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Cricket Betting Sites

Many of the best online sports betting sites serve as ideal cricket gambling sites. When seeking the best cricket gambling sites, it’s important to consider several factors, including bonus sizes, wagering types, customer support, software offerings, banking methods and more. The best cricket betting sites also offer useful betting guides, statistics sheets and tips to help you make the most lucrative cricket wagers.

Cricket has taken its modern form in England. It is a sport, which has fans mostly in England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Cricket betting is very popular in these countries.

The most favourite games in cricket bettings are live bettings. As cricket games take a long time, punters get many options during live betting. Punters, who can read the game accurately and who can make good predictions are able to use the change in betting rates as an advantage during live games.

International cricket games have been very competitive all the time. International cricket is played at different levels. The most executive games are called first class cricket and they last at least for three days. Test Series is a type of first class cricket, which is also the longest played form of the game. Test Series is a cricket organization where punters wait to watch impatiently. Currently, ten countries participate in it.

Cricket is a type of sport that can be played throughout a year. Therefore, you can bet on cricket games anytime in a year. Games that are played in local leagues of the countries contribute the cricket season to be all around the year as well as the international cricket games. Major local leagues are the organization in England and Australia. Cricket bettings have 3 odds like in some other sport bettings. Draw is one of the odds.

Wagering Types At Cricket Betting Sites

The best cricket betting sites offer several different wagering types to real money bettors, including if bets, straight bets, parlays, propositions, pleasers and teasers. In addition, high quality cricket gambling sites offer futures bets, allowing you to place potentially lucrative wagers on major upcoming cricket events, such as the Cricket World Cup.

Software At Cricket Sports Betting Websites

Good cricket betting sites usually offer their sports betting software through a browser-based application. This allows you to wager at cricket gambling sites regardless of your operating system, so long as your browser is properly updated and compatible. Be sure that you’ve installed the latest versions of browser plug-ins such as Java and Flash for optimal performance.

Many of the most advanced cricket betting sites also offer mobile cricket betting software. This allows you to wager on cricket from a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android. The best cricket betting websites offer mobile wagering software specifically designed for the smaller screens featured on mobile devices and smart phones, allowing for properly formatted text and graphics.

Some of the best cricket gambling sites also offer live streaming video as part of their sports betting software. This allows you to watch a match in real time as it occurs, giving you a significant advantage if you wish to make proposition cricket bets.

Bonuses At Cricket Betting Sites

The best cricket gambling websites offer several types of sports gambling bonuses and promotions, such as cricket-specific bonuses, initial deposit bonuses, free bets, gambling insurance and Refer a Friend bonuses. A Refer a Friend bonus adds funds to your cricket betting bankroll when you successfully convince a friend to sign up for the cricket betting site and place a real money deposit. The best cricket gambling sites sometimes offer gambling insurance, which returns a portion of your losses based on a predetermined percentage value.

Some cricket betting sites also offer a free bet or free bets for new players, often requiring you to sign up for a service such as mobile betting. Initial deposit bonuses are awarded on your first deposit, while cricket-specific bonuses may require you to place a parlay bet, for example, on several cricket matches in order to receive an additional free bet or a cash reward.

Banking Methods At Cricket Betting Sites

In order to place real money cricket bets at online betting sites, you’ll need to find a cricket gambling site that accepts multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. The best cricket betting sites accept various types of banking methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets and online banking transfers.

Customer Support At Cricket Sports Betting Sites

It’s advisable to seek cricket gambling sites that offer several channels of customer support, such as live chat, phone, email and fax. Many of the best cricket betting sites also provide a free FAQ section, offering technical support, wagering guides and answers to the most common questions posed by new members at online cricket betting sites.

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