Can you trick in sports betting?

Finding the Best Odds

In a previous article we learnt what exactly betting odds are, and how they are calculated, but do you know how important it is to get the highest odds available? In this article we will go through the importance of “shopping around” for the best odds, and how only a few cents per bet can …

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Can you trick in sports betting?

What is an Odd?

Anyone who has ever placed a bet on sports, racing or even at the casino would have encountered odds. But the truth is most casual gamblers would struggle to tell you exactly what odds represent or how they are calculated, and how knowing what an odd is can have a major impact if you wish …

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Sports Betting Odds Tricks

Ratings into Betting odds

How to convert Ratings into Betting odds Ratings systems; the most favoured methods amongst punters for predicting the outcome of sporting events. This is because of the easy in which one can be made. But even with this easy, most punters will still run in to trouble once it comes to knowing when to place …

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Sports Betting Odds Tricks

Getting the Best Odds

Do you stay loyal to one or 2 bookmakers you have accounts with? Many of you do I’m sure, this could be down to the fact you have money  already in one account or the plain and simple convenience factor of it. Bookmakers are scoring big time and it’s mostly down to punters laziness just …

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Implied probability from betting odds

Implied Probability Odds

Implied probability from betting odds Even a casual punter will have seen betting odds displayed in at least a couple of different formats and it can get a little confusing. This is what the bookies want. They just want you to see a number representing the amount of money you can win. Blind you by …

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Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds

What are Decimal Odds  Decimal odds, also referred to as European odds, are fast becoming the dominate odds format across the internet, but with British Bookmakers being the major player in this market fractional odds are still very prevalent, this is more for the older punter though. The modern education system as it stand makes …

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What the odds mean 1

Malay Odds

Malay Odds Explained Malay odds are by far the most confusing of the major odds formats. Malaysian odds come in both positive values and negative ones. But unlike other odds, such as American odds and Indo odds, the positive values are for odds on prices, and the negative odds are for any odds greater than …

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What the odds mean 1

Indonesian odds

Indonesian Odds Explained Indonesia having their own set of very popular odds does seem quite strange when you look at the political stand point of the Government when it comes to all forms of gambling. Basically they buck the trend of the majority of Asian countries and actively look to shut down all betting establishments …

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Best Price & Odds in Sports Betting

Best Odds Guaranteed

Horse Racing remains the staple diet of British bookmaking shops. It’s been that way since 1961, the year betting shops became legal and quickly a familiar feature on the British High Street. Just as it was way back then newspapers, listing runners and riders from the day’s horse racing meetings, still drape the walls of …

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