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Most sports bettors place their bets before the actual game and especially for the overall result. But it turned out to be quite worthwhile to bet on a favorite win in the second half of the game – even if the favorite fell behind in the first half. Why and why? Well, we want to explain that in detail below. We would also like to present an extract from the best sports betting sites for betting on favorites in the second half.

Why it’s mostly more balanced in the first half

So why is it that the underdogs are so bad in the second half that they lose the leads they have created themselves? When an underdog plays against a better team, it is of course the case that the underdogs usually go full throttle in order not to get under the wheels too soon. In addition, the favorites often underestimate their opponents and are therefore rather careless at the start of a game. A real fight can emerge in the first 45 minutes, sometimes ending in a lead for the underdog. This happens particularly often when the supposedly weaker team is driven by the home crowd. Of course, the odds for a favorite win during the break skyrocket and the savvy sports bettor now puts his money on the favorite – and ideally collects more money than if he had put it on the favorite right from the start. Tip: with the Bet365 bonus can be bet with more credit on favorite wins with the great betting bonus .

Favorite victory in the second half: why?

There are a few more reasons why the favorites don’t get control of the game at first:

  • The coach expects a simple game and spares important regular players
  • In return, the opposite side presents their best starting eleven

In the half-time break, both coaches have the task of analyzing what has happened so far and adjusting their tactics and line-up. The favorite coach in particular will now pull out all the stops, play aggressively and send his best men onto the field. The game is then turned over and the underdog is left behind because he does not have a large selection on the substitute bench and the fitness of his own players cannot keep up with that of the opponent.

Examples of such games

There is certainly no shortage of suitable examples in the field of football betting . We have selected some more or less current events to underpin what has been described:

  • DFB-Pokal 2016/16, 1st round SG Wattenscheid 09 – 1. FC Heidenheim: The hosts were able to take the lead with 0: 2 in the first half and only after the restart the second division team managed to make it 2-1
  • Bundesliga 2016/17, matchday 3 FC Bayern Munich – FC Ingolstadt 04: Ingolstadt took the lead in the 8th minute, the record champions equalized in the 13th minute and then found it very difficult. Only in the second half did the other two goals score 3-1 success
  • Premier League 2016/17, 6th matchday Swansea City – Manchester City: At first the Citizens took the lead in the 9th minute, but the hosts equalized in the 13th minute. It was only in the second half that the favorites finally managed a 3: 1 success
  • LaLiga 2016/17, Matchday 9 Real Madrid – Athletic Bilbao: The Madrilenians took the lead in the 7th minute, but the guests equalized before the break. Real Madrid won 2-1 just before the end
  • Serie A 2016/17, Matchday 8 Juventus – Udinese Calcio: The guests took a sensational lead in the 31st minute, only shortly before the break Juve equalized and secured the 2-1 victory in the second half

Of course, it is never a guarantee that the favorite will win in the end, simply because the outsider takes the lead or scores. However, the probability is relatively high. However, caution is required when it comes to cup competitions. The motivation in a knockout game is completely different to that in a league game, the same applies to games in which the outsider plays for relegation at the end of the season. These games write their very own stories, here sports bettors must always be on their guard and avoid risky decisions entirely from the gut.

Live betting is a worthwhile tool in this strategy

As we can easily see, the pre-match bet is rather a hindrance with such a strategy. Because only those who are there live and can watch the game on TV, radio or on the Internet at best are able to make an appropriate betting decision. In addition, the odds of a live bet are of course much higher and therefore more lucrative. It can usually be seen from the game events whether a favorites win can still come at half-time despite a deficit or a draw:

  • Is the favorite listless?
  • Are crucial players injured?
  • Does the team have to play outnumbered?

So there are enough reasons to draw a different conclusion. And that is exactly why live betting in this case is preferable to a pre-match bet. The same goes for other important aspects of the game. Most of the time you can only guess during the game how often the referee will reach into his pocket to draw a yellow card or from which of the two teams the suspect will come. The observation of the game and the evaluation of various events thus become an important source of information for experienced sports bettors when it comes to the right bet. Almost every betting provider in our comparison offers betting on favorite wins in the second half.

Winning favorites in the second half can pay off

If all of our advice and tips are followed, then the chances of winning a bet will certainly also increase with the option “Favorite win in the second half”. Of course, none of this is a guarantee – but an experienced sports betting strategist knows that anyway. There can be no guaranteed profit, but various tips and tricks as well as successful strategies can significantly increase the chances of winning.

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