Best Cliff Diving Betting sites

Best Cliff Diving Betting sites

How to bet cliff diving

Cliff diving is simply diving into the water from a steep cliff and is often done by experienced divers trained to soar from extreme heights. For you to be able to cliff dive you must be trained and have acrobatic skills.

Currently there are cliff diving competitions around the world for lovers of the sport to participate in. Red bull currently runs one of the most dramatic cliff diving competitions where cliff divers leap off cliffs or platforms that are set up to 85 feet above lakes or oceans.

People seeking to become cliff divers are advised to consider seeking the advice of experienced cliff divers who have competed on cliff diving competitions. Prospective cliff divers should emphasize on the importance of being technically trained and be in excellent physical shape and start off by diving from lower heights before attempting a dive off a high cliff.

The Red Bull’s cliff diving World Series is one big cliff diving event that bettors can take advantage of. The major Red Bull cliff diving series include; the Red Bull cliff diving World Series in Havana, Cuba. This event was held on 2014 on May 9-10 where a 27-meter platform was placed on the historic Morro Castle. This was the starting point for the world’s best cliff divers to launch into a brand new season. This was also the sixth series of the world cliff diving competition.

The other major world series of the Red Bull’s cliff diving completion that you could place your bets on is the Fort Worth, United States. This took place in Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo County, Texas on June 6th-7th 2014. It featured 14 athletes and even America’s athletes David Colturi and Steven LoBue went up to 27 meters. The venue for the event Possum Kingdom Lake is a reservoir in the Brazos River that has two towering cliffs that rise more than 30 meters. This event was attended by the world’s finest cliff divers where cliff diving bettors could place their bets.

The other known major Red Bull’s world cliff diving competition is the one that took place in Inis Mor which was Europe’s first ever. The event featured elite cliff divers who were there for two days on June 28th and 29th 2014. Here the cliff divers dive into the mythical “Serpent’s Liar” or ‘’Poll Na Peist” in Gaelic.

Another major world cliff diving event that one can be able to place bets on is the Red Bull’s organized Norwegian Fjords of Kragero. If you want to place a bet on a cliff diving event it is better to bet on a skilled diver whom you know will win the event. This is the best way that you will be able to win a bet easily.

If you wish to bet on a cliff diving completion it is better to bet online because cliff diving is not usually common in every country but the internet will give you the opportunity to bet on competitions that are even miles away from you.

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