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A Basic Guide to Bingo

Online gamers can get quite rich playing bingo. A game of bingo might not transform players into millionaires, but it can definitely give players plenty of spending money. Players only have to visit the Winners’ pages of various online bingo sites to realize the truth of this statement. For instance, a bingo player at 123bingoonline won a jackpot of $3,778 and a player called JstPlumCrzy at bingo-knights won a jackpot of $2004.47 according to recent news reports.

Bingo began as a simple game of fun, commonly played in country fairs, but is now a multi billion dollar industry. The origins of bingo can be traced back to mid-sixteenth century Italy, where it was played as a popular lottery. Bingo was later taken to France, where it became the game of the rich and to Germany, where it was used to teach children mathematics, history and spelling. When the game first arrived in North American in the early twentieth century, it was called Beano and was re-christened Bingo by Edwin S. Lowe, a toy trader. Lowe then hired Carl Leffler, a mathematics professor in Columbia University, to create bingo tickets with different number combinations. Reportedly, Leffler went mad after inventing 6,000 bingo tickets.

Bingo is a game played not only for fun, but also to raise funds for worthwhile causes. The game was played in churches to raise funds for the poor, ailing and the needy and became immensely popular among those philanthropic at heart. Even today, people haven’t forgotten the ability of bingo games to raise funds for the poor and the unfortunate. A number of online bingo sites and bingo clubs such as Mecca Bingo, Foxy Bingo and others are associated with charitable institutions and give away part of their profits as charity.

Basically, there are 3 types of bingo games—the traditional British variant called 90 Ball Bingo, its American counterpart called 75 Ball Bingo and 80 Ball Bingo, which attempts to compromise between the two. The three variants are offered in almost all online bingo gaming sites, along with innumerable pattern bingo games, which challenge players to mark off all the numbers covering a pattern on the bingo ticket to win a prize. These patterns could be those of letters or numbers or season-specific patterns such as Easter bunnies, Christmas trees and so on. Bingo gaming sites such as JackpotJoy and Tombola Bingo have designed new variants of bingo such as Bubble Bingo and CINCO, which are available only at those sites.

Bingo can be played at land bingo clubs or at online bingo sites. Owing to the unfriendly bingo gaming rules in most countries, bingo clubs are fast becoming extinct and are replaced by sophisticated online bingo sites. In fact, online bingo is becoming more and more popular as the days pass because online bingo site offer generous new player bonuses, exciting collections of bingo games and side games, chat facilities, large jackpots and other exciting offerings, which players can enjoy in the comforts of home.

The History of Bingo

The game of bingo has come a long way. When people learn of the history of bingo they generally find it to be quite interesting. Bingo has a history that goes way back and many people are intrigued to learn of its roots. It was originally a game played at a fair and it was called Beano at that time. However, it had a different format than what it has today. Bingo reached America in 1929; this is when it became Beano. Before then, a game similar to Beano had already been being played in France which was called “Le Lotto”. Prior to Le Lotto a game similar had also been enjoyed in Italy which was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”.

Once the game had made its way to America it was actually played at a fair located not far from Atlanta, Georgia. A toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe made his way to this fair and thought he heard someone yell out “Bingo” instead of “Beano”, this is what led to the game becoming Bingo. Lowe was intrigued by the game he saw being played at the fair and took the idea back home with him. He then hired a professor of mathematics to increase the number of combinations. A Catholic priest asked Lowe to use the game of bingo as a means of raising funds for the church; this helped the game to gain notoriety.

By the year 1934, more than 10,000 bingo games were being enjoyed each week. Bingo halls found their ways into neighborhoods one by one. Bingo became the favorite pastime of many people who looked forward to going to the bingo halls on a regular basis. The more popular the game became, the more bingo halls that appeared, and vice versa.

Since bingo had become such a popular game it would only make sense that it would find its way onto the Internet, and it has. There are many online bingo sites which offer bingo players the chance to enjoy bingo games any time they feel like playing. Each one of the online bingo sites has something special to offer bingo players all over. Now, there are many ways for players to enjoy bingo games in the environment they choose. Anyone that wants to play an exciting game that gives them many chances to win and have a great time will want to give bingo a try!

Basics of Online Bingo

Online bingo has grown in popularity and gathered attention from people from all walks of life looking to enjoy bingo the way they want. While the bingo games on the Internet are very similar to those games that are played in a land based bingo hall, there are some things that are different. Online bingo players will want to be sure they understand the basics of playing online bingo so they will see more success and have a better time. Here are the basics of online bingo:

The very first step will be for a player to take a look at some of the different online bingo sites out there and choose the one which is the best fit for them. Some of the things they will want to look at while they are shopping around for the best online bingo site include the security, graphics, games, promotions, banking options, and customer support. Once players have found the perfect place for them to play, they will want to take a good look around and familiarize themselves with everything they will be able to take advantage of and enjoy when they play. They can then register and deposit their funds.

Online bingo provides players with the ultimate bingo gaming environment. They will be able to enjoy the game in a relaxed and convenient atmosphere while enjoying a plethora of other benefits that will be at their disposal. Many of the online bingo sites allow the players to customize various aspects of the games so they can enjoy those games the way they want. This is why players should take the time to learn all of the features and try some of them out. They may find that those features really add to the games. Many of these sites will offer a new bingo no deposit bonus to try them out free of charge. Players will also want to try to enjoy all of the bonuses they are eligible for since those bonuses can help them to have more money to play with, or offer them other exciting prizes they will enjoy.

