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Best Darts Betting Sites

Darts betting sites allow bettors to bet on darts matches for real money. The best darts sportsbooks offer action on a variety of professional darts organizations, including the British Darts Organisation, the Professional Darts Corporation and the World Darts Federation. Before registering at a darts online betting site, look for features such as large bonuses, mixed betting options, reliable banking methods, friendly customer service and robust, feature-filled software.

Betting on darts has been popular for centuries in the United Kingdom, and is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world. Many bookmakers in the United Kingdom open betting markets for the matches played at the most prestigious darts tournaments, offering fans of the game an opportunity to add to the excitement of watching darts matches live and having a free darts bet while they watch the action unfold.

Darts is a very fun game that can be played at home, as well. Especially in England, darts is played in many pubs.

Darts betting become widespread in 1970s, when professional dart started to develop. Darts tournaments were being broadcasted on television after British Darts Organization was established in 1973. More attention has been paid to darts bettings after television channels started to show the games. World Darts Federation (WDF), a more global darts organization was established in 1976. Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is another organization that contributed professional darts to grow.

More attention was drawn to professional darts with highly awarded tournaments organized by PDC . Television channels began to show more interest to darts tournaments.

Darts betting get more intense during The WDF World Cup and World Professional Darts Championship, where national teams participate and professional players compete.

There is an interesting story related to the dart betting in the history. In early 1900s in England, law allowed betting on games of talent only. It was forbidden to bet on games of chance. In 1908, a pub owned by Jim Garside in Leeds, England was shut down by law.

The legal ground for doing this was betting on games of chance was conducted in the pub. Jim Garside was letting darts bettings to be played in his pub and he made a plan to prove that darts was not a game based on chance but talent. He asked William Anakin, the local champion of Leeds, for help and he invited him to the court as a witness. William Anakin came to the court and hit all the numbers that the judicial committee asked him to do so. He proved that darts was a game of talent. As a consequence, the court allowed Jim Garside to open his pub again.

Nowadays, you can find bets related to major darts tournaments in online bookmakers. You can find short term bets on games as it gets closer to the date of game as well as long term bets in order to predict the champions just before tournaments start.

Darts Tournaments

The biggest tournaments organised by the World Darts Federation, British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation include:

The BDO World Championship
The PDC World Championship
The PDC Premier League
The PDC World Matchplay
The PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic
The PDC UK Open

Why bet on darts?

Tournaments such as the World Championship, Premier League and World Matchplay are extensively covered by the top bookmakers and that is because there is a high volume of customers that want to place wagers on the action. There are odds available for each match and you can bet on which player will win each quarter of the draw, while there is often the chance to back the two finalists.

The format can differ across each event although backing a player to win a particular match adds a new level of excitement if you’re settling down to watch the action. That can apply whether you have placed a pre-event wager or waited until the game is under way before placing a live In-Play bet.

The most popular darts betting options include:

Outright Betting: Outright betting on darts offers punters the opportunity to bet on which player will win a given darts championship. Large fields tend to participate in these events, which means many sportsbooks will pay out each/way bets on generous outright darts betting prices.

Match Betting: Betting on darts matches is no different from betting on match-ups in any other sport. Odds are offered on each of the participants, and punters can select which of the players they’d like to place money on. Bookmakers also offer handicap-betting markets for darts matches.

Handicap bets: Many bookmakers will provide handicap betting in addition to match betting, which means you might get Michael van Gerwen at even money instead of 2/5. However, the catch is that the favourite is given a fictional handicap, eg MVG -5.5 to win a best of 19 leg encounter which means he has to win 10-4 or better for this bet to win.

Correct score bets: Bigger odds can be found if you’re looking to back a player to win by a certain correct score. So for example, it might be a best of 19 legs match and you back Player A to win 10-7 at odds of 10/1 which provide a much bigger potential return than backing him to win the match at odds of even money.

Accumulator bets: There could be five World Championship matches taking place on a particular evening and many people like to try and pick a winner for each game and load them into an accumulator bet. It could lead to some big potential returns, even if the players in question are all odds-on, while customers get plenty of excitement as their bet continues through the session.

Darts provides lots of In-Play excitement

Nothing quite beats the thrill of live betting and darts is one of the best sports when it comes to placing an In-Play wager, with the odds changing all the time. We’ve all seen matches which swing one way and then another, while winning players can often be backed at a bigger price In-Play than they were before the match.

In addition to the match winner, you can also back the winner of the next leg or set, something which means you can place a string of In-Play bets and get the instant gratification of knowing whether your bet has won or lost in minutes

Some of the biggest darts events in the world, including those featuring the celebrities of the game, attract significant interest in the United Kingdom and United States. As a result, darts fans can occasionally benefit from the occasional money back darts betting special during the biggest darts events of the year.