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Exacta Bet

Exacta Bet

Exacta Bet

Exacta Bet

When it comes to betting on horses, there are a number of different ways to place a bet. The simplest bets are simply to pick one horse to win, place or show. Betting on horse races has been around as long as horses have been raced, and gamblers are always looking for something new and exciting. Exacta bets were one of the first “exotic” bets offered. In modern times it is one of the least exotic or complicated bets, however people new to horse betting can be very confused by all the different terms.

What is an Exacta Bet?

The Exacta bet is sometimes called the Perfecta bet. The goal in this style of betting is to select to the two horses who will come in first and second, in exact order. This type of bet generally pays more than the more simple Win, Place, or Show bets. The minimum wager on an Exacta bet is typically $1, but you should double check before going to the betting window as some tracks require a $2 minimum bet.

Placing your Bet

To place an exacta bet, you must first decide what two horses you believe will come in first and second. As a matter of consideration to other patrons, it is important to have all your choices sorted before heading up to the betting window. Before actually placing your bet is the time to double check track rules on minimum wagers, as well.

When you get to the window the clerk needs your betting information in a specific order to make your wait the shortest possible and avoiding mistakes or errors in your ticket. The order you need to give the clerk is Track Name, Race Number, Wager, Wager type, and the horse numbers. If you wanted to place a $4 Exacta Bet on Horses 3 and 4 at Santa Anita, you will say “Santa Anita Third Race $4 Exacta on 3 and 4”. It’s important to remember that a $1 wager The track name is important to specify at race tracks or sports books who offer other tracks via satellite feed. The last step is to double-check your ticket before you leave the window. You are responsible to ensure that your ticket is the bet you wanted to place, as once you leave the betting window you cannot ask your ticket to be changed.

Exacta Box

“Boxing” your Exacta simply means that the horses you choose may come in any order and you will still win. Similar to the example from before, a plain Exacta bet would require the 3 horse to Win, and the 4 horse to Place. If you box the Exacta you win regardless of if the 4 horse Wins and the 3 horse Places. You can play more than 2 horses on your Exacta Box ticket and the more horses you include does increase your likelihood of winning money. Check the rules at the specific racetrack, however, as some tracks require a minimum of 3 horses to box your Exacta bet. It is also important to remember that boxing also makes your ticket more expensive as boxing your Exacta is betting on every permutation of those three horses coming in first and second. For example if you have the 3, 4 and 5 horse on your $1 Exacta box, you actually have 6 bets. You are betting $1 on 3 and 4, $1 on 3 and 5, $1 on 4 and 3, $1 on 4 and 5, $1 on 5 and 3, and $1 on 5 and 4. This means this ticket will cost you $6, 6 times the cost of your base bet amount.

Exacta Wheel

This is a slightly more complicated bet, where you are selecting one horse to Win, and two or more horses you believe may Place. This type of bet can vary, so before placing your bet double check that you have the correct information before heading to your betting window. The Exacta Wheel can be wagered as either the full wheel, or part-wheel.

Full Wheel- A full wheel is choosing one horse to either win or place with All. If there are 9 horses racing and you believe the number 1 horse will win and want to bet a full wheel, you would bet “1 with all”. This ticket will win as long as the number 1 horse wins, as you are betting on any of the other horses to come in place. This bet can also be placed in the opposite manner, “All with 1”, which your ticket will win as long as the number 1 horse places, as this ticket is betting that any other horse on the field will come in first. With a 9 horse field, this ticket would cost 9 times the base bet price. If you bet $1, a full wheel bet here would cost you $9.

Part Wheel

A part wheel ticket is less expensive as you aren’t playing the entire field. For example if you pick the number 1 horse part wheel with the 3, 4 and 5 horses a $2 wager would have a total cost of $6. You would only win in three different outcomes, with 1 win 3 place, 1 win 4 place, and 1 win 5 place.

Winning Tickets

It is wise to wait until after the race results have been declared official. There are a number of reasons why this may be delayed, but you don’t want to rip up a ticket that turns out to be a winner! Once the race results are in, all you need to do is take your ticket to the betting window to collect your winnings.

Payouts in Exacta bets are the same as the less “exotic” of horse race betting. The actual payouts will vary depending on the odds of the horses who come in the money. It is always wise to take the odds into consideration when placing a wager, especially an Exacta wheel. Even if your ticket wins, there is always the possibility that your winnings do not cover the cost of a particularly expensive wager.


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