Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci betting system

Regardless of whether you are a free player or a professional: Many sports bettors ask themselves which betting strategy leads to sustainable and lasting success. Some typists believe that success can be achieved using special betting strategies such as the Fibonacci betting system. After all, the scene has been discussing the so-called progressive betting systems as lucrative betting systems for several years . In this guide we take a closer look at the Fibonacci betting system for you. On the one hand, we want to introduce you to the sports betting strategy. On the other hand, we would like to show you the advantages and disadvantages and show practical examples from experts.the essentials in briefBy clicking on the linked keyword you jump directly to the corresponding text.

  • The Fibonacci betting system is based on an infinite number sequence that occurs in nature.
  • With this sports betting strategy, your bets always result from the sum of your last two bets .
  • The Fibonacci betting system is a tie strategy that is used from a minimum odds of 2.618 .
  • Fibonacci sports betting is primarily used in football (e.g. La Liga) and ice hockey .
  • The selection of the right Encounters is one of the most important foundations.
  • The biggest advantage of the betting system is on the one hand its simplicity and on the other hand the possibility to use the strategy with small amounts .
  • The high sums of money that arise during a longer loss phase are particularly disadvantageous .

Fundamentals of the Fibonacci betting system

In principle, every sports betting strategy is a system of fixed betting rules. The Fibonacci betting system is based on a sequence of numbers that was discovered in 1202 by the mathematician of the same name, Leonardo Fibonacci. However, some ancient peoples already knew the Fibonacci numbers . They are of enormous importance in nature and are also closely related to the golden ratio.

In detail, it is an infinite series of numbers, each number representing the sum of its two predecessors. Although the number 1 traditionally represents the starting value, a 0 is often found in modern spelling. I have listed the beginning of the Fibonacci number sequence for you below:

Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci numbers and sports betting

You can take advantage of this series of numbers when betting . Because of its ease of use, the Fibonacci betting system is suitable even for beginners. If you have lost a bet, your next bet will be the previous two sums of the game – or in other words, you will jump one digit. If you win, you always return to the starting value. ( You can find detailed information on sports betting in our ultimate sports betting guide .). In contrast to the Martingale betting strategy, the stakes are not doubled here, but only added from the previous two sums of the game.

Below we have put together the classic Fibonacci betting series in a table . However, it should be mentioned that we do not start with 1, 1, 2, 3, but with 1, 2, 3, 5 (so we skip the first 1). For the simple reason that the profit margin is larger at the beginning. You can also start classically with twice the 1 and thus take less risk:

Bet levelDeployment assessmentcommitmentTotal stake
1begin€ 1€ 1
2nd1 € +1 €€ 2€ 3
3rd€ 1 + € 2€ 3€ 6
4th€ 2 + € 3€ 5€ 11
5€ 3 + € 5€ 8€ 19
6€ 5 + € 8€ 13€ 32
7€ 8 + € 13€ 21€ 53
8th€ 13 + € 21€ 34€ 87
9€ 21 + € 34€ 55€ 142
10th€ 34 + € 55€ 88€ 230

So if all 10 tips go wrong, you have “only” invested 230 euros. With the same results, you should have already invested 1,023 euros with the Martingale strategy: 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 + 512 = 1,023.

When is the Fibonacci betting system used?

Fibonacci sports betting is considered a special form of tie strategy . The basic assumption here is that on average at least a third of the matches end in a draw. You should only bet on a division of points if the minimum odds of 2.618 are given. The bookmakers’ betting offers show, however, that the odds are generally well above 3.0. Due to the high betting odds, it is assumed that potential losses can be absorbed again and again.

In principle , it is possible to apply the strategy to other betting markets or sports . However, the odd must be just under 3.0. We show you how and when the system can be used in the practical examples below.

This is how you find the right encounters

Choosing the right games is crucial to the success of the Fibonacci strategy . According to our weather experience, there is no point in blindly betting on a draw. The likelihood that the two teams will draw will be high. However, a corresponding starting point is not always given. For this reason, the Fibonacci numbers are not always suitable as a betting system. Football and ice hockey are considered to be the sports with the highest potential. In football, the conditions are most likely to be met if

  • two teams from the middle of the table face each other
  • the favorite runs away and does not necessarily need a three

In ice hockey, the prediction is much more difficult to make. Our insider tip here: Play the Fibonacci betting system exclusively in the NHL . In the North American ice hockey league, an above-average number of encounters go into overtime.

EXPERT TIP Find the right league with only one game at a time (e.g. La Liga) so that you can wait for the result and adjust the stake for the next game accordingly. Respond after each game and adjust your bet up or down based on the odds.

An overview of the Fibonacci betting system

In the following we have put together the most important key data for Fibonacci sports betting in a clear manner. You have to pay attention to these details:

  • The stake is always calculated by adding the last two sums of the game.
  • As soon as a profit has been made, the strategy or series starts again.
  • The best bet is a tie bet with odds of around 2.6 or higher

Practical example 1: The Fibonacci betting system for football betting

How does the betting strategy work in practice ? We want to present the effect of the Fibonacci system to you on a real football example . The 18th matchday of the Spanish La Liga is our basis here, because here the games always follow each other and we can adjust our bets according to the Fibonacci system. Our starting stake is one euro.