Online bingo sites come in many styles and each one of them has something special in store for those that play there. Online bingo players want to choose an online bingo site they can navigate easily and one that gives them enough information to help them get started quickly. The banking options should give players a means of depositing and withdrawing their funds that they are comfortable with using. Once players find a good online bingo site they should begin by playing in the free games if they can, this will give them an idea of what it’s like playing on that site.

Real Money Online Bingo Games

Online bingo opens up a door to many opportunities for bingo players around the world. There are many very popular online bingo sites on the Internet for anyone looking for the chance to play to choose from. No matter what it is that a bingo player is looking for, the chances are very good that an online bingo site can accommodate them. Players that want to play real money bingo games will see that there are a huge number of online bingo sites that offer a lot of real money online bingo games for them to play.

The first thing anyone new to online bingo will want to know is the online bingo sites differ and some of them can be a lot different than the others. This means they will need to look into the different games each online bingo site offers, the cost, bonuses, support, bonuses, and other features. Once players have found an online bingo site that they will be happy with and that accommodates their budget, they will be ready to register, deposit their funds, and play.

When it comes to playing in the real money games, a player will want to make sure they are approaching their bingo games in a way which will help them to see more success. When it comes to playing in the real money online bingo games a player will need to be more careful than if they were playing in the free online bingo games. They won’t want to play in games that aren’t within their budget. It is important for anyone playing in real money games to be sure they play with their head and pay close attention to the money they are putting out there.

There are some things a player can do when they are playing in the real money online bingo games to improve their odds of winning. On top of playing within their budget, a player will want to follow a few other rules. One thing online bingo players should know is they will actually increase their odds of winning at bingo if they play when there is less traffic on the online bingo site. The fewer players involved in a game, the better the player’s chance of winning. Players won’t want to play more cards than they can keep track of and they should play when they are able to pay full attention to the game. There are often features players can use to help them, such as the autoplay feature. It will help if a player familiarizes themselves with such helpful features and use the ones that will help them.

Playing Bingo Online

Playing bingo online gives bingo players extra benefits that they just can’t get when they play at a land based bingo hall. Many bingo players have come to the decision that online bingo is the only bingo for them. Then, there are other bingo players that like to enjoy a little of both. However, no matter what a bingo player is looking for, online bingo should have most of what it is they want. Here are some of the benefits of playing bingo online:

Convenience: There is no more convenient bingo gaming than what the online bingo sites have to offer. Players will have all of the freedom they want and they will be in charge of many aspects of their bingo games. Online bingo players never have to leave the house or make it a point to be at a certain location at a specific time. All they have to do is log in whenever they want and enjoy bingo games from their home.

Bonuses and Promotions: Online bingo sites do a good job of offering players a variety of bonuses and other types of promotions that give the players more incentive. Some of the bonuses are geared for new players, while others are offered to current or loyal players. The promotions come in many varieties. Some promotions come in the form of tournaments while others may be VIP programs or games. Online bingo players have the ability to look around for a bingo site that offers them bonuses and promotions they want to enjoy.

Game Variety: When players go on to the Internet looking for bingo games to play, they will be able to find the games they want. The online bingo sites offer their player different pattern games and different typos of bingo they can enjoy. Some of the online bingo sites have 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo games. The online bingo sites are also known for giving players the opportunity to participate in tournaments and other types of exciting games, such as chat games.

Budget Flexibility: Online bingo is perfect for players working with all types of budgets. There is online bingo games geared toward high rollers, and there are free online bingo games that anyone can enjoy; there are also games in-between. Anyone on any budget can log into an online bingo site and play their favorite bingo games without worrying about not finding any their budget will allow.

Bingo Tips

Online Bingo Do’s and Dont’s

When an online bingo player sets out to enjoy all of the perks of playing bingo on the Internet, they want to be sure they are going to be playing in a productive manner. Therefore, players should follow this list of dos and don’ts so they know they will be getting the most out of the experience:


Players do need to make sure they do research and choose the right online bingo site. They want one with a good reputation that runs on solid software.
Players need to be sure to register using all of their correct information. Failure to enter true and correct information will lead to a player being banned and cost them any bonus money or money from wins they have earned.
Online bingo players have the ability to take advantage of many bonuses that can help them get more in their bankroll. Players should enjoy this opportunity and try to get as many bonuses as they can at the site they have chosen to play on.
Players should be concerned with security. This is why they should research the online bingo site and know that it is powered by secure software and has a well respected name in the industry before they join.
Players should know the rules of the bingo site they join. Since each site will differ, players want to read the terms and conditions ahead of time and become familiar with the rules and regulations.
Players want to play at an online bingo site that offers them the games they want to play. If a player settles for an online bingo site that offers a limited amount of games, they will find themselves looking for a new one in no time.


Players shouldn’t begin to play the games until they have a clear understanding of how they work. It’s a bad idea to jump into the games without reviewing the information.
Online bingo players should never randomly join a bingo site and deposit funds into their account. Research can go a long way and save players a lot of headache and problems.
Players should never play while they are intoxicated or on medications which effect their mental state. This can cause the player to not focus on the game and lose money.
Players should never play with money they can’t afford to lose.
Players shouldn’t make two accounts at an online bingo site. This is against the rules at just about all of the online bingo sites.


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