Computer analysis in sports betting

How to build a betting model

Computers have now taken root in almost all areas of daily life. There are small computers in our cell phones and electronic assistants also do their work in cars. Yes, these wonders of technology can now be found even in modern refrigerators, ovens, televisions and heating systems. Computers are also an integral part of our working life: the author of these lines no longer works with a typewriter. So it would only make sense to rely on computer analysis for sports betting instead of laboriously researching, gathering information and studying tiresome statistics. But what is it, is it illegal and how much is it really useful?

Legal – illegal – doesn’t matter?

No, of course it is not illegal to use suitable analysis software to gain an advantage from the sports betting site . The bigger problem, however, is finding such programs. Also: Which sports bettor who is a little self-conscious does not use his computer for his own analysis? Because strictly speaking it is

  • Opening certain websites
  • Studying sports news
  • Comparing statistics in advance of a bet
  • and looking for the best betting odds

Lengthy analysis work in which the computer is helpful to us. Because only the computer can display this information so that we can read it. In short: Of course it is not illegal to use a computer if you want to learn about sports betting. It has long been part of everyday life in our area.

Are there limits and if so, which ones

The possibilities of a computer are very limited, because

  • In principle, it knows only two states: 0 and 1, i.e. on or off
  • A computer is only as smart as its user or programmer and is therefore not infallible

So there are facts in sports betting that cannot be converted into numbers. If, for example, a computer calculates a quota, bets are counted against each other and the general conditions and therefore the quotas change with each bet. Statistics are also calculated with the help of numbers, resulting in average values, projections and absolute numbers. For example, the following is calculated:

  • How many goals are there on average in a game?
  • What result do most games end with?
  • Which team is the favorite and which team the outsider?

A computer can deal with such questions very easily and the results will be much faster than can be calculated by a human. But as soon as the human factor comes along, it will also be very difficult for the computer. What if a player gets injured? How does that affect the calculation? Can that be expressed in numbers? If so, how exactly? The players would have to be assigned numbers depending on their quality and position. The same applies to the question of whether a team is playing at home or away or whether it is a normal league game, a national cup game or an international match. The limits are quickly reached, a computer can never correctly classify and take such factors into account.

Nevertheless: computers should definitely be used

As we have determined, computers and their programs are only of limited use for forecasting sporting events. But nevertheless, a sports weather should not be prevented from using the computer as an aid, as far as it makes sense to us. Because with the help of these devices we get

  • Information about the shape of a team
  • By comparing the providers the best odds
  • All information about the clubs, defeats or winning streaks
  • Coach changes, player transfers
  • and we will be informed of injuries, illnesses or locks

With all this information, we can make our own judgment about the situation. A good example might be the following: start of the season, first game day. A relegated player has to compete against a newcomer who has just strengthened with some fresh players before the start of the season. The team is euphoric due to the successful promotion and wants to set an example on the first match day. The relegated teams are frustrated and had to part with some top performers. The online betting sites still see the relegated players as favorites, because the squad is much better on paper. We can now bring in our knowledge and gut feeling (something a computer can never have) and play a bet against the trend – and win.

Conclusion: A computer cannot do everything for us

After all, it is not a miracle of technology, but only a tool with limits. The oven can have such a powerful computer built in, with so many functions – we still have to mix the dough for our cake ourselves. The smartphone only reminds us of appointments if we have entered them beforehand and these lines here do not appear on their own, but the letters must be entered by someone. This makes it clear: The human factor cannot be replaced, intuition plays a very important role, especially in the sports betting area, especially if the betting is not only carried out according to defined strategies, but for fun. Especially when betting where the odds go into risky areas and are placed on the outsider, the sports bettor should make sure that he is safe with his own research and knowledge.

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