Bet levelgamecommitmentQuotaResulttotal
1Eibar – Granada€ 13.4Eibar wins
(we lose)
2ndMallorca – Sevilla FC€ 24.0Sevilla wins
(we lose)
3rdFC Barcelona – Alaves€ 39.0Barcelona wins
(we lose)
4thVillareal – Getafe€ 53.1Villareal wins
(we lose)
5Valladolid – Valencia€ 83.31-1 draw
(We win € 18.40)
6Leganes – Espanyol€ 13.0Leganés wins
(we lose)
7Osasuna – Sociedad€ 23.4Real Sociedad wins
(we lose)
8thBetis Sevilla – Atlético€ 33.4Atlético wins
(we lose)
9Levante – Celta Vigo€ 53.5Levante wins
(we lose)
10thReal Madrid – Bilbao€ 85.250-0 draw
(we win € 34.00)

So we did the following:

  1. Bet, (Fibonacci Row 1), Eibar vs. Granada, stake 1 €, odds 3.4, lost ->  -1 € total (net)
  2. Bet, (Fibonacci row 2), Mallorca vs Sevilla FC, stake 2 €, odds 4.0, lost -> the stake is gone, thus -3 € total
  3. Bet, (Fibonacci row 3), FC Barcelona vs Alavés, stake 3 €, odds 9.0, lost -> the stake is gone, thus -6 € total (net)
  4. Bet, (Fibonacci row 4), Villareal vs Getafe, stake 5 €, odds 3.1, lost -> the stake is gone, thus -11 € total (net)
  5. Bet, (Fibonacci row 5), Valladolid vs Valencia, stake 8 €, odds 3.3, won ->  € 18.40 net profit (excluding stake) – € 11 total loss so far =  € 7.40 net profit . We return to the first bet of € 1. The row is shot down and starts again.
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works
  6. Bet, (Fibonacci row 1), Leganes vs. Espanyol Barcelona, ​​stake 1 €, odds 3.0, lost -> Our profit is reduced by  -1 €  to  6.40 € total (net) . So we continue in the Fibonacci series.
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works
  7. Bet, (Fibonacci Row 2), Osasuna vs. Real Sociedad, use 2 €, rate 3.4, Lost -> Our profit is reduced by  -2 €  to  € Total (net) 4.40 .
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works
  8. Bet, (Fibonacci row 3), Betis Sevilla vs. Atlético, insert 3 €, rate 3.4, Lost -> Our profit is reduced by  -3 €  to  € Total (net) 1.40 .
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works
  9. Bet, (Fibonacci Row 4), Levante vs. Celta Vigo, stake 5 €, odds 3.5, lost -> Our profit is reduced by  -5 €  to  -3.60 € total (net) .
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works
  10. Bet, (Fibonacci Row 5), Real Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao, stake 8 €, odds 5.25, won ->  € 34.00 net profit (excluding stake) – € 3.60 total loss so far = € 30.40 net profit . We return to the first bet of € 1. The row is shot down and starts again.
    Fibonacci betting system: This is how the betting strategy works

This is what the result looks like with adapted stakes

You also always have the opportunity to save a little credit . For example, whenever a favorite plays against an outsider at home. Then the chance of a draw is rather slim, but the odds are correspondingly higher. We are always reducing our stake in the favorite games so that we would still have a profit margin of 3-5 euros (this profit margin is appropriate for a starting stake of 1 euro). In our example of the La Liga from matchday 18 there are only two clear games where we adjust the stake. FC Barcelona are the clear favorites at home against Deportivo Alavés with a draw of 9.0. We are adjusting the stake from 3 to 0.50 euros. We would still make 4 euros in the event of a win, but only lose 50 cents in the event of a loss. Real Madrid are also the favorites at home against Bilbao with a tie odds of 5.25. That is why we are adapting the stake here and are betting only 4 euros instead of 8 euros. This is how we save our budget.

Bet levelgamecommitmentQuotaResulttotal
1Eibar – Granada€ 13.4Eibar wins
(we lose)
2ndMallorca – Sevilla FC€ 24.0Sevilla wins
(we lose)
3rdFC Barcelona – Alaves€ 0.509.0Barcelona wins
(we lose)
€ -3.50
4thVillareal – Getafe€ 2.503.1Villareal wins
(we lose)
-6 €
5Valladolid – Valencia€ 33.31-1 draw
(We win € 6.90)
+ € 0.90
6Leganes – Espanyol€ 13.0Leganés wins
(we lose)
€ -0.10
7Osasuna – Sociedad€ 23.4Real Sociedad wins
(we lose)
€ -2.10
8thBetis Sevilla – Atlético€ 33.4Atlético wins
(we lose)
€ -5.10
9Levante – Celta Vigo€ 53.5Levante wins
(we lose)
€ -10.10
10thReal Madrid – Bilbao€ 45.250-0 draw
(we win € 17.00)
€ 6.90

In this case, we actually had an advantage in that we adjusted our mission. In total, we make a net loss of 6.90 euros instead of a net profit of 30.40 without the adjustment at Barca against Alavés and Real Madrid against Athletic Bilbao. With several such games on a match day, however, things can be different and we have an actual advantage .

