March Madness Betting

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March Madness Betting

It’s a month of pure basketball indulgence and a time for all handicappers to get their betting boots on, of course we are talking about March Madness betting.

The level of US betting action attracted by the March Madness bracket is now right up there on with that of the Super Bowl. Many National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball fans are becoming bettors on March Madness, after all who knows the form better the sportsbooks or the fans?

Founded in 1939 by the Kansas coach, Phog Allen, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is held each March. The enthusiasm and excitement generated by the tournament led to the informal name of March Madness and ever increasing volumes being wagered across the.

You can enjoy March Madness and watching your betting selections on CBS in the United States. In April 2010, CBS signed a 14 year deal at a cost of over US$10 billion to enable it to televise the tournament from 2011-2024, so it is not going to disappear from your television screen in the near future.

You can start making your picks and predictions, or begin reading the views of the March Madness betting experts as soon as the bracket is selected on Selection Sunday. You can pre-order your copy at any time to make sure you receive it just as soon as it becomes available.

If you would rather not March Madness betting research yourself, there is plenty of in depth analysis of the NCAA basketball tournament bracket available to you at no cost online. You can use trends and individual matchup analysis to create your own bracket, you can read the research and make your own picks or simply buy a complete bracket for around $10 if you prefer to take the easy option.

From the moment the current season champion is crowned, you will find the March Madness gurus projecting the NCAA tournament bracket for the following year. No one has described this as a particularly sane occupation, but plenty of people seem to have a lot of fun trying to do it. One thing is for certain, with the number of college basketball teams set to increase, ultimately to 96 according to some sources, it is going to get madder than ever!

Reason for popularity of March Madness betting

Compared to other major events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series, March Madness can offer more exciting betting opportunities. While the sportsbooks are well versed on the strengths and weaknesses of all the Super Bowl contenders, March Madness can catapult previously unexposed teams into the national spotlight. There can be unusual chances for bettors to exploit the sportsbooks’ relatively limited knowledge.

It is the sheer volume of money wagered by non professional bettors that helps dictates the lines. As a result, the sportsbooks will sometimes shade the betting lines offered in March Madness, knowing that the public love to bet on a favorite. If you do your research rather than simply following those teams that attract undue favoritism, you may find the value in the odds. Remember that some sportsbooks will add anything from half a point to two points against teams that they can rely on to pull in plenty of public support.

The keys to success when March Madness betting

One simple consideration for you to think about before getting involved in betting is the record of the March Madness coaches. While star players seem to appear from nowhere and rapidly disappear due to injury or the call of the NBA, the coaches enjoy much greater longevity and are definitely worth following.

If you are looking to select the championship winner, it appears to be the result of the efforts of particular coaches that makes certain teams stand out. After all, It was no coincidence that the Wizard of Westwood, aka John Wooden, coached UCLA to victory in 10 of their record breaking number of NCAA Basketball Championships.

The University of Kentucky is the second most successful team thanks largely to the coaching skills of Adolph Rupp. He coaxed Kentucky to victory four times between 1948 and 1958.

North Carolina and Indiana University share third position in the all time number of wins table. Both have had two very effective coaches that have helped them to achieve multiple victories.

They are closely followed by Duke University who, if they can replicate recent performances, seem likely to challenge for a podium position in the March Madness championship record book. All the while they have Mike Krzyzewski as their coach, they have to be taken very seriously in your March Madness betting selections.

Only five teams have won the championships more than twice. Since the turn of the century, the trend for consecutive victories has been significantly diminished with only Florida achieving victory in consecutive years in 2006 and 2007. Back in the 1990s, only Duke managed to triumph two years in a row, in 1991 and 1992.

But stats can make fools of us all. If it’s a matter of pitting a fan’s expert knowledge against that of the handicappers from the online sportsbooks, then the informed fan has every chance of beating the bookies’ March Madness betting lines.

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