Early Goals Betting

How do you recognize a good betting strategy

In sports betting, football bets are at the top of the popularity scale, and Bundesliga bets are particularly popular . Especially the huge selection of sports betting, including the many special bets, the high odds with online betting sites compared to the betting shops in the city and the bonus services, especially for new customers, make it easy to place bets out of gut feeling, without preparation. This can work every now and then, but in the long run this approach is doomed to fail at some point, and your budget will be severely strained.

Prevent losses with a strategy

To avoid losses, you need a good strategy and should be well prepared. Preparation takes a lot of time, but it pays off. Just like a strategy, preparation doesn’t guarantee that you will win every bet, but your chances of success are better. Different strategies are tailored to specific sports. One such strategy that you can use for football betting is the strategy of betting on early goals. If you want to use this strategy, then you should know the league or the teams well and already know a lot about football. While different teams tend to score late goals, other teams tend to get the round square in the first few minutes of play.

The first 30 minutes are crucial

The first 30 minutes of play are decisive when betting on early goals. However, you should not forget that this strategy can be quite risky because it can happen again and again that no goals are scored in the first half and the whole game ends in a goalless draw. The strategy of betting on early goals is very suitable for teams that are considered particularly dangerous.

However, it happens quite often that an outsider scores the first goals in the first 30 minutes. Such teams are often highly motivated at the beginning of the game and do their best, but then, in the second half, they have often used up their strength and become nervous. It does not matter which team wins the game when betting on early goals. Even the team that has not yet scored an early goal can achieve top performances in the second half, score goals and win the game.

If you want to bet on early goals, you should analyze the teams’ past matches very carefully to see if at least one of the two teams tends to score early. For the two teams, you should examine at least five, but better ten past games to determine if the teams scored one or more goals in the first 30 minutes. You don’t have to bet on early goals when betting,

  • which team scores the first goal
  • at what time the first goal is scored
  • how many goals are scored in the first 30 minutes

It is only important that at least one goal is scored in the first 30 minutes.

Betting on multiple games of a match day

You should not only place a bet on early goals, but it makes sense to place bets on early goals on several or all games of a match day. Basically, you should always place these bets as single bets because they are simply too risky to be placed as combination bets. With just one wrong tip, your entire combination bet is lost; When betting on early goals, it can quickly happen that you are wrong with at least one tip. If you bet on more than one game on the same day, there is a good chance that goals will be scored early if there are more than one game. The chance of early goals is 50 percent on average, usually nine games are played on a Bundesliga matchday. So it is likely that early goals will be scored in four or five games. To make up for losses, you should place the same bet on each of these bets. You have to expect to lose around four or five tips on a Bundesliga matchday, but given the good odds, losses quickly make up for each other. Win at least five of your tips you got your bet back and made a small profit. You can place the bet on early goals not only on the Bundesliga, but also on the second and third Bundesliga, on regional leagues and on foreign leagues. The size of the offer for these bets depends on the online bookie .

Bet on early goals – good analysis is important

Before placing your early goals bet, you should do a detailed analysis of the teams’ last matches. You should analyze both teams, paying particular attention to them

  • Number of goals in a game
  • Time when the gates were scored
  • Goalscorer

respect, think highly of. It is important to pay attention to the goal scorers, you should also pay attention to whether the teams can compete in full strength in the current game or whether important players are missing. If important goal scorers known for early goals fail, then you should not place your bet on early goals, nor should you bet on early goals if the teams rarely score goals or if the goals in previous games are more likely fell late. Some Bundesliga-Game days in the past have shown that with at least six games, goals are scored in the first 30 minutes. Of course, this is not always the case, but the chances are more than 50 percent if you bet on all games of a game day. To explore your chances of betting on early goals, you should analyze at least five Bundesliga matchdays. You will quickly find that often at least five games are characterized by early goals.

Odds when betting on early goals

The odds on early goal bets vary depending on

  • Betting site
  • league
  • Match pairing

On average, the odds for betting on early goals are between 1.7 and 1.9. A odds comparison can be worthwhile to find online bookmakers with the best odds. The odds are particularly high among the major betting providers, which include Bet365, Tipico and the betting provider Betvictor . The strategy of betting on early goals can be used not only for the first 30 minutes, but also for the first 15 minutes.

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