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Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci betting system

Regardless of whether you are a free player or a professional: Many sports bettors ask themselves which betting strategy leads to sustainable and lasting success. Some typists believe that success can be achieved using special betting strategies such as the Fibonacci betting system. After all, the scene has been discussing the so-called progressive betting systems as lucrative betting …

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Strategy for ice hockey betting

Strategy for ice hockey betting

Ice hockey has its own rules: if you divide the playing time, not half, but third come out. In 3 times 20 minutes (net game time) two teams fight to get the puck into the opposing goal as often as possible. It’s a bit under-body, but in any case very quickly: the little black disc can fly …

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Sports betting millionaire

Sports betting millionaire – a dream or reality?

It is the dream of every betting fan – sports betting to be a millionaire. There is probably no customer at the bookmaker who has never dreamed of making a big splash. How about getting up early, worrying about the current betting offers for two or three hours, putting the tips and then simply enjoying the day? The …

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Successful sports betting

Successful sports betting

It is a fact that the majority of sports weather has to live with failures day in and day out. The reasons for this are two-sided. On the one hand, there is a lack of necessary sports knowledge, on the other hand, betting errors are made. Below we have put together ten tips that should help you …

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Mathematical relationships as a guarantee of success?

Sports betting and math

If you want to earn serious money from sports betting in the long term, you should first familiarize yourself with the basics of sports betting and mathematics and, above all, know exactly how a sports bet actually works. There is more to it than you would often assume as a beginner. Football betting statement We take …

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How do you recognize a good betting strategy

How do you recognize a good betting strategy?

An almost endless wealth of supposedly safe betting strategies is advertised on the Internet. In the end, you can tell whether these are actually recommended by the fact that the profits made exceed the losses. In advance, the chances of success, especially for beginners, are difficult to estimate. With the following contribution we give an overview of important …

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Alternatives to football betting

Alternatives to football betting

Football bets top the popularity scale when it comes to sports betting . Around 90 percent of sports betting in Germany is placed on football, which is the case with local betting offices as well as with the best sports betting sites . The reasons for this are obvious, because football is popular sport in Germany, regardless of whether it is played actively …

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