Best Tour de France Betting Sites

Best Tour de France Betting Sites 2020

The Tour de France is by far the most important and popular bike race in the world. Despite the many doping scandals in the past 20 years, the one-month tour of France is still very fascinating – this also applies to betting sites and betting fans. Almost all established bookmakers offer various bets on the Tour de France every year. Our editorial team has put together all the important information and tips about the largest cycling event and will tell you which betting sites are best placed for your cycling bets.

These are the main bets around the Tour de France

Betting on bike races is mostly about long-term bets and tips on the next stage. Since events overturn on a section of the route and the tours can change very quickly, live betting is only offered in exceptional cases on large tours such as the Tour de France. Broadly, Tour de France betting focuses on the following betting markets:

Bets on the yellow jersey / the overall winner

Of course, this is the classic bet on the most important cycling race in the world: Which rider is at the end of the podium with the yellow jersey in Paris? The experience of our experts has shown that in the end it is mostly a driver who the bookmakers have identified as at least one of the three favorites before the start. Absolute sensations like Jan Ullrich’s sudden breakthrough in 1997 have become increasingly rare in cycling. With the Tour de France, accurate forecasts for the final classification are possible at the latest after the first mountain stages.

Bet on the other jerseys

In addition to the yellow jersey of the overall winner, the Tour de France also has numerous special ratings, which many bookmakers can of course bet on. The green jersey (“maillot vert”) for the best sprinter and the red and white polka dot mountain jersey (“maillot à pois”) are particularly well known. There is also the white jersey for the best young rider. This rating affects all drivers in the field who are under 25 at the start of the race. While the sprinters are real specialists and mostly in the overall rankings, the winner of the mountain classification is often one of the top drivers in the overall classification.

Team scoring bets

This bet is for the best team of the Tour de France, which will end up being awarded in Paris and rewarded with a bonus of at least 50,000 euros. For this evaluation, the times of the best three drivers of a team per stage are added. In the past few years, the team ranking winner was very often the team of the overall winner, since these teams usually have several strong mountain climbers.

Betting on the stage winner

Before you decide to use this betting market, you should take a very close look at the respective route profile. If it is about a complicated mountain stage, the aspirants for the overall victory will probably make the day’s success among themselves. With classic flat stages, there is often a so-called mass arrival of the entire field, which is where the sprint specialists come in. Small hint: In the case of mass arrivals, it usually becomes very narrow on arrival and the risk of falling is high – that’s why the top favorites prefer to stay aside in these situations. If there is a stage with smaller mountains and longer flat passages, the chances of an outlier increase. To have the right nose for a bet here

Head-to-head betting / driver duel:

With this option, you bet that one driver will do better than another. This can relate to the overall classification or to a single stage. In the bet “Geraint Thomas vs. Chris Froome ”, for example, you can rely on one of the two drivers in a direct comparison – completely independently of the rest of the field and the race outcome.

The betting sites often choose two drivers with similar qualities for this betting market. For “head-to-head betting”, there are almost always two sprinters or two mountain specialists.

The winners of the Tour de France in the past 10 years

  • 2018: Geraint Thomas (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2017: Chris Froome (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2016: Chris Froome (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2015: Chris Froome (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2014: Vincenzo Nibali (Italy / Team Astana)
  • 2013: Chris Froome (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2012: Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain / Team Sky)
  • 2011: Cadel Evans (Australia / BMC Racing Team)
  • 2010: Andy Schleck (Luxembourg / Saxo Bank Team)
  • 2009: Alberto Contador (Spain / Team Astana)

From a German perspective, the triumph of Jan Ullrich in 1997 remains unique. Even if not in the overall ranking, German drivers often had the edge in the fight for the other jerseys. At this point, Erik Zabel should be mentioned in particular, who won the green jersey of the best sprinter six times in a row from 1996 to 2001. The German T-Mobile team is, moreover, the only team in the history of the Tour de France that came third in the team ranking three times in a row (2004 to 2006).

Special bets on the Tour de France

In addition to the betting options mentioned above, many bookmakers also offer various special bets on the Tour de France. For example, you can bet on how many drivers will end the tour at the very end and with what lead the winner of the yellow jersey will finish. Other betting markets are concerned with the question of which team wins the most stages overall or how many days the overall winner wears the yellow jersey. In many cases, it is also possible to count on how many drivers will not reach the destination on that day before each individual stage.

The odds at the Tour de France

Compared to sports such as football or tennis, bookmakers often offer extremely attractive odds on bike races – especially in the Tour de France. The shape of some top drivers is sometimes difficult to assess. Falls, injuries or the weather can influence the outcome of the tour. Of course, this also harbors a few imponderables for betting fans, but at the same time ensures a very high level of betting odds on the Tour de France. Our tip: place your bet on the overall winner early and before the first stage. A single time trial – which often takes place at the very beginning of a tour – can already mess up the odds enormously. It may be too late for a lucrative favorite tip.

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