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Best Darts Betting Sites 2020

While darts still belonged to a separate marginal sport many years ago, the game with the pointed arrows has experienced a real upswing in recent years. Numerous events and competitions give darts professional players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to millions of spectators. Passionate fans are therefore well advised to secure a seat in the front row early on.

The fact that the former pub sport is becoming increasingly popular also encourages the best sports betting sites to include darts bets in their portfolio. But even if the game principle seems simple at first, the complexity of a darts game can only be grasped with the right knowledge and fine observation skills. In the following lines we will give you an overview of the history of darts, introduce you to the most important competitions and finally deal with the various darts betting options. We will also show you how to place bet on darts gradually and where you can currently get an attractive betting bonus.

Darts Bets are Becoming Increasingly Popular

A few years ago, hardly any reputable betting site had darts in its portfolio. In the meantime, the tide has turned and there is hardly a betting site without this popular sport that has its origin in the restaurants. The selection of bets is still limited compared to top sports such as football or tennis, but it is not uncommon for betting bettings to offer a three-digit number of darts bets. As a rule, you can also use the attractive new customer bonus that almost every sports betting site offers today for placing a darts bet.

In our large overview we show you which bookmakers are particularly suitable for darts betting fans. Not infrequently, the bookies even offer the option of placing live bets for darts. Discover with us the advantages of an internationally emerging sport. A very large range of darts bets can be found at Bet365, but the Scandinavian betting company Unibet also has a first class darts betting range.

Darts – Success Stories of a Former Marginal Sport

If you dedicate yourself to the creation of darts, you will come across stories that only give an idea of ​​the actual origin of this particular sport. Individual sources show that darts already existed in a modified form around 400 BC. Already at that time people were said to have designed and used arrow-like constructs. The actual sport of darts with its associated set of rules, however, was born in England much later, between 1860 and 1898. In 1989, for example, paper wings were used as a throwing element, which were finally thrown onto targets that the English carpenter Brian Gamlin constructed in 1896. Darts did not actually gain approval as a game of skill until 1908 following a judicial decision.

In the trial at the time, a kind of test game showed that the outcome of a game of darts is not a matter of chance. A brand new pub sport was born, which initially attracted a very special clientele, who preferred to follow the game with a cigar and beer. Over the years, however, darts gained international cult status and millions of euros in prizes are now being awarded to the individual champions. Sponsors from all over the world finance opulent events that sometimes span several weeks.

Fans who are not cheering on their favorites from the spectator bench follow the exciting gameplay in front of the television. True connoisseurs of the sport use their knowledge to place their bets in a targeted manner and to get one or two profits for themselves. Online sports betting in particular is enjoying increasing popularity in this area. It is simply more convenient to bet on darts either on your home PC or mobile with your smartphone or tablet PC.

Overview of Important Competitions for Darts Betting

Darts tournaments have been held regularly since 1978, both by the British Darts Organization (BDO) and by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Passionate darts fans can therefore look forward to monthly epic events in which the masters of this sport compete against each other. The focus here is preferably on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, which have also produced the darts leaders. The most popular darts competitions include the Darts World Cup, the Grand Slam of Darts, the UK Open and the Premier League Darts. In the following lines we present the most important darts competitions with their special features. If you select the sport from the darts betting site in the overview, you can normally select one of the competitions below.

Darts World Cup

The Darts World Championship is still one of the most popular darts competitions and is held annually in the West Hall of the Alexandra Palace in London. While the starting signal for this event is given shortly before Christmas, the final round will not follow until the new year. This chronological sequence makes the Darts World Cup a popular highlight at the end of the year. The Darts World Cup, which was held for the first time in 1994, is divided into sets, which in turn are played in three separate legs. The opponent, who makes up seven sets in the final, is ultimately chosen as the winner of the tournament. The reigning darts world champion is currently Michael van Gerwen, who secured the £ 500,000 prize in 2019.

