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Of course, every sports bettor has the dream of getting through a massive combination bet and experiencing the dream of multi-digit profit while betting. Like the last two bettors actually bet on Leicester City as champions before the 2015/16 season and with several hundred thousand poundswent home. However, this is only realistic in extreme exceptional cases. And yet there are a number of strategies that noticeably increase your chances of winning a bet. You don’t have to be a professional to use such strategies. Many hobbyists use such strategies. So why not use it for yourself? The strategy presented here, which is supposed to increase the chances of winning when betting, is “bet against a tie”. It may sound strange to the layperson, but that’s exactly why this strategy should be presented here in more detail. Especially since this strategy may sound strange when betting on football games, but it is basically very simple.

Comprehensive analysis necessary before betting on a tie

A bet against a draw is easy to understand, of course, but this method is not used very often in sports betting . It should be relatively self-evident that this type of sports bet is not dependent on a particular country or type of league. But you should still be well prepared if you build on this strategy. Of course, you don’t have to completely analyze all data of the respective league from the last few years, but at least the most recent part. This way you can find out whether such a bet is fundamentally worthwhile in a particular league.

The “bet against a draw” then proceeds as follows: You look for a game in which the odds for both the home and away team are at least over 2.0. In the event of a odds of less than 2.2, you place 70 percent of your stake on this team and the other 30 percent. However, this only applies up to this limit of 2.2. At odds that are higher, you divide your stakes 50 percent over a win of both teams.

Bet against a draw

The most important prerequisite for a bet against a tie is the previous analysis of the previous games. Such draw bets are conceivable and possible in all sports in which a game can end in a draw at all (even if a winner is still determined in overtime afterwards). As everyone interested in sports knows, there is no team sport with draws as often as in football.

Logically, you only win if the selected and betting game does not end in a draw, regardless of the amount. You bet on both opponents as the winner of the game. You increase your chances significantly, as you can easily understand, because you are one of the winners of two of the three possible outcomes and receive a profit. Of course, this is not as high as if you had only bet on a certain trend. But security increases, or rather the probability of winning a bet. Why this “bet against a tie” is particularly suitable for beginners who want to fill up their betting account with little risk.

Football is often a streak when a team almost never plays in a season. If this applies even more to both teams involved, it is important to make a bet against a tie and not to miss this good opportunity. However, you should also take into account how things are going in recent times for home and away games of the respective opponents. Especially favorites in some leagues like to play draws away, while the home team is satisfied with one point depending on the constellation. Here you should then keep your fingers (and your bets) from betting against a tie.

It is elementary, however, that one pays attention to a quota key of over 2.0, since this is the only way to achieve high profits. In principle, of course, this procedure does not protect against losses. However, if you can accept them now and then, best of all, this strategy is advisable for sports betting, because it can enable lasting success.

Place bets against a tie at online betting shops

As is well known, a large part of the betting market has shifted from local betting offices to the internet, to sports betting sites . Here you will find serious bookmakers as well as service-oriented companies. After all, the pressure in the industry is high, so you don’t want to lose customers to competitors through poor service. Accordingly, you can also bet on games around the world, exotic games such as the league in Ecuador or the second Norwegian league can be found regularly among the offers. Anyone who gets smart in these niches will surely come across one or two opportunities to bet against a draw.

In addition, the clarity – whether you use the apps or the websites of the online betting sites is significantly greater than in a conventional betting office. Many providers also show all the relevant statistics for a game, table standings and other information about the teams are easy to find. So good conditions to find a suitable game.

Reasons for using the online bookmaker

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of placing bets online, there is a main argument that speaks for online bookmakers: the significantly better betting odds than with the local bookmaker. This usually has a smaller customer base, so it has to generate more sales with the individual customer. One way to do this is to offer less than payout.

The quota key for these local providers is often only between 60 and 69 percent. With the online betting site you get up to 96 percent. The introduction of online bookmakers has changed the betting market noticeably – for the benefit of friends of sports betting. If you miss the opportunity to use significantly better odds for your bets, it is your own fault, especially since it is much easier to place your bets in this way.

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