Strategy for ice hockey betting

Strategy for ice hockey betting

Ice hockey has its own rules: if you divide the playing time, not half, but third come out. In 3 times 20 minutes (net game time) two teams fight to get the puck into the opposing goal as often as possible. It’s a bit under-body, but in any case very quickly: the little black disc can fly …

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predict NHL futures

predict NHL futures

Choosing a sport While Pythagorean Expectation was initially developed to predict baseball win totals, it has also be successfully applied to a number of different sports. Being January we are restricted to only winter sports in the Northern Hemisphere, however we may revisit the case study with baseball in the future. Of the winter sports …

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Hockey's High Priced Losers

Betting NHL Totals

Betting NHL Totals When it comes to betting totals, NHL bettors have one primary advantage over those who play totals in the other sports. That is a fairly stable number that seldom changes between 5 and 6.5, with the vast majority of the totals 5.5. In baseball we see numbers from 5.5 to 11.5, the …

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