Football betting with the numerator

Football betting with the numerator

In sports betting you must always reckon with losses, because even with a strategy can take a completely unexpected outcome a game. One strategy that promises surefire bets is the numerator that can be applied to football bets. The numerator is about calculating sports betting; the formula for this was developed by a mathematician from the Technical University of Berlin.

How safe is the numerator?

Many betting fans dream of winning every sports bet. According to a mathematician from Berlin, this should be possible with the appropriate mathematical knowledge. The prerequisite for this is that you have the odds on different betting portals and directly at the best online bookmaker follow. Investigations in a boxing match in which a German and an Australian boxer competed against each other showed that the majority of Germans bet on the victory of the German boxer. The situation was different in Australia, where the Australians bet on the Australian boxer’s victory. This is not new, because it is the rule that betting fans from one country bet on their compatriots. This approach does not always lead to success, because it depends on how strong the countrymen are. On box bets different quotas applied in Germany and Australia. Samples on the individual betting portals showed only slight differences in the odds. This is normal and is also taken into account in the strategy with the numerator. Mathematicians are not concerned with sport, but with the mathematical probability.

Is a 175 percent return possible?

The mathematicians had the idea that it is worth taking advantage of the effect that a country’s betting fans bet on their compatriots. In the example of the boxing match, the German boxer is bet in Germany and the Australian boxer in Australia. The point is that the betting friend wins in every case, regardless of how the fight ends. This should be illustrated using a numerical example:

  • German betting shop with odds of 4 to 1.1 for Australians
  • Australian betting office with odds of 3.5 to 1.25 for Germans
  • Use in Germany: one euro in Australian
  • Use in Australia: one euro in Germans

The sports bettor has to spend just two euros, he wins either 3.5 euros or 4 euros and has always made a profit. The return on a profit of 3.50 euros is 175 percent and a profit of 4.00 euros is even 200 percent. The formula is simple in itself, the bet is easy to implement and is not associated with high losses.

Two betting communities isolated from each other

The strategy with the numerator only works if a betting friend is active in two isolated betting communities. The Australian boxer is hardly known in Germany, so almost no one bets on him. It looks different in Australia, because the German boxer is almost unknown there. If all betting fans would find out about the German and Australian boxers, there would be no sure win. The odds would drop sharply and numerous betting fans would suffer a defeat. The principle of betting on the boxing match can also