Best Tour de France Betting Sites

Best Cycling Betting Sites

Cycling is more popular in some countries than others, but it is undeniably popular in Europe. Besides, anyone can bet on cycling events due to the availability of online sports betting. People living in countries where cycling is more popular may have an advantage because they know the practice better. France and its famous Tour is therefore a country of choice for indulging in online betting.

The most popular cycling event to bet on is of course the Tour de France. Even occasional bicycle bettors place their bets on this race, often because they know at least enough about the predecessors to get a general idea of the event to come. It is of course not the only major cycling competition. Other notable races include the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana.

Types of bets and odds for cycling

There are a number of cycling bets available. People who rarely bet on cycling often stick to simple bets. For example, they bet on who wins a particular race. For the Tour de France, Chris Froome is currently the favorite of the predictions. This is an ideal method for casual fans as they are probably not familiar with many of the racers in competition, especially those who are not particularly popular or famous.

The cycling ratings are listed in different formats. They include Moneyline, fractional odds and decimal format. Often, the type of customers of a particular sports betting site will determine the format used. For example, Moneyline bets are very common in sports betting for American players. European, Australian and Canadian betting sites often display their bets in decimal format.

Place a real money bet

Fractional odds are common in direct betting. When a betting site agrees to bet on the winner of a particular race, it often lists it as a split bet. For example, a sports site may accept a 4/1 bet on Chris Froome. This means that for each euro paid by a person on the cyclist, he will be paid 4 euros if he wins the race.

As noted above, odds can also be listed using the Moneyline format. A Moneyline odds bet listed as +500 means that a person wins 5 euros for each euro bet. The more likely the runner is to win a race, the lower the chances. Lesser-known competitors receive the best odds, which encourages bets on runners who are not expected to win.

Decimal odds require bettors to subtract 1 from the odds indicated. For example, if Chris Froome was listed as 4.00, it would mean that for each euro bet, the bettor will receive 3 euros.

It is possible to bet on other criteria than the winner of a race. Certain sports bets accept bets on the country of origin of the winner and on the one who will cross a particular stage. These types of bets generally require more in-depth knowledge of the sport than just betting on the winner.

Major cycling events

Below is a list of the major cycling events that occur each year:

Tour de France: This is the flagship race of this sport. An extremely popular and international event, cycling fans (and even non-fans) are very enthusiastic about this race.

Giro d´Italia (Tour of Italy): This race is also on the UCI world rankings calendar. It lasts three weeks and takes place in Italy, hence its name.

Vuelta a Espana: Also known as the Tour of Spain, this is another three-week race. The tour is also part of the Grand Tours of Europe and appears in the world calendar of the UCI classification.

Cycling betting strategy and tips

When betting on cycling, or any sport, it is extremely important to poke around on different sites to get the best odds. There are many variations from site to site, which may be to the advantage of the bettor.

Doing extensive research on the sport and identifying the best cyclists is vital. The Internet is a great place to start your research. The governing bodies of a sport are often a good place to start. They will have a list of upcoming competitions and past winners of the main events. Sports websites are also essential for keeping up with the news.

Finally, pay attention to guaranteed or zero loss systems that claim to teach players to bet on the sport without losing money. Some promise bettors that they can get money quickly by following a particular system. But there is no miracle method, only real involvement and a great awareness of the risks will lead you to success. The rest is in the hands of the cyclists …

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