0-0 half time Betting Strategy

Half Time Betting Strategy

It’s easy to place a sports bet because you quickly bet on a team that you think can win. Different teams are favorites and the chances of winning are pretty high. The temptation to bet completely unprepared is correspondingly great. This can work every now and then, but in the long run this approach is doomed to fail. If …

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Football bet types

Home Win Strategy in Football Betting

The most popular sports bets are football bets , but you shouldn’t necessarily bet on your favorite team, if that’s not Bayern Munich. To bet on football successfully, you should use a strategy. A strategy does not guarantee that you will always win, but it can improve your chances. The strategy of betting on a team’s home win is popular. The teams …

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Goalscorer Bet

Goalscorer Bet

The goalscorer bet is one of the constantly offered sports bets on you at one. It is also used in football, among other things. The principle of the bet is very simple. Here you bet that three out of five of the players you have selected will score in regular time. You can choose your players from up to …

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Goalscorer Bet

Bet on Late Goals

Since online betting sites have established themselves, the selection of sports betting has simply been huge. Not only can you place standard bets on many sports, many special bets are also offered. The selection of special bets in football is particularly large. These special bets often promise good odds, and the chances of winning are often better than with normal …

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Football betting with the numerator

Football betting with the numerator

In sports betting you must always reckon with losses, because even with a strategy can take a completely unexpected outcome a game. One strategy that promises surefire bets is the numerator that can be applied to football bets. The numerator is about calculating sports betting; the formula for this was developed by a mathematician from the Technical University of Berlin. …

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Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

If you like to take part in sports betting, you should use a strategy to be more successful or achieve higher profits. You can’t always win with a strategy, but your chances are better. Which strategy you use depends on your betting behavior and your knowledge. A popular and proven sports bet is the handicap bet . This handicap bet is …

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Goalscorer Bet

Betting on Goals

The selection of sports betting has been huge since online betting providers have conquered the market. You can not only bet on numerous sports, but also place various special bets in addition to the classic bets on win, loss or draw. Depending on the betting site, these bets have different names, they are referred to as special …

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