Best FIFA eSport Betting Sites 2020

Best FIFA eSport Betting Sites 2020

FIFA has become one of the most popular console games in the world and has been instrumental in the current success of eSports. The console hit is currently attracting attention with “ FIFA19 / eSoccer” tournaments. The betting sites have long reacted to the FIFA (eSoccer) hype and offer bets on FIFA 19/20. We have compiled the best betting sites for you to bet on eSoccer – or on the eSport title FIFA from EA. Find out everything about betting markets, betting, bookmakers and betting tips on FIFA in our article.

About FIFA 

After the release of the first FIFA game in 1993, which has been released every year since then, FIFA has become a video game and has become one of the most important eSports titles in the world. The latest edition, FIFA 19, topped the German game charts in the first week of 2019 with an estimated 4.3 million copies sold worldwide in the first week of sales. Not to be confused with the International Football Association, the governing body of sport that officially licensed the video game, in this case FIFA refers to the football simulator from EA Sports.

Best FIFA eSport Betting Sites 2020


FIFA has been available on PC and most consoles over the years and has gained a large following from the United States to Asia Pacific to Europe and the United Kingdom. A strong rivalry between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer – Konami’s football series – has developed since 2001 .

The game has developed so far that it supports all common and well-known leagues in the world. The graphics and the game options have evolved over the past few years and have become more and more realistic.

Although eSport is a relatively new phenomenon, the FIFA fan base and FIFA eSport will undoubtedly grow. All major football clubs have long recognized the potential of eSports and are promoting their own projects and teams here. Bundesliga clubs such as Schalke04 , VFL Wolfsburg or Werder Bremen manage their own FIFA teams and thus support and promote eSports in Germany.

The success of the FIFA Games is mainly due to the fact that well-known teams and leagues from all over the world are represented. So players can play their teams from the Bundesliga, the English Premier League, the US Major League Soccer or other well-known leagues, with teams and players being added every year.

In addition, EA is best known for its annual interactive World Cup events (eWorld Cup). These tournaments invite players from all over the world to compete with the best players in the world in a three-day competition.

How is FIFA played by EA Sports?

FIFA works a little differently than the classic soccer match that is simulated here. In contrast to the classic soccer match, in which 22 players meet in 2 teams, FIFA is played hand-to-hand as in 1v1. Two players competing against each other control the 11 players of a soccer team. The rules of the game are the same as for a soccer match. Only that the game is not played on the lawn but on the screen with a console and controllers.

Playing time has been accelerated by 7.5 times , so that FIFA games rarely, if ever, last longer than 20 minutes.

The classic 1vs1 approach is of course good for sports betting. Bookmakers have also recognized this and are offering corresponding bets based on a FIFA match.

How can I bet on FIFA?

Most major online bookmakers and bookmakers today offer esports betting . Betting on FIFA works like sports betting. So betting is like a classic football game.

Although EA Sports has made some adjustments and optimizations to the game to make it more attractive from eSports, you can actually play FIFA betting without any prior knowledge as long as you know how to bet on a normal soccer game.

Online eScoccer betting at Neo.Bet As with any other type of sports betting, your chances of success when betting on FIFA eSports (eSoccer) depend on how well you are familiar with the game. In fact, it would be a great advantage if you actually played FIFA 19 or 20 so you know how it works and what it takes to win.

Other than that, you need to do your homework and study the player’s records. This can be a little tricky as you not only look at a player’s balance sheet but also that of their opponent and know how they could develop against each other as they play.

Here are some questions you should answer:

  • How has the player (s) done in the last five games?
  • Have these two players played against each other in the past, and if so, how did it end?
  • What is the current form of the player (s) in the tournament they are playing?
  • What are your special playing styles and what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Esport betting and FIFA

Esport betting is becoming an increasingly important part of sports betting sites . It is estimated that the global esports betting market will be worth nearly $ 30 billion by 2020. For a long time now, eSports is no longer a gimmick of some “nerds”, but rather a highly professional and very well organized billion-dollar business worldwide.

The eSport betting is in no way different from classic sports betting. The process and the mechanism are exactly the same. The betting markets (what you can bet on) and types of bets (what type of bet you can make) are the same as in classic football.

Classic FIFA eSport bets are:

  • Winner bets
  • Handicap betting
  • Goal betting
  • Handicap betting
  • Result bets
  • Tournament bets (who wins a tournament)

Typical types of bets are:

  • The system bet
  • The classic three-way bet
  • The combination bet

FIFA eSport betting tips

To do well on the betting scene, you need dedication to research and understanding the game, the ability to distinguish good bets from bad, and not a little luck. To help you on your way to winning, we have some practical tips and pointers that you should keep in mind:

Know the game and the players you bet
Specialize as often as possible: Choose a region or group of players to bet on and place bets on that selected group.
Bet selectively and objectively: Don’t bet on every game and place bets based on data collected rather than gut instinct (even if your favorite player is next).

Don’t limit yourself to major events: small events with unknown players offer the best chance of outsider wins (which leads to larger payouts).

Understand player form: Players cannot always play at the same level, so some research before placing bets is essential.

The biggest FIFA esports competitions 2020 to bet

The FIFA sports scene is growing rapidly as the most popular soccer leagues around the world now have an online version of their competition. FIFA even launched a digital version of the World Cup. Here are some of the biggest FIFA competitions we can look forward to in 2020:

FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 ™

  • Start date: February 7th
  • End date: February 9th
  • Prize money: USD 500,000 TBC
  • Qualification: online qualification (completed)

The FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 ™ will be held in February 2020 and will compete against the best players from around the world after a five-step online qualification process.

The FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 ™ will be one of the greatest prizes ever for a FIFA eSports event. At the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 ™, professional soccer teams such as Manchester City eSports, Olympique Lyonnais and AS Roma will compete against each other.

eMLS Cup

  • Start date: January 10th
  • End date: March 21
  • Prize money: TBC
  • Qualification: online qualification (completed)

The “e-Major League Soccer” league is the top-class North American eSports championship that takes place in conjunction with the FIFA franchise & Major League Soccer (MLS). The eMLS will be expanded in 2020 and will include three new teams this year – the LAFC , Nashville SC and Austin FC .

Austin in particular joins the eMLS the year before the new team joins the MLS competition. There are a total of 25 teams participating in the eMLS. There are 3 main events during the eMLS season.

The FIFA eWorld Cup winners

Compared to other established games, the FIFA eSports scene is still in its infancy, as the tournaments held are limited to two main events. We have brought together the most successful FIFA players and thus winners of the FIFA World Cup.

  • Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous – winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019
  • Mossad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary – winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018
  • Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing – winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017
  • Mohamad Al-Bacha – winner of the 2016 FIFA World Cup interactive
  • Abdulaziz Alsheri – 2015 FIFA World Cup Interactive Winner

With the increasing popularity of FIFA betting, our concern is growing that you are choosing betting sites that are not reputable and licensed. Pay attention to which bookmaker you are betting with. We often receive emails from customers who have opted for a bad bookmaker. There are always problems with the payment or verification. Trust in our expertise and choose an eSports betting provider from our list (ideally neobet).

Bet on FIFA – Tips & Tricks

Even if you play on the sites of the best FIFA betting sites, there is no guarantee that you will actually win. Basically, betting is about statistics and probabilities. Unfortunately, some tipsters forget that. We have put together some tips and tricks that we think are important. You should definitely get better results with this.

Bet on FIFA – cool idea!

Know what you’re getting into. Bet on FIFA – that sounds cool at first. Perhaps you are familiar with FIFA and eSports and think you have an edge in knowledge and therefore want to start betting right away. Very bad idea!

Please take a close look at what it means to bet on FIFA. Gain a feel for the odds and the corresponding bets. Step by step! Believe me when I tell you, the bookmakers have already priced all the options and probabilities into the odds. No matter how tempting the offer may sound. First think about it. Check statistics and analyzes – possibly past games or encounters. The internet is full of it.

Risk management is the be-all and end-all

Do active risk management! Imagine the following: You log into your betting account and see an incredibly attractive FIFA betting offer. You are 100% sure to win with this bet. Why not put everything on one card and take the “safe” profit with you. Why not quickly multiply the stake?

Unfortunately, this is absolutely the worst thing you can do. There is always the possibility that something can go wrong. Please note that sports betting is also a form of gambling. There is no such thing as a safe bet!

So try to avoid risking more than 1/20 of your balance in a single bet.

Sure, you might think you missed an opportunity when you look back at some past conservative bets. Don’t let that affect you. Or as an old poker saying describes it: “should”, “could” or “would” not sit at the table.

To learn from mistakes

Think carefully about your mistakes. There is no 100% success rate when betting. Even the best players in the world can be wrong or fall victim to misjudgments. However, it depends on how you deal with these mistakes and whether you learn from these mistakes, because only that will make you really successful in the long run.

As a rule of thumb, you should never attribute a loss to chance or special circumstances. Instead, look carefully at your decision and analyze whether you have really made the most of the information available with the information you have. And if you see a recurring problem, adjust your decision accordingly.

FIFA 19 betting is complex. There are certainly always things that can be adapted and improved. In the end, however , you have to make a decision .

You can’t win every bet

Free yourself from winning every bet. No matter how well you know the area, there will always be results that you could not take into account. It is then important to keep a cool head. Wanting to regain lost stakes by force or betting higher stakes without a system is a very bad idea. You should also avoid so-called anger bets .

 FIFA Betting / eSoccer Betting FAQ

Can I follow FIFA tournaments live?

Yes. FIFA tournaments are broadcast live on Twitch, Youtube or with the relevant betting providers.

Can I place bets on FIFA with my mobile phone?

Yes. 66% of all bets are placed on the go today. This also applies to FIFA or esports in general. We recommend here.

Is it safe to bet on FIFA sports?

That depends on the bookmaker. We only recommend trustworthy betting providers with a corresponding license. So betting on FIFA is safe.

How can I start betting on FIFA online?

To bet on FIFA you need a bookmaker. The best providers can be found in the table earlier in this article. Here you can register and get started in less than 3 minutes.

How does online betting work for FIFA?

Betting on FIFA or eSoccer works just like sports betting in general.

Where is the best place for FIFA online betting?

We recommend as the best betting provider for eSports betting.

Can I win real money with FIFA betting?

Yes. FIFA betting is no different from sports betting. You can bet with real money here and of course win real money if your bet is successful.

What types of bets can I place?

There are a variety of betting options (betting markets). These are analogous to betting on a real soccer game. In addition to the classic winning bets such as win, draw and loss, you can also bet live, the correct result, handicap betting, over-under betting, and half-time betting.

Is there a bonus for online e-sports betting?

Yes there is. As a rule, all betting providers offer a bonus for the first deposit. This bonus then also applies to FIFA. As a rule, this is 100% up to 100 euros. Please note the bonus conditions.

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