past, that seemingly come out of no where to land in college basketball’s biggest dance of the year? Who will be the individual MVP of the tournament? Who will be NCAA coach of the year? You might be able to bet on these questions, in the form of Final Four Prop betting, offered at all top online sportsbooks. Final Four Proposition bets are fun because it’s usually almost unpredictable how they will turn out. The tourney is full of so many surprises and upsets that trying to pick the Final Four on Selection Sunday is like trying to organize your lost sock drawer.

Final Four Betting: What are some good Final Four Bets?

Right off the cuff, probably the most popular bet is a 2 team parlay on the National semi-final contest. Even though it’s only two teams, picking the two winners may not be as easy as it seems. Yes, the odds are in your favor, but you have to remember all the variables: Which team has had the most rest? Which team’s players are hot? Which players are hurt? Who will be in the starting lineups? All of these things must considered, along with the fact that you’re trying to pick 2 winners of games contested by the best 4 teams in this season of College Basketball. Believe us, even though a 2 team parlay bet on the Final Four might seem like a freebie, it most likely isn’t. Do your research carefully.

What’s the next safest bet?

Teasers and point Total bets might be a little more tolerable that an outright parlay on the Final Four winners. Most games are high scoring, so you can figure a total greater than 60, and than pick a winner that seems likely. This makes Final Four Betting more exciting and more of a skill event, since you’ve probably been following the tournament for the past couple of weeks. If you’re not sure what will happen, join the crowd – sportscasters and sports handicapping experts get huge audiences during the Final Four Betting days, because people need some expert advice on how to bet. Listen to your favorite sports experts carefully, and weigh all the odds before you wager.

If all else fails, try just a straight up bet on the National final game. Believe it or not, this is yet another tough bet to win, because the final two teams are usually very evenly matched. Sportsbooks will be hesitant to pick a favorite, and you’ll find that the Final Four betting odds will shift right up until the last minute. Remember, sportsbooks are a business to, and they can’t afford to pay out huge amounts of winners after the tournament is over. Instead, don’t base your decision on the lines entirely: instead, read your box scores, research team coaches, and analyze player matchups to see who’s more likely to win. All of this may seem confusing, but that’s why they call it March Madness.

Finally, the Final Four signals the end of any outstanding futures bets or prop bets. Some sportsbooks might offer odds on player of the year before the tournament begins. This might be a fun bet, especially if the player is part of a strong team. Coach of the year is also fun bet and it isn’t always the coach of the winning team. Predicting coach of the year is something one has to consider carefully, since regular season AND post season coaching records are taken into account.

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