World Masters

Born in 1974, the World Masters is one of the oldest darts competitions and has been sponsored by Winmau for more than thirty years. The venue has varied regularly in recent years, with the event taking place for a long time in the Leisure World. If you are currently experiencing the event live, you can follow the game on the English broadcaster BBC. The champions who have been able to compete for the World Masters in recent years have included Bob Anders, Eric Bristow and Michael van Gerwen. The World Masters prize money was raised to £ 25,000 in 2019.

BDO World Trophy

When it was launched in 2014, the BDO World Trophy was one of the youngest major tournaments in the darts area. The BDO World Trophy made its debut in the Blackpool Tower and was sponsored by Daily Mirror at the time. The winners in 2014 were James Wilson and Anastasia Dobromyslove. A year later the competition was held in the Event City in Manchester, in which Geert de Vos and Lisa Ashton were finally chosen as the winners. The venue was moved to King George’s Hall in Blackburn from 2019 to 2021.

Finder Masters

The Finder Masters, which has existed since 1995 and was organized by the BDO and WDF, originally ran under the name “Dutch Grand Masters” in the first two years. In the debut of this competition, Bei Raymond van Barneveld prevailed against the other tournament participants and won his first title. While the Finder Masters was paused between 1997 and 1999, it was continued from 2000 onwards under the name “European Grand Masters”. The Zuiderduin Hotel in Egmond aan Zee had established itself as a permanent venue from 2001, so that the competition was renamed the Zuiderduin Masters in 2007.

Premier League Darts

The Premiere League Darts is a series of events lasting several weeks and is therefore one of the longest darts competitions. The eight top players in the world rankings and two additional players compete against each other on more than sixteen match days. In the following semifinals, the four best players battle it out, of which two players eventually move into the final. The Premier League Darts is held in various countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland or England, and has been supported by the sponsor Unibet since 2018. Michael van Gerwen won £ 250,000 in 2019 and is currently the reigning title holder.

UK Open

In addition to the Darts World Championship, the UK Open is one of the biggest events in darts and is held every year in March at the Butlins Minehead Resort in England. The special feature of this competition is that there is no seed list for the approximately 160 players and therefore unknown starters can meet top players. Since the draw is completely open to results, there is also the possibility that the top players must compete against each other in the first round. The next UK Open will take place from March 6 to 8, 2020 and will be performed simultaneously on eight stages due to the large number of players.

World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix, which has been organized by the PDC since 1998, is held in Ireland and is characterized by a special set of rules. The Darts World Grand Prix is the only darts event where every participant has to start a leg with a double so that the throw is valid. This special rule allows fans to look forward to a particularly versatile and exciting game at the World Grand Prix. The Darts World Grand Prix has been sponsored by Unibet since 2016 and has now been won eleven times by Phil Taylor. The current defending champion of the Darts World Grand Prix is Michael van Gerwen, who received a £ 100,000 prize in 2018. For the following World Grand Prix from October 6th to 12th, 2019, prize money was increased to an incredible £ 450,000.

Popular Darts Betting

Since darts is becoming increasingly popular, it is no wonder that the betting market offers a whole range of simple and complex darts bet types. Newcomers and connoisseurs of the game can bet on the winner of a match with the established bookmakers, bet on individual legs or sets or place long-term bets. Depending on the type of bet, the odds are sometimes very attractive, so that with the correct prediction you can make big payouts. In the following section, we look at the most popular darts bet types and explain which bet type suits which player.

Two Way Betting / Three Way

The two-way bet is as simple as it is popular and therefore particularly popular for darts. With the two-way bet, you have the option of betting on one of the two opponents. Since the duel only allows two different ends, there is a fifty percent chance that you will make the darts bet for yourself. With this principle, the three-way bet also includes the possibility of a tie. This additional option is particularly useful if the opponents have approximately the same player strength.

Handicap Darts

The handicap bet is not only based on the winner of a duel, but also the amount of the lead in a win. Specifically, this means that you determine, for example, the number of legs the favorite you have named is ultimately behind and to what extent the “outsider” is in the lead. Since this form of darts is also very popular, it is offered by most bookmakers.

