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The selection of sports betting has been huge since online betting providers have conquered the market. You can not only bet on numerous sports, but also place various special bets in addition to the classic bets on win, loss or draw. Depending on the betting site, these bets have different names, they are referred to as special bets, special bets or side bets. The range of special bets varies between different online bookmakers, these special bets can be a strategy. One such strategy is betting on goals,which are primarily placed on football, but which you can also do in other sports where goals are scored. As with any strategy, betting on goals requires good preparation, so you should analyze past team games. A good analysis does not guarantee that you will always win, but your chances are much better.

Betting on goals and what you should consider

Betting on goals is one of the most popular special bets among online betting sites. These are mostly over / under bets, it doesn’t matter which team scores the goals. The only thing that matters with these over / under bets is how many goals will be scored in one game. You bet whether there will be more or fewer goals than a given number. In the over / under bet 2.5, you bet in the over bet that at least three goals will be scored, and in the under bet that you will have a maximum of two goals. 

You do not have to state the exact number of goals. There is a comma because no even number, for example 2, can be specified. There are no half goals, but if the number 2 were given then this bet would be illogical if two goals were scored. The number, stated on over / under bets may vary depending on the sport. It is significantly higher in handball or ice hockey than in Football betting , because in these sports there are significantly more goals. The odds for goal bets are usually quite high, but you should analyze the situation carefully. 

When betting on goals, you should pay attention to teams that are as strong as possible on the offensive. These are two-way bets, because each over / under bet on goals only allows two betting outcomes: more goals or fewer goals. You can place bets on goals for the entire game, but often also for halves. Not much happens often in the first half. The over / under betting on doors are usually offered on soccer, but they are also possible on other sports.

Successful with over / under betting on goals

If you want to make an over / under bet on goals, you should do a thorough analysis to make the right decision. You should never place a bet like this out of your gut, because this procedure doesn’t get you very far. You should pay attention to various facts and make notes about them in order to make your betting decision. To decide whether more or fewer goals are scored, the following aspects are important:

  • Is one team or are both teams very strong on the offensive? Then you can place an over bet because the probability of many goals is high.
  • Is the one team a holey back team? Then it can be assumed that the opposing team will land some hits.
  • Will key players fail by storm? Then you can count on the corresponding team to score fewer goals than usual.
  • Do key players fail in defense? In this case, it can be expected that this team will concede some goals.
  • Does a team have problems with the goalkeeper position? Here, too, the team could concede goals.
  • Due to their situation, does a team have to play all or nothing because it is about promotion or relegation? This team could score a few hits.

What you should consider with the goal scorers

Many beginners or betting fans who only bet from time to time often make the mistake of betting on the goal scorers because they believe that strikers always score. If you watch football games frequently and attentively, you will find that these goal scorers are not always in top form and do not always score. The statistics show that the top scorers are usually actually successful in less than 50 percent of all games. 

The strikers are often at the top of the rankings only because they have scored multiple goals in some games. Other games may not score a hit. Betting on goalscorers is special when betting on goals, and you can bet on different strikers. You can bet on these strikers with yes or no, So whether this striker scores at least one goal in each game or not. You should bet no more than yes here; only Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona are an exception, as they score very often. They are exceptional players who have an above average goal average. There are various options for goal betting; In addition to the over / under bet and the bet on goal scorers, you can place various other special bets. who have an above average goal cut. 

There are various options for goal betting; In addition to the over / under bet and the bet on goal scorers, you can place various other special bets. who have an above average goal cut. There are various options for goal betting; In addition to the over / under bet and the bet on goal scorers, you can place various other special bets.

No goal in the first half

A popular over / under bet is to bet that no goals will be scored in the first half. At the best best online betting site, the over / under bet 0.5 is offered in football, so you can place the bet under 0.5 here. Especially in the top leagues, many teams are at eye level, they have a strong defense that hardly allows goals to be conceded. To get the move, the strikers often need a longer start-up period, so nothing often happens in the first half. It looks different after the break because the concentration and strength decrease and the defense no longer works 100 percent. The defenders make mistakes, the chance for goals of the opposing team increases. Tip: Specialize in certain sports!

Over / under betting after leagues

The over / under bet on goals is often dependent on the leagues. You have to analyze the match pairing carefully and pay attention to whether the teams play more offensively or more defensively. Depending on the league, the over or under bet may be appropriate. An over-bet over 2.5 is particularly on

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish Primera Division with few exceptions
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • German Bundesliga with a few exceptions

In the English Premier League in particular, many teams are considered to be very dangerous, so it is likely that more than 2.5 goals will be scored. However, some leagues tend to score fewer goals; in this case you can place a sub bet on less than 2.5 goals. This is the case in Italian Serie A, in French Ligue 1 with the exception of Paris St. Germain, in the Greek Super League and in the Portuguese Primeira Liga with the exception of FC Porto and Benfica Lisbon. When betting on youth and amateur leagues, you should choose the bet over 2.5.

Goal bets on combination

You can place a goal bet as a combination bet, as you can then benefit from high odds. The odds of the individual tips are multiplied together to form the total odds. You can make such a combination bet with goals over 1.5 by choosing three to four games where you think at least two goals will be scored. With such bets you can expect a total odds of 1.8 to 2.2. With a maximum of four games, the chances of winning are good, while with even more tips the risk of a wrong bet is higher.

Types of goal bets

The most popular goal bets include over / under bets, where you can bet on the end result but also on half time. However, the sports betting providers also have other bets on goals, such as

  • Bet both teams will score at least one goal. This bet can also be placed as a half time bet.
  • Bet on when the first goal will be scored. This bet is usually offered every 15 minutes.
  • Bet on total goals as Asian handicap
  • Bet on even or odd number of goals

Bet on goals in other sports

Goal betting is particularly popular with football, but you can also place it on other sports. In football, the over / under bet 2.5 is often offered, but you will often find other over / under bets. Ice hockey scores more goals, so you can place the over / under bet 5.5 or 6.5. If ice hockey teams are on the defensive, then the over / under bet 4.5 is also possible. On basketball, you can place basket bets on points as over / under bets, and the betting markets fluctuate greatly. The value for the entire match is often around 160. Over / under bets are also possible on handball, here bets with plus or minus 59.5 are sometimes offered. When over / under betting on other sports, you should also make a detailed analysis of the teams.

Betting on goals – a worthwhile strategy

Goal bets are very lucrative, especially when it comes to over / under bets. The advantage is that you don’t have to bet on which team will score the goals, but only on how many goals will be scored. You do not have to enter an exact number, just whether more or fewer goals are scored. In order for you to be successful in betting on goals, you should do a thorough analysis. If you place an over bet, you can be happy about every goal, because the only thing that is important is that goals are scored, not who will score them.

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