Tips on the Fibonacci strategy in tie betting systems

  • Choose the right league: The games must ALWAYS take place one after the other, otherwise you cannot react. That’s why the German Bundesliga is falling out. The system works, for example, in the football leagues of Spain, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland. But also pay attention to game reallocations and shifts.
  • Research and stay up to date: You should always keep an eye on your chosen leagues and constantly research whether there are changes in dates, where the system would be worthwhile and where there is a favorite outsider pairing.
  • Studied statistics: Websites like help you research and provide you with well-broken-down live tickers.
  • Uses tools: Good old Excel is absolutely sufficient here. So you can keep records of different leagues.
  • Determine the starting capital and stake: If you choose a starting stake of one euro, your starting capital should be 100 euros per league.
  • Adjust the stakes: For higher winnings you can adjust the stakes according to the odds. If a favorite meets an outsider at home, you can lower the bet.
  • Secure your row: If you have a long losing streak, it can help to secure the budget with live betting. To do this, you basically open a new row and have to watch a game live and, for example, bet on a double chance 1 2 in the event of a tie at the 70th minute. The quota should be just under 3. You will definitely win one of the bets.

Practical example 2: The Fibonacci betting system for ice hockey betting

The betting system is also playable in ice hockey. The frequency of the point division is somewhat lower at this point, however, the betting odds are significantly higher . In our example calculation below, we assume an average profit rate of 4.5. In addition, we assume that only the third and ninth matches really end in a tie.

Bet levelcommitmentQuotaResulttotal
1€ 104.5Lost-10 €
2nd€ 204.5Lost-30 €
3rd€ 304.5€ 135+ € 75
4th€ 104.5Lost+ € 65
5€ 204.5Lost+ € 45
6€ 304.5Lost+ € 15
7€ 504.5Lost-35 €
8th€ 804.5Lost-115 €
9€ 1304.5€ 455+ € 340
10th€ 104.5Lost+ € 330

However, you should keep in mind that you can not be statistically sure that a draw will happen, in contrast to practical example 1 . The basic assumption is based on “related” games, ie games from the same league. If you bet on games that do not match this, you could always be wrong and the Fibonacci system would no longer be an advantage for you.

The advantages of the Fibonacci strategy

A major advantage of this sports betting strategy is that even beginners can implement it relatively easily . The learning factor is almost zero. Logically, however, a certain level of sports knowledge is needed. Since the stakes here are based on a fixed system , you also have better control over your emotions – which are a not negligible factor when betting.

In addition, the betting system is ideal for unlocking a bonus. This is primarily due to the fact that the minimum quota of the Fibonacci strategy is already above the minimum quota of most bonus conditions and you should therefore have no problem in fulfilling them. In addition, the time factor is often neglected, which is often set to fulfill the bonus conditions. Because if you choose the right league, the games usually take place in a few days and one after the other. Please note, however, that you do not start playing for free during the summer or winter break.

You can also test the strategy with small amounts. It is important in this context that you adapt the system to your own financial circumstances. As a minimum factor, you should be able to absorb a tenfold series of losses at any time without reaching your own financial limits.

The disadvantages of the Fibonacci strategy

As with any progressive betting strategy, the downside is obvious. Longer loss phases automatically lead to very high stakes , which a) exceed your own financial limits and b) can reach the bookmakers’ betting limits. We therefore recommend that you always start with a very low starting value.

Furthermore, the sports betting strategy is not suitable for tipsters who want to make a quick profit . Patience is the be-all and end-all with the betting system. If you want to generate high profits, you definitely have to work several weeks – usually even months – in a concentrated manner according to the specifications. It is important not to allow yourself to be drawn to other betting tips during the strategy phase.

An additional disadvantage is the amount of the profit margin . It depends on the stakes and is accordingly relatively small, even if the stakes are correspondingly low.

Conclusion: Can the betting system make real profits?

In our view, the Fibonacci betting strategy can generate sustainable profits – but only if the general conditions are right. It is important to choose the starting stakes sufficiently low . This ensures that the necessary increases in stakes do not become a problem. Match selection also plays an important role.

We see the Fibonacci system at eye level with other tie strategies. The chances of winning are not bad with this strategy . Fibonacci’s betting strategy for soccer and ice hockey tips is definitely more recommendable than the Martingale betting scheme.

Our editorial team believes that the Fibonacci betting system is certainly one of the most interesting and promising systems for sports betting . The system is particularly suitable because it does not require a progressive increase in stakes, such as the Martingale strategy . Rather, you can keep your bets in a more controllable framework here. Some of our editors therefore rely on the Fibonacci system, especially in leagues such as the Spanish, Russian or Polish football leagues. The research and the general documentation effort is certainly not to be underestimated and requires a lot of dedication, but then it can be quite successful with the strategy. If in doubt, you can also simply bet on Fibonacci to unlock a bonus.

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