Long-Term Darts Betting

Long-term betting not only takes individual games into account, but is much more focused on the overall winner of a tournament. This form of darts bet therefore requires a great deal of foresight and is particularly popular with connoisseurs of the sport. Due to the lower probability of betting on the correct overall winner at the beginning, the odds for long-term bets are comparatively high.

Leg betting

In a leg bet, you determine the number of legs that are played in the entire duel. As a rule, darts start with a certain number of points and the opponents try to reach zero with as few throws as possible. If this is successful, one speaks of a leg. This type of darts is particularly popular in the area of live betting, because it gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on the current game progress.

Set Bets

If you opt for a set bet, there are basically two different options available to you. In the first form, you bet on the total number of all sets played in the match. If you bet on 4 sets, you win if, for example, the game ends in 3 to 1. In the second variant, you determine the specific sentence result and bet, for example, that the first opponent will prevail with 3 to 2 sentences. If the second betting option is also associated with a lower probability of winning, you can, however, implement a higher payout in the case of a correct bet.

Special bets 180s

Another type of bet is the special bet 180, which has different variations. With this type of darts, you can tap which participant will throw more 180s in a match. There is also the possibility, among other things, of placing a darts bet for the next 180 or for the total number of 180s.

Special Bets Nine Darts Finish

The Nine Darts Finish, also called nine-darter, describes a perfect match and is considered the supreme discipline in the field of darts. With the special bet Nine Darts Finish you now have to bet on which player will achieve a Nine Darts Finish. It should be said that a classic 501 game requires at least nine darts to play the score from 501 to zero. Therefore, if a player manages to downplay the points with only nine darts, one speaks of a nine darts finish.

Special Bets Checkout

Since a so-called checkout plays an important role in darts, many bookmakers offer you a wide variety of special bet checkouts. For example, you can bet on which player will deliver the highest checkout or how many checkouts can be implemented. Basically, a checkout is possible when there are still 170 points to play. Therefore, among other things, 170 checkout bets are very often represented by the betting providers.

How Attractive are Darts Betting Odds?

Before placing your darts bet, you should take a close look at the individual betting odds. Basically, it can vary depending on the type of bet, competition and player. While the favorites are usually occupied with a low betting odds, you can benefit from top betting odds with long-term bets as well as when betting on lesser-known players. The betting odds for the top players, such as Michael Van Gerwen, Rob Cross, Dimitri Van or Peter Wright, range from 1.20 to 2.50, while the betting odds for unknown darts players, such as Ian White, are around 29.00 .

These odds differences arise from the different probability of winning that is attributed to the individual players. The betting odds themselves describe the multiplier of your bet. For example, if you bet a hundred euros on a darts player with a odds of 2.00, you will be paid two hundred euros if you win. In order to get a better overview of the offers of the individual bookmakers, we recommend that you consult a wide range of betting odds comparison portals on the Internet.

Darts Live Betting

Darts is a very versatile game, so especially the darts live betting have firmly established themselves on the betting market. The darts live bets not only offer a special form of thrill, they also give you the opportunity to place your bets taking into account the course of the game. In contrast, with this type of bet you have to expect frequent odds changes during the game, since each new throw has a significant impact on the expected result. For example, the odds for player A may initially be 2.00 and increase to 3.00 within a few minutes, provided that opponent B wins the first two legs. On the other hand, this means that bettors benefit especially if they place their bet exactly when the odds increase.

Darts live betting is primarily suitable for experienced as well as risk-sensitive people who can react quickly to twists and turns during the game. A particular advantage of darts live betting is that you can place your bet at any time during a tournament, which is particularly worthwhile for very tight games. The bookmakers also offer you numerous variants of darts live betting, so that you can not only determine the winner of the match, but also bet on which player wins the leg.

