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Best eSport Live Betting Sites 2020

If you bet, do you prefer digital sports in the field of eSports? And in that case, are you not only active in pre-match betting, but primarily relying on eSport Live betting? Then you should now read our eSport Live betting guide about the best sites for eSport Live betting carefully. We not only present the best providers for your eSport Live betting tips. We’ll also show you why our portal rates more transparently and accurately than the rest of the web. We help you to find the best bookmaker for you for your live betting on eSport bets. And so that you can ensure lucrative profits for your personal best bookmaker from day one, we will also reveal a few small eSport Live Betting strategy ideas that even a beginner can imitate.

What are eSport Live bets?

When we talk about so-called eSport Live betting, we mean your online betting that you place on digital sports. The digital sports from the area of ​​eSports have been expanding online sports betting for bookmakers for some time. eSport Live bets are bets that you do not place on an event before the start of the game, but during the game. eSport Live bets offer you the opportunity to get a brief overview of the daily form with equally strong teams. You watch the first 10 minutes of the game and place eSport live bets with the collected information. You can get an advantage with eSport Live betting, so to speak, often with eSport Live betting there are slightly lower game depths in the eSport Live betting tips. This is because that digital sports are generally not covered as deeply as king football. On the other hand, digital sports often offer an opportunity to unlock a bonus offer from the sports betting bonus comparison, because eSport Live betting often uses 2-way betting, in which only one winner has to be predicted.

How do we rate sites with eSport Live betting portfolio?

When it comes to placing eSport Live bets, it is of course important that the betting site offers a whole range of sports and game depths in eSport Live bets. Ideally you will find live betting on CS: GO, LoL, StarCraft or the new ones like Overwatch, Fortnite and the CoD Warzone. At the same time, we evaluate how easy it is to work with the portal for eSport Live betting. Can you expect a high level of user-friendliness from eSport Live betting? Can you quickly find the options you want with eSport Live bets and can you place eSport Live bets within seconds? What structure does the bookmaker choose? Are the live bets offered as a tabular overview, as a single ad or as a multiple ad.

Then of course we also take a look at what the odds are. Ideally, this not only creates odds comparisons with its odds in eSport bets and live bets on the top places. Other sports such as live horse betting should also have convincing quotations. Finally, we think it is important that you can evaluate past live matches via statistics and live betting results. If you want to make accurate predictions like professionals, you have to learn this. In addition to extensive betting offers of the most important sports on eSports, the overall package should be just right with a good betting site. After all, you don’t know yourself if you don’t want to switch to other sports at some point.

How do I find the site with eSport Live betting that fits me perfectly?

It is not only important for you that you choose a site that offers you an extensive portfolio of eSport Live bets. We recommend that you choose a site from our betting site comparison who serves your personal needs. We have to explain that a little now: Each of the sites of eSport Live betting we present here counts in the category Best Betting site 2020. This means that the range of eSport Live betting is extensive. There you will find the most important sports with convincing depths. You will also find a user-friendly structure there. With personal preferences according to which you select a site, we mean that if a mobile offer is particularly important to you and you only bet with your smartphone, you choose the site who has the edge here.

The same applies if you are one of the typists who primarily want to bet with a tabular view instead of a multiple display. Then you choose the site who uses a table instead of a multiview for the display form. The bonus offer continues: can you do something with it? In short: you yourself know exactly what you place particular emphasis on when betting. It is important not to compromise. You choose the partner who not only offers the best portfolio of esport live bets, but who serves your personal needs.

If the first eSport Live bets are no fun, you are robbing yourself of a lucrative hobby!

Why do we always point out not only in this guide about eSport Live betting, but also in the other guides for the best bookmakers for certain sports or betting options that you want a site that suits you? This has a simple background. Imagine you simply choose a site from the network and place bets on eSport Live. You will find that the bookmaker does not support the sport you want to bet, nor does it offer convincing depths in other sports. At the same time, the promised bonus was not credited to you. When trying to contact customer service, you notice that you are writing with a robot here.

Even after repeated email inquiries, your credit cannot be paid out again. In short: You ended up with a black sheep in the industry who cheated on your credit. Exactly that would not have happened to you if you had based our comparison. If you have a negative experience on your first bets, you have a problem. Because in the future you will no longer enjoy sports betting and deprive yourself of a lucrative hobby. It is therefore important that, before placing the first bets, you are specifically looking for the bookmaker who not only offers you an extensive portfolio of eSport Live bets, but who exactly serves your personal gaming needs.

Tips & strategies for eSport Live betting: This is how you get the most out of your tips

Now that you know what we value when we recommend a site for eSport Live betting, the most important part for you now follows. Because we now reveal how our editors get the most out of their eSport Live betting and eSport Live betting tips. If you are wondering how our editors manage to be almost always right with their eSport Live bets and whether they can see the future, then this is the place for you. And no, we cannot see the future. Our editors have spent a lot of time building up expert knowledge. They are able to read statistics for their eSport live betting to their advantage. They collect average values ​​from the statistics. With the average values ​​you can predict very accurately. You should learn that too.

Betting tips can also be typed by beginners

Basically, the whole thing is very simple: from now on, you will spend time building up expert knowledge and learning how to correctly interpret statistics. Until you move like a pro here, you can use our eSport Live betting tips as a guide. From now on you will have a regular look at our sports betting news or our betting tips today and tomorrow. In addition, you will activate a bonus for your eSport Live betting tips. The additional credit gives you the opportunity to place more bets. Ideally, more bets will result in more winnings. If you don’t follow our guidelines and try yourself, you can’t avoid losing a bet. In that case, the bonus balance absorbs the loss. This means, eSport Live Betting Tips and a Bonus are two important tools that will help you win more in the future. You will use it to your advantage from day one of your betting career.

It takes time to develop expert knowledge, but it pays off in the long term

Before you start dealing with eSport Live betting strategy, it is important that you start building up expert knowledge. By that we mean that you start to specialize in your eSport Live betting on a specific betting option and a specific sport. This has the advantage that you no longer have to invest so much time in the statistical evaluation for your eSport Live bets. Because over time you know exactly where to find the important information for your betting option. For example, if you want to bet on a U / U card number bet on your eSport Live bets, you need to get statistics on past matches regarding the number of cards. The same applies if, for example, you want to focus on betting options for the knife round at Counterstrike.

In that case, it is not important that you are able to do research for the classic victory bet. At first glance, reading statistics and building expert knowledge for eSport Live betting sounds like an exorbitant task. We don’t want to lie to you here either: the whole thing takes time. Our editors, who predict very accurately, continue to expand their knowledge. They stay on the ball, so to speak. And you want that too. Since you can still generate lucrative profits while building up expert knowledge with the help of our tips, you do not have to do without spending time in developing expert knowledge. In the long run, it pays off. In that you predict accurately. Then at the latest other tipsters wonder if you can see the future, because you’re right about nine out of ten sports bets. And then at the latest you can explain to these people, as we have explained to you here, how they can develop into a sports betting professional. And that accurate forecasts have nothing to do with looking into the future, but rather with the strategic evaluation of statistics.

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