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Anyone who is new to the recommendations or who does not yet have as much experience in submitting sports bets often does not know what to do with the terms “back” and “lay”. Lay bets can easily fit into the portfolio of a clever gambler who does not want to bet his money on betting on low chances of success, just because he could make a particularly large profit in the unrealistic case of a win. A distinction is made between back and lay sports betting. Back bets are the classic bets where you bet on a team that has to win a game so that you also win. If you place a lay bet on a team instead, the team must not win the game. Now build up valuable expert knowledge about lay betting and a lay betting strategy with us. Learn

Strategies & tips for your lay bet

In principle, the lay bet equals a double chance bet. Both a defeat and a draw for the team that was layered are enough to win the bet. The bet is lost only if this team wins. This variant of the relatively safe bet is particularly suitable for sports fans who are more concerned with constantly making money with sports betting, instead of picking up the big price with a tip. As a betting site with lay betting, you can offer your users a variety of exciting sports for betting. Classically, many gamers play lay bets in football. But the upcoming winter sports season or the American sports scene also offer numerous exciting opportunities to make good profits. The Olympic Games in particular are a highlight not only for athletes, but also for all gamers who are either familiar with winter sports or just want to try something new. After all, it’s a lot more fun to watch unknown sports live on TV if you also have lay sports betting.

Lay sports betting on the hill

Many sports fans like to bet on ski jumping. The boom that this sport experienced during the days of Martin Schmidt or Sven Hannawald, who was the only ski jumper to be able to win all four jumps on the Four Hills Tournament, had recently fallen asleep in Germany. But the results of the past seasons are encouraging. Those who believe in the German team can win good odds with a lay bet on the Austrians. After all, due to their successes in recent years and the breadth of their squad, the people from the Alps are mostly considered favorites in team competitions. You should also have the Norwegians and maybe the Poles on the slip. You know who doesn’t get Olympic gold? Then benefit from attractive betting odds on lay bets with our recommendations.

Tension at the shooting range

Biathlon is a sport that is always very popular in major international tournaments. When the athletes come out of the running completely exhausted and need to calm their pulse within a few seconds to the extent that they have a steady hand either standing or lying down to take the bullets from the rifle, which is carried on their back, into the small targets to accommodate and thus avoid penalty minutes or penalties, you can literally hear the freezing cold air crackling. The tension in this sport is huge because a small mistake at the shooting range can quickly destroy the mileage. Conversely, a bad day on the course does not have to mean the end of the battle for the medals if you are extremely accurate at the shooting range. Most of all, you can cheer for the German victories, both for women and men, if you win personally. Thanks to biathlon betting, be it back or lay, it is even more fun to follow this exciting sport.

Already knew?

It almost doesn’t matter which betting portal you register with – a betting tax of 5 percent applies everywhere. But not with all online bets on the recommendations! Some only levy this betting tax if you really won! In the event of a defeat, everyone waives additional taxation. And bonus bets are always tax-free anyway!

  1. Usual betting tax in Germany: 5 percent
  2. No betting tax on lost bets!
  3. No betting tax on bonus bets !

Free odds in football

The special delicacy for every tipster are free bets, as they are always offered in the recommendations. Sure, what could be nicer to multiply a bet that you haven’t even paid in yourself? Sometimes you might think twice and three times about placing a bet because you have to expect to lose the money you wager. However, if you type free of charge, you are often more willing to accept a higher risk and then to earn correspondingly clearer profits.If you are chasing the Bundesliga at the weekend, you can take the chance and place a few bets on the match day in parallel. So it is always more fun when you tap a derby, for example, which is played at the same time as the game of your favorite club. Live football bets can be so nice.

Best opportunities with lay betting in US sports

You don’t always have to bet on the sports that are capitalized here. Why not try US sports? Whether basketball, baseball or American football – the Americans prefer completely different sports than most Europeans and they do it with a passion and dedication that makes it absolutely worthwhile to take a closer look. Many sports in the USA are much easier to predict than football and the like.Football has developed significantly in recent years and is now also being analyzed digitally with various data, but it is not for nothing that Brad Pitt, aka Billy Beane, coaches a baseball team in the film “Moneyball” that has had no chance of the season after the departure of numerous stars seems to be going and, thanks to a computer-aided statistical procedure, is making a big impact. A recommended film that tells how predictable success in baseball is. This is only an advantage for gamers. If you deal with the teams, get some statistics and understand the connections between victory and defeat in baseball, you can earn decent profits.

Lay bets on rugby

Another spectacular sport in the USA and worldwide is rugby. The games can often be followed live from Germany on the Internet, various betting sites with lay bets also focus on the broadcast of this popular sport. For this reason alone, rugby betting is worthwhile. Anyone who has seen this sport at one time or another and knows intuitively what it is about, but still has problems defining the exact differences between rugby and American football, can very well motivate themselves with Lay sports betting, the special features to discover this traditional sport. After all, you will hardly be able to switch out of a game if you have previously bet on lucrative odds with the lay betting provider .

Spectacle with martial arts at the lay betting site

Keyword full contact sport. In some disciplines it is tough man against man, so that boxing for children’s birthday is deteriorating. With MMA bets you bet on real power packs that take no account of the feelings of your counterpart. Mixed martial arts – the name alone suggests how things are going in the ring. If you stock up with the right betting information in advance, you can have real fun with live betting , for example , and benefit from juicy sports betting odds . For a high sports betting payout , tennis betting odds are also suitable , which are usually very attractive even for favorites.

Lay bets easily cash out winnings

After a successful lay bet, you naturally want to have your winnings paid out quickly and easily. Of course, a remaining balance remains on the betting account in order to be prepared for new tasks and opportunities that the betting offer can currently use for itself. The sports betting payout can be carried out very easily via various channels. For example , we recommend sports betting with Skrill , a payment provider that transfers money to your betting account quickly, cheaply and absolutely securely and also credits profits to your bank account. With Lay bet you increase your chances of a successful entry into the gamer career. But even experienced tipsters benefit from the high probability of correctly predicting who will ultimately not win a sporting event. In football, for example, this does not even require a defeat for the team in question, and a tie is enough to win. If FC Bayern is 0: 2 behind against an outsider at half-time, a lay bet on Bayern is more promising than the bet on a win by the opponent, who has to survive 45 minutes against angry Munich.

Conclusion: Lay bets are a welcome change

What is among the buddies on the sofa course can of course also be offered on the Internet by reputable betting sites. Among friends it just says “I don’t believe you!” Or “They’ll never do it” and the basis for a lay bet is laid. You, as the one who “bets against”, wins in league football in two cases. Online betting sites offer you the technical and content basis to convert your buddies bet into real money. Be incredulous, critical and type against a certain result. Diverse sports are you with our recommendations available and even if you’ve already bet on several occasions this, you can bet by laying back a little variety in your betting patterns bring. It’s very easy.

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