Eight crazy bets in Corona times

Eight crazy bets in Corona times

When the sport of television disappears, other things come to the fore. The betting sites are also trying to find and explore new betting markets. Here are the most unusual and craziest bets currently on offer.

The world of sports betting looks at the moment like one of those landscapes in Arizona, you always see in Western films and which also always one of these rootless bushes rolls across the screen. Nevertheless, of course we want to continue betting. If you look at the current offers, you will discover amazing things. A selection of the most unusual bets.

No. 8: When does the first human fly to Mars?

In times like these, it helps to look to the future in the long term, to a time when normalcy has returned. Then they will go on, the preparations for the first manned flight to Mars. But when will it happen? Before or after 2025?

If the time comes, you can get a top rate of 6. Later, it becomes less and less.

No. 7: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Once the dream couple of Hollywood, before Brad Pitt switched to Angelina Jolie and thus formed an even more dreamlike dream couple, the boulevard now speculates about a, well, reunification of Pitt and Aniston.

Bets are also offered on whether the two will show up together at the next Academy Awards. However, there is still no possibility to bet whether this would break more men’s or women’s hearts in the world.

No. 6: How will the weather be tomorrow?

When the everyday no longer works, the normal becomes special. This also applies to the most common question: the weather forecast. After all, the weather forecast is the only constant of television news, the only topic that is always dealt with. Seems to us to be pretty important.

All over the world and on the Internet, bets are now being offered on the temperature. B. tomorrow morning at 12 noon in the respective capital.

What sounds like an idea born out of boredom could develop into a long-term phenomenon. After all, everyone can have a say in the weather.

No. 5: Bernie says Trump

This beautiful series of bets reaches us from the USA. Without NBA betting, NFL betting and ice hockey, the Americans are also looking for other betting options, and since the presidential election campaign is omnipresent, this is also reflected in the betting markets.

In the meantime, there is a completely different fever with the TV discussions of the Democrats, because now it is important: Does Sanders say “Trump” or “Corona” first? Or does Joe Biden get ahead of both? The players of FanDuel, a fantasy sports app for American sports fans, are now betting on this. Unfortunately, we do not yet offer the bet.

No. 4: How long will Boris Johnson remain prime minister?

The man, who was described by his former boss at the BBC as “probably the worst employee of all time” and was one of the main contributors to Brexit, is now guiding the fortunes of the British Isles. He has many supporters, but also opponents. Enough not only to let the British bet on how long “Bojo” can hold in office.

If Johnson falls later this year, the betting odds are 4, but bet365 assumes that the prime minister will remain in office for at least three more years, because the English bookmaker only offers a odds of 1.22. You can find it at bet365 under “Special bets”.

Honorable mention:

Virtual Sports – We would never have thought that digital horses would run on a digital racetrack. But now it doesn’t sound as crazy as it did two months ago, so virtual sports betting cannot find its way into our official list. There are alternatives to sports betting , and quite a number.

Who will be the next James Bond ? Betting on the actor who will take on the role of the English super agent next is not madness, but a question every film fan should ask.

No. 3: Dow Jones below 15,000 points

Actually, this is not a crazy bet at all, but well worth considering. In the face of crashing courses, we are dealing with a vision that could soon become a reality if we did not wish to do so.

Given the current circumstances, a bet on it may seem unethical, but since this is about the stock market, ethics is not a good argument anyway. Unibet offers the bet, and the odds of the Dow Jones dropping below the 15,000 mark by the end of the month are 4.0.

No. 2: Wendler special

Question: What would the world be without gossip? Answer: Better. But nothing will come of it, as we can see very well in this series of bets. After pop singer Michael Wendler was recently exposed to ridicule live on television by Oliver Pocher, the nation wonders whether there will be a “rematch”. Anyway, enough questions to start this bet.

Also available: Will Wendler marry his new girlfriend Laura Müller and who has more Instagram followers at the end of this year. There is one more to say that everything is currently only about the crisis.

No. 1: The earth is a disk

We are writing the 6th century. v. BC, when Pythagoras first described the earth as a sphere. In the following decades, Plato and Aristotle, among others, followed this view. It took a whole 300 years for Eratosthenes to calculate its size for the first time – and to within a few kilometers. He only used the distance between two cities in ancient Egypt and the position of the sun at lunchtime. Notable scientific discoveries.

Today, well over 2000 years later, it is enough to look at the horizon and say “there is no curvature”, and conspiracy theorists are springing up all over the world like mushrooms claiming that Earth is the only planet that is not round. They don’t explain to us why this has been hidden for the past few thousand years. What would Eratosthenes say?

Nevertheless, we can bet today whether it will be proven by the end of 2024 at the latest that the earth is a disk. Do not you believe? But there is, at bet-at-home, with a 50 odds. Our advice: Better be careful with the action, unless you have long suspected that the final battle for world government will be fought between reptiles and Illuminati. In this case we advise: Go ahead!

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