Football bet types

Compiling Football Odds

Football; the world’s favourite sport. As kids we all wanted to be the next superstar, as young adults we all cheered on our teams in the hope of glory. And now, as grown men, we want to win money punting on the beautiful game. But for the same reason many of us didn’t make it …

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Fractional Odds

Fractional Odds

What are Fractional Odds  Fractional betting odds are most commonly used in the UK and South Africa. The fraction represents the fraction of your stake returned on a winning selection. For example 5/1, sometimes written 5-1 and is spoken as “five to one”, means that for every unit stake wagered you have the possibility to …

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Decimal Odds

American Odds

What are American Odds  One of the three ways of specifying betting odds is the American odds, also called US odds. The other two are Decimal odds and Fractional odds. Two prominent and significant features that distinguish American odds from the other two are: one, they are preceded by a plus (+) or a minus …

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What the odds mean 1

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong Odds explained Honk Kong odds, normally denoted HK odds, will all other odds are just a representation of the relationship between the amount bet and the possible pay-out. Along with decimal odds, Hong Kong odds are by far the easiest to work with, they are slightly trickier when working out multiple bet odds, …

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