Cricket Betting Tips

Over/Under Wagers in Cricket - Understand How They Work

Punters who know a lot about cricket teams and players have a good opportunity to make long-term profits. That is because punters wager against the public, rather than against a casino house edge, which always has negative expectations. The main thing punters need to worry about is the juice (vigorish) that online sportsbooks take out as a fee for accepting bets. The common juice is 10% of losing bets, which means that if you lost a £100 wager, about £9 would go to the sportsbook, while the other £91 would go to paying winners.

So those who want to become winning punters not only need to make good bets, but also overcome the juice that online sportsbooks take when betting on cricket. And the best way to do this is by learning a wide range of cricket betting tips, such as the ones listed below.

Look at the Type of Match

One of the first things that you should look at before placing cricket bets is the match type. The common matches are Test Cricket, First-class, One Day International, and Twenty20. In a test match, the games normally last for five days, so the favorite team has far more chances to win the match if they are behind in the score early.

However, a Twenty20 match lasts less than three hours and luck plays a bigger part, meaning an underdog has a better chance to win. So if you are hoping to make a lot of money on an underdog, Twenty20 cricket matches give you a good chance to do so. Furthermore, you can also spot strengths/weaknesses in certain players by looking at how they do in specific matches like Test Cricket or One Day International.

Focus on a League

Some punters make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin when betting on cricket. Usually, this problem arises when they attempt to bet on too many leagues/teams. But when you make too many bets across a number of leagues, you cannot properly research each wager.

So a better idea is to put your focus on one or two leagues, and narrow things down even further by following certain teams. By focusing on a handful of teams, you will get to know the players really well, which will help identify their strengths and weaknesses. Assuming you combine this knowledge with researching statistics on opposing teams, you can make some really good wagers.

Pay Attention to the Injury Report

Injuries can have a major impact on who will win a cricket match – especially if it is a star player who gets hurt. With this being said, you should check cricket injury reports and news whenever you get the chance, and try to spot major injuries. If you see news on a major injury before odds on a line, move, you can make a quick bet before handicappers adjust the odds.

Take Advantage of Online Cricket Betting Bonuses

Assuming you make cricket bets at an online sportsbook, you will be eligible for lots of different bonuses and rewards that they offer. For example, many online cricket sportsbooks give new punters a free bet, and have some kind of rewards program where punters can win extra free bets. So if you are interested in online cricket betting, pay attention to how you can earn these bonuses.

Watch the Weather/Field Conditions

Field conditions can have a big impact on how both cricket bowlers and batsmen perform. So you should always be looking at weather forecasts to see what the conditions will be like for an upcoming match you are thinking of betting on. Furthermore, you should also study how key players have performed in the past during adverse weather/field conditions. For example, a star bowler may perform very badly when forced to play in the rain, which could have big implications on the match.

Do not Buy Cricket Betting Systems

Some people on the internet claim they have the ultimate cricket betting system that will enable punters to make guaranteed profits. In most cases, these cricket betting systems involve mathematical formulas that use numbers to predict winners. And while you might be interested in pursuing these systems for pure enjoyment, do not pay a bunch of money for a cricket betting system just because somebody makes outrageous claims. After all, if the system really worked perfectly, the seller would not be sharing it with everybody.

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