Bet online or offline?

Bet online or offline

Advantages of online and offline sites

Sports betting is not only on everyone’s lips since today. This is not least due to the fact that the range of sporting events is growing almost every day. Regardless of whether it is a game from one of the top leagues in football or another sporting event: a bet not only offers the chance of an attractive win, but also a lot of excitement and thrill. Many customers place their bets online with a bookmaker. However, there are also numerous betting shops in almost every city where you can also place a bet. The following guide explains what the difference is, how it looks legally and which variant is recommended.

What is a betting site?

Before the numerous online sports betting sites took market share, betting shops were very popular. A betting office is a space where the tipster can place a sports bet. There are usually a number of large screens with computers on which different sporting events are broadcast. In addition, the corresponding tickets, pens and more can be found on the tables. Since many customers remain in the betting office during the current sporting event, there are often opportunities to buy drinks or snacks there. The tickets can either be played on a machine or handed over to an employee of the betting office. If the tipster wins, the money – depending on the amount – will be paid out directly in cash. As an alternative, transfer to the bank account is available. This usually happens with higher stakes and corresponding winnings.

Where can I find such a betting shop?

There are huge amounts of betting shops in almost every city. In recent years, these betting shops have sprung up like mushrooms, since the operators have of course not hidden how popular the sports betting business has become. And who wants to destroy the chance of good income? From the outside, the betting offices have the impression of a pub. If the shop is quite small, it can also be more like a kiosk or a conventional lottery shop. Of course there are also well-known providers such as Bet365, which in turn offer betting shops in different cities, which are now much more professional and offer a more comprehensive service. On the other hand, there are many “no-name providers” behind which there is no large corporation.

Are betting sites legal?

This question cannot be answered across the board. In addition, the area of ​​gambling – and this branch officially includes sports betting – is always and constantly the subject of some legal proceedings. These legal disputes not only take place at the national level, but have already reached the European Court of Justice. As paradoxical as it may sound, private sports betting is not allowed – but also not prohibited. The European Court of Justice recently ruled that the intermediaries for private sports betting should not be sanctioned by the German authorities. The problem in this jungle of paragraphs and laws is that the law actually regulates the gaming monopoly, but on the other hand numerous providers implement very large sums and their freedom may only be restricted to a limited extent.

However, the German tipsters could also bet before the opening of the gambling market. For a long time, this was only possible via Oddset. This is a state lottery and lottery provider. Therefore, Oddset tickets could only be played at lottery acceptance points or on appropriately certified websites. Spicy: Oddset no longer plays a role for most typists today, since other providers seem to be more attractive for various reasons. Oddset is obviously still the only 100% legal variant. In addition, some betting agencies are not sure whether they have valid licenses or who the potential licensor is. Similar to game libraries, licenses are issued by the municipalities and cities in most cases. With big sites like Bet365,

What role do online bookmakers play?

The online betting offices are of great importance here. Because they have been making a lot of sales in the sports betting business for several years. Depending on the provider, you can bet on almost any sporting event that comes to mind. There are a number of online sites who, not least thanks to prominent support, are increasingly taking advantage of the market. For example, active or former greats of sport advertise for some bookies. But not only that: A large number of Bundesliga clubs have also entered into partnerships with various betting sites. This alone shows that the triumphal march of sports betting is unstoppable. Last but not least, numerous commercials on radio or television make bookmakers even more popular. As already mentioned,

Do online sites have advantages over betting shops?

The advantages of online betting offices outweigh them. There are a number of reasons why you should choose a provider from the World Wide Web when in doubt. These are advantages with which a stationary betting agency can in most cases only rarely or not at all compete.


For example, flexibility is an important factor. Even though there are now a lot of conventional betting offices, customers still have to find their way here. Depending on how far a betting shop is from the home of the sports enthusiast, this path can be very tedious. Nowadays people have less and less time. Therefore, the tipsters will rather join a provider where they can play from the comfort of their own home. Especially when the time to visit a normal betting office is too short. The mobile offer also plays a very important role. Almost every online betting agency allows its customers to access the betting offer in various ways, even while on the go. The online betting offices either start their own app or have websites specially optimized for mobile access. In this way, the tipster can place a bet from the stadium or sports facility at any time. The mobile offer should therefore not be underestimated. Here, the conventional betting offices can only keep up to a limited extent or not at all. Live bets can also be placed here, but it is not possible to place bets on the go.

Versatile payment methods in the online betting shop

In addition, there are other advantages for the customer online. For example, he can use various payment methods that are particularly suitable for the online area. At some online betting shops, players can pay with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, the Paysafecard or by credit card. In this way, the customer can have the possible profits conveniently paid out again. In stationary betting offices, however, cash is predominantly the order of the day. So if you don’t have enough cash at hand, you may not be able to place your bet. Spontaneous playing is therefore more difficult.

Bonus benefits

If you register with an online betting company, you can usually expect various bonus benefits. These bonuses can come in different guises. For example, bookmaker can increase the customer’s first deposit as a percentage so that more money is available for betting. Another variant is the free bet, a free bet. As a thank you for opening an account, the customer is credited with a free bet of a fixed amount. He can then redeem this free bet to his heart’s content. However, with all bonuses you should note that certain conditions must usually be met before the customer can withdraw the bonus money or winnings that were earned with a free bet. These are usually minimum quotas or a certain implementation rate of the bonus money that must be met.

Additional offers

You may also find one or the other slot machine in some betting shops, but the bookmakers’ online presence offers a larger selection of additional offers – ideal for getting a little bit of variety in everyday betting.


A reputable online bookmaker will have valid gaming licenses. On the website of the betting site, the customer is transparently advised which licenses are concerned and who issued them. Even if you are basically in a legal gray area, playing with licensed online bookmakers may be safer than in betting shops where the license and licensor are not so transparently known. You can find all information about reputable betting sites in our guide .

Conclusion: An online betting shop offers more advantages

Classic betting shops or betting shops will continue to exist. The standing of the sports bet is increasing steadily. What speaks for a betting office is the social aspect, since you usually always meet like-minded people here and can also get into conversation quickly. Basically, however, the advantages of online providers outweigh. For example, they can offer the customer the greatest possible flexibility. Anyone who likes can play from anywhere and is not dependent on specific rooms. Mobile apps or mobile pages that can be accessed from smartphones and tablets ensure even more independence. For example, betting on the go or directly from the sports facility is possible. 

Also important: the wide range of payment options that online bookmakers have to offer. In betting offices, only cash is often accepted as the only means of payment, perhaps even a credit or bank card. Compared to other payment methods offered by online sports betting sites, betting agencies cannot keep up. The bottom line is that the greater advantages are on the side of the online offerings, although the normal betting offices will certainly continue to attract a large number of players in the future.

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