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As the fastest growing version of cricket internationally, punters now have a great variety of 20 20 betting options from all of the major online bookmakers. This is especially true for live betting which suits the faster pace of 20 20 perfectly.

All of the standard match betting options are available for Twenty20, plus prop bets and futures. In fact, futures bets for 20 20 World Cup events can be placed more than a year in advance.

Betting on Twenty20 Match Results

The most common way to bet on Twenty20 is on the final result of a match. These are simple money line bets where the odds are set by each bookmaker, then move as the betting action comes in. If the public is heavily betting one side, their odds will become shorter to encourage betting on the other side.

Sharp punters are good at predicting line movement, meaning they have a good idea when a team is showing optimal value. Anyone looking to make consistent profits betting on Twenty20 needs to learn to see these trends.

Although this isn’t always the case, teams that are heavily favoured over their opponent will often get most of the early betting action. As it gets closer to the day of the match, their odds will move down, offering more value for the underdog.

Another thing that can affect a betting trend is time zones. If two teams that are scheduled to play 10 hours from now are 8 hours apart in time zones, the betting action will be different from the fans of each country. Keep in mind when one country is going to sleep or waking up, and when their heaviest betting action is likely to come in. Although the betting action might be heavy on one team right now, it might slow down and become much heavier for the opposing team from now until the time the match begins.

Most cricket betting sites offer odds in decimal or fractional format to suit all punters. If you aren’t familiar with the odds the site is showing, look for a button that allows you to change to your preferred format.

20 20 Live Betting

Since 20 20 cricket tends to attract fans that prefer the fast action of this game, live betting is especially popular for this version. Combined with the stats-driven nature of cricket, online bookmakers have been able to create a huge variety of live betting options for Twenty20.

Live betting gives punters the chance to wager on dozens, or hundreds of things that can happen during a match. For example, you could place a bet on the number of runs the next batsman will score, if a batsman will record a century, how many wickets a bowler will record, or many other aspects of a match.

If you’d like to learn more about live betting, visit our Live Cricket Betting page for more information.

IPL 20 20 Betting

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular 20 20 organization in the world, consisting of many of the best players on the planet. Since this league is popular everywhere, every major bookmaker offers betting for the IPL. Since it’s such a widely popular league, punters who are placing a lot of bets on IPL cricket should have accounts at several online bookmakers to get the best prices on every wager.

Twenty20 World Cup Betting

The Twenty20 World Cup is a huge international event that draws heavy betting action. Every match can be wagered on, along with props, futures, and live betting. With the expansion of live betting that online bookmakers are now offering, we expect the next Twenty20 World Cup to break all previous cricket betting records.

Futures bets are available almost immediately once the upcoming World Cup is announced, although we don’t recommend placing futures bets too early. First, it’s hard to judge which teams will improve before the event takes place. Secondly, winning futures bets don’t get paid out until the event is over, meaning it could be a long time until you see your money again.

Like any international cricket event, always consider the types of bowlers each team has, and the pitches as well. These two factors can have more of an impact on international matchups than anything else. Sharp punters look at stats for these types of things, and use public weaknesses to create value for them on the opposite side. Which side do you want to be on?

If you’re a casual punter looking to have some fun, by all means go ahead and bet on your favourite team. However, serious punters need to keep their heart out of it. Just because a team comes from the same country as you doesn’t mean they’re going to win a match. Many professional punters won’t ever bet on their favourite team because they know they’re subconsciously biased towards them. If this is you, it might be best to employ the same strategy.

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