Betting Basics for Horse Racing

Backing Winners

Which horses should I bet?

Now that you know how the betting works, when to bet, and the types of bets, the biggest question of all is which horses to bet. The opponent in race-betting is the public, not a professional bookmaker. That situation gives the insiders and the experts a huge edge. The members of the professional betting group we follow, the Wall Street Syndicate, are both experts and insiders. Their results in horse racing have been nothing short of spectacular. Their overall percentage on win bets has been 50%, with average odds of greater than 3-1.

Race betting is a zero-sum game. The experts and insiders win big because the public loses big. It is easy to know what the public is betting in horse racing. The public choice is the post-time favorite. As an indication of how little those folks at all those Kentucky Derby parties know when it comes to sending their money in at all the legal off-track betting operations in the U.S., the public choice has won the Derby only twice in the past 10 years. The favorite finished 2nd only twice and 3rd only twice. In 40% of the races the public choice ran completely out of the money.

When the public sends it in on the wrong horse, that increases the odds immensely on the right horses. The average Kentucky Derby exacta pay-out over the past 10 years has been an unbelievable $438 for a $2 bet. That sort of payout is unheard of at other times when the professionals and insiders dominate the betting at the track. Over the past 10 years a $2 bet on the winning exacta produced only one pay-out below $60. There were 5 exactas (50%) that paid in excess of $290 for a $2 bet, with two paying $1300 and $1229. It’s no different than pitting the best pros against once-a-year poker players at a Poker table. The squares have been getting killed on Derby Day while the pros have been cleaning up.

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