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Betting exchanges list

Betting companies come and go. They merge to form bigger companies. Or they mutate into completely different types of company. Betting exchanges are no different. So here you will find an up to date list of all the best-betting exchange sites looking to attract your business.

List of all the best Betting exchanges

  • Betfair
  • Betdaq
  • Ladbrokes
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook

It’d be rude to start with any other betting exchange than betfair – the company that first brought us the option to lay a bet. Betfair is still the power house when it comes to ‘exchange betting‘. And although they seem to have taken their eye off the ball in recent years, to put their focus on promotioning their traditional sportsbook, no other betting exchange has stepped up to take there mantel. But the list of betting exchanges below show companies have come along to put pressure on them.

Betdaq have been around for a long time now, and have always looked the most likely to topple betfairs dominance. Their main issue seemed to be a lack of financial firepower to make that last push. That looked to change once Ladbrokes bought them out. But as of yet betdaq have still not overtaken the market leaders. It’s still an excellent betting exchange, with plenty of liquidity on the main markets.

As mentioned above, Ladbrokes and betdaq are one company. And as such, there is no point in them operating two different betting exchanges. Ladbrokes exchange, is therefore, exactly the same as betdaq’s. Albeit designed to fit in with their sites design. The only real reason to sign up to both is to take advantage of two sign-up bonuses.

Smarkets have identified where they think betfair are going wrong and attacked that weakness. And it seems to be working well for them. Commission is a standard 5% for betfair customers, so to take away their customers, smarkets aren’t shy in advertising they take only 2% commission. This difference is massive, and can swing a losing system into one that makes a small profit.

It’s hard to do anything to stand out as a betting exchange; they’re all just peer-to-peer betting markets where the punter offers up the action. But one thing matchbook does a little different is the offering of short-priced odds. Here you have the option of giving a price to 3 decimal places. Whether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know. I’m happy with two decimal places because this is what my money has. No need for rounding up or down if you are punting in small amounts.


A major issue with betting exchanges is getting your bet on. Are there enough people offering a decent price for you to be guaranteed a bet. All the above exchanges offer a reasonable amount of liquidity on the main markets – as the screenshot below will show you. But it you are betting smaller markets, you will have to investigate yourself which betting exchange suits you best.

Here is a semi-final Champions League match, showing the liquidity on the home team for each of the exchanges. Also listed are the amount already traded on the market. (screenshots were taken several hours before kick-off)

As you can see all the exchanges have relatively good liquidity. I have also listed the exchanges from highest turnover to lowest. Which is an indication of the most popular betting exchange. But if I were you, I’d sign-up for an account with all the companies. Because as you can see, even with betting exchanges, odds can change slightly. Meaning a better payout depending on the firm you bet with.