Bet Types

Alphabet Bet

Alphabet Bet

On this page we have put together detailed instructions for an alphabet bet. This system bet is particularly popular in the UK, but is less well known in Germany. Reason enough for us to familiarize you with the idiosyncrasies and how it works. We will explain the secrets of the alphabet system step by step with many examples in the next sections. So …

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Basketball Bet Types

Basketball Bet Types

Basketball lovers are particularly keen on betting on the American professional league NBA or the EuroLeague. Accordingly, the bookmakers offer you an extensive betting offer with numerous betting markets. So that you don’t lose track of the many different basketball bet types, we explain the various betting options in detail on this special page. We also use examples …

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Football bet types

Football bet types guide

Many years ago, the bookmaker’s leaflet fluttered into the house by post every week and betting on the Internet was not yet possible at the time. It was often only possible for players to bet on the normal 1X2 outcome of the game. Later over / under or the handicap bet was added. Fortunately, times have changed in …

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Head to head bets

Head to head bets

There are always new betting markets to discover on which the tipsters can bet. Head-to-head betting is also a betting market that not all tipsters have yet on the screen and some are probably wondering what it’s all about? The head-to-head bet originally comes from equestrian sport. Due to the simplicity, however, it has now also established itself …

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What are over / under bets

What are over / under bets?

In over / under bets you bet on whether more (over) or fewer (under) goals will be scored in a game than specified by the bookmaker. Classically, this is a tip on the total number of goals scored in a match. Some betting sites use the English-based term over / under betting. In principle, the betting option is offered not only on the number …

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Strategy for single bets

Strategy for single bets

As such, single bets are a simple matter: you choose a game and decide on a tip. The question is, what can or should there be strategy if you are convinced of the victory or defeat of a team and then simply place this tip? Correct: the well thought-out selection alone, as well as the considerations behind it, …

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1x2 bet

What is 1X2 Betting?

1X2 and Double Chance Football Bets Two of the most common types of football bets are called 1X2 and Double Chance. Essentially, Double Chance bets are a more conservative version of 1X2 bets, but their payouts are considerably shorter because of this. 1X2 Bets (Full Time Result) Also called Full Time Result bets, 1×2 bets …

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Sports Betting Odds Tricks

What is a Trixie Bet

What is a Trixie bet  Trixie bets fall into the category of “Full cover bets” as it offers the punter full coverage on all combinations of multiples. A Trixie consists of 3 selections that form 4 separate bets. 3 doubles and a treble. In order for the bet to have a return at least 2 …

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Hedging Your Bets Through Dutching

What is a Round Robin Bet

What is a Round Robin bet  A round robin bet consists of singles, accumulators and ‘any to come’ bets. It’s a bet that has 3 selections and is often see as a Trixie bet with 3 SSA (single stakes about) bets attached. Meaning a round robin bet consists of 10 separate bets. The 3 doubles …

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