eSports market expects billions of dollars in sales

eSports market expects billions of dollars in sales

Digital entertainment has long since taken over the sports market. Electronic sport has now reached dimensions that nobody in Europe had on the screen years ago. In Asia and the USA, eSports is present in all sectors, has its own TV shows and a million-strong fan base. Due to the now unmistakable hype in European countries, the company Newzoo, which specializes in market research, has taken a closer look at the future prospects. Based on the current status, the analysts have developed an economic forecast for the global e-sports market that creates a completely new expectation. Due to the continued growth, especially in new markets, experts predict that the industry will break the billion mark in 2020.

The trend continues

The electronic sports markets continue to grow. More and more leagues are opening worldwide and major tournaments are now taking place in mega arenas and attract as many spectators as popular sports. Interest is great and steadily increasing, especially the younger audience, the numbers are increasing rapidly. As a result, the eSports industry is becoming increasingly interesting for advertising, and modern companies whose business models are based on a digital environment naturally use these new marketing opportunities.

Due to the rapidly growing publicity of the electronic sports market, which has meanwhile also reached Germany, the marketing of broadcasting rights for the industry is much more attractive. Even in the more conservative Federal Republic, TV formats have developed that only report on the eSports scene. This makes sponsorship for the clans more lucrative and of course also has an impact on the prize money.

There has been a significant increase in major events in recent years. The bookmaker Betway has long recognized the attractiveness of the former niche market and is becoming increasingly involved as a sponsor and offers a wide range of options for betting on eSports.

Where is the most revenue generated?

According to the Newzoo analysis, the majority of the sales are achieved through the sale of media rights and through sponsors. It can be assumed that these three segments will bring together a good three quarters of the overall market. The revenue forecast in this area anticipates revenue of more than $ 820 million. For comparison, in 2019 the global eSports industry generated $ 950.6 million.

Based on the past few years and the associated growth, the analysts expect growth of more than 15 percent. That would mean that the billion mark will be broken for the first time. The estimates are currently over $ 1.1 billion. That should also give the already broad betting market for the eSports events a further boost.

Interest has never been greater

Worldwide, the total number of spectators in e-sports will grow to up to half a billion people in 2020. If Newzoo’s statisticians were right, that would mean growth of 11.7 percent over the previous year. The numbers include both TV ratings and the popular streaming offers, which even bookmakers are increasingly offering to meet the high demand and to be able to cover the market for eSports live betting.

E-sports is experiencing the greatest upswing in the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, a whole generation is watching live events on the Internet. The mega-markets in Brazil and India are also growing rapidly. However, the most flourishing sales giant is China, where almost 400 million US dollars could be generated this year alone.

Mobility continues to grow the market

In many emerging countries, the eSports market is only just getting started. The public is dependent on mobile gaming and electronic sports can still be expanded in this area, which will result in much greater market growth in the coming years.

In Germany alone, more sports bets are given via smartphones than via the traditional way on the computer. With the betting sites from our list, the betting offer for eSports is also growing rapidly. With the lucrative starting offers, it is easy to try out the betting options.

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