Bet on Darts Step by Step – How it Works

Since numerous betting sites have now also included darts bets in their portfolio, bet on darts can be placed within a few clicks. However, in order for your project to be crowned with success, the right preparation is essential. So it makes sense to devote yourself to individual statistics in advance, compare the best odds and read in topic-specific forums. In addition, you should always get information about the individual players and their health. Players who have health deficits can quickly be at a disadvantage in a tournament, for example, so that a less well-known player may also have a good chance of winning. On the other hand, you usually benefit from higher odds if you place your bet early.

At this point you should compare the odds of the different betting sites with each other and use comparison pages at this point. You can now browse the individual categories for competitions and types of bets on the homepage of the betting site or use the search function. Once you have found the desired event, you can view all possible types of bets, including the corresponding odds, with a click. To place your bet now, click on the relevant odds and this will be included on your betting slip. If you do not opt ​​for an additional combination or system bet, you can now determine the stake for your bet and confirm the bet with a click. Incidentally, the websites of most betting sites are structured in such a way that you can place your bet conveniently at any time using your smartphone.

Place a darts step by step:

  • Step 1: Compare darts betting sites
  • Step 2: Register & secure darts bonus
  • Step 3: Compare betting odds & place darts bets
  • Step 4: continue to implement the bonus & then hopefully request a withdrawal

Interesting Facts About Darts

Until 1908, darts was an illegal game of chance and was therefore only played unofficially in some pubs and pubs. In a trial in 1908, a test game vividly demonstrated that the outcome of a game of darts is not accidental. A new pub sport was born, which initially attracted a special clientele and significantly increased the profit of numerous localities. The best darts player is Phil Taylor, who achieved worldwide fame and shaped this special sport significantly through his achievements in the tournaments. In addition, Phil Taylor won sixteen titles at the Darts World Championships, making him the undisputed record holder.

He also remained undefeated in a total of forty-four games in a row at the Darts World Championship from 1995 to 2003. Other top players include Michael van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld, Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson. Leighton Ress was the first official darts world champion and won £ 3,000 in 1978. If you look at the world rankings in the field of darts, you will find that they mainly present players from England and the Netherlands in the top positions. One of the most popular darts competitions is undoubtedly the Darts World Championship, which is held regularly at the turn of the year.

Darts Betting FAQ

Do all betting sites offer darts bets?

Since darts has now become a popular sport, it has of course also established itself in the field of sports betting. Therefore, you will find something with both smaller and the best betting sites and can place different darts bets there. In order to get an optimal overview of the different bet types and odds, it is worth taking a look at our professional darts betting site comparison.

Do the betting sites offer a bonus on darts betting?

Since the bookmakers naturally want to continuously win new customers, you can look forward to an attractive new customer bonus from most online bookies. However, certain conditions are attached to this bonus, so that the bonus, for example, has to be implemented several times within a certain time. Regular customers benefit in part from a bonus if, for example, they place combination and system bets.

Can I use any type of bet live at any tournament?

Although darts live bets belong to the portfolio of many bookmakers, not all types of bets can be used for a live bet. This is the case, for example, with long-term bets, in which the overall winner should be guessed in advance of a tournament. In addition, not every darts event is broadcast live, but this is usually necessary for this type of bet.

Should I always bet on favorites when playing darts?

Basically, the idea is obvious that you should bet on a favorite with a very good chance of winning in a darts bet. However, the darts champions in particular have a correspondingly low quota. In addition, even the absolute top darts players experience a defeat if the current form of the day is not correct. Therefore, no general statement can be made here. Whoever bets on the underdog will be rewarded with very attractive winnings if successful.

What types of bets should beginners choose?

Since darts is a complex game, it is advisable, especially for newbies, to first choose a simple and as transparent as possible bet type. At this point, a two-way or three-way bet can be used, for example, because it is particularly simple and easy to understand. If you have become more familiar with the players, the tournaments and the rules of the darts, other types of bets are of course also possible. At this point, your individual betting strategy ultimately decides which bet type suits you.

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