The betting industry benefits from Amazon’s streaming portal

The betting industry benefits from Amazon's streaming portal

In Germany, the topic of broadcasting rights for football broadcasts is currently going through the media. Sports fans are rightly skeptical, after all, a subscription is no longer enough to receive everything from one provider, from the Bundesliga to the premier class to the NBA and Wimbledon. However, there is hope that the online heavyweight Amazon Prime will take over the market in the long run. The entry into the football market is definitely advantageous for the betting industry. The large customer base and the enormous reach as well as comparatively cheap subscriptions are attractive for sports fans, and betting sites could in the long run save costs for the provision of live feeds through cooperation with Amazon.

The industry benefits from Amazon’s sports expansion

For bookies and fans of sports betting, Amazon’s advance in the sports market has some advantages that should not be underestimated. The most important point is certainly that the American mega-corporation has resources that no other can show. This is particularly interesting for bookmakers, since many have already tried to provide live streams and some have failed.

Not only acquiring the rights is very time-consuming, at the same time the offers can only be published in certain countries, since another company has the right to broadcast on the spot. Even if it still takes time until Amazon has latched onto the main markets, it is factual that hardly any other company will be able to finance sports rights for several countries for years. In addition, the service provider has several million customers, which makes it easier to establish the sports streams at unbeatable prices.

Renowned betting sites like Betway Sports could benefit from the fact that their own members can watch sports live on Amazon for low costs and that will give the live betting segment a growth spurt in the long run. In this section, Betway Sports is excellently positioned and whoever joins as a new member receives an extremely lucrative welcome bonus.

The technical implementation is associated with high costs

Since Dazn and Sky Go have focused on sports streaming, more and more interested viewers have been using these offers. However, there are always problems with the transmissions. This extends over time delay, complete sound loss to the crash of the entire stream. The reasons for this are not known, but it may be assumed in one or the other incident that the capacities are simply not sufficient. It is precisely this problem that has caused some representatives of the betting industry to refrain from their own live stream offers.

The cost, for a ultimately smaller number of members in a country, is simply too great. In contrast to the betting industry, Amazon can afford to solve these technical problems and supply over 17 million Amazon Prime households with live football games in one go in Germany alone. The annual subscription including all discounts, such as premium shipping at no additional cost, is cheaper than the two-month subscription with the current provider. Films, series and music are also available.

For the betting industry, it is also a gigantic new advertising market for presenting your own sports betting products. In the medium term, however, the Group’s pricing policy should reach other dimensions than the industry is used to. Amazon’s reach extends to a good 38 million Prime users nationwide, while Sky has almost 4.6 million customers. The sponsorship deals with the clubs as well as within the live broadcasts will certainly increase.

The technology giant is targeting sport

For German football fans, Prime Sport will only come into focus in a few years, because the US group will first establish itself in the largest sports market in the English Premier League. At the beginning of December, the first EPL stream started on the shopping site, the company spared no expense to secure the rights to 20 games that are exclusively broadcast on Amazon within one season. The deal is valid for three years and the offer is available to all Prime customers. However, only games that take place during the week are offered.

The group is involved in several tenders and is busy offering broadcasting rights for major sporting events. Recently, even the well-known pay TV broadcaster Sky in Germany has lost the broadcasting rights for the Champions League from the 2020/21 season. Here, too, Amazon starts the first attempt and has secured the right to vote for the top game on Tuesday. This will then only be seen exclusively on the Prime Streaming portal. If you like watching football and placing a bet live, our editorial team has summarized the best sites in a list:

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