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Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong Odds explained Honk Kong odds, normally denoted HK odds, will all other odds are just a representation of the relationship between the amount bet and the possible pay-out. Along with decimal odds, Hong Kong odds are by far the easiest to work with, they are slightly trickier when working out multiple bet odds, …

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Football bet types

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Origin of Asian Handicaps Asian handicapping began in earnest in the late ‘90s thanks to an e-mail from Joseph Phan, a Jakarta based bookmaker who was working on setting up Asia’s first online sports betting site. Phan sent the e-mail to Joe Saumarez Smith, who was working for Vegas Insider, a site that provided information …

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reputable betting sites

5 Lessons arbitrage tutorial

Lesson # 1 Who is this tutorial aimed at? This tutorial is aimed at those who wish to gain a basic understanding of, and understand the methods involved in, arbitraging. Win or lose – you win! Do you like the ide you like the idea of profiting from a horse regardless of whether it wins …

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Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage bets are safe bets, with a minimal risk and long-term, guaranteed profit – the fulfillment of the dream in search of the “holy grail” of all sports bettors. However, there are currently no more than (estimated) 10,000 professional arbitrageurs worldwide. Why, one wonders? For comparison: Deutsche Börse has over 3,200 employees. However, the largest and world’s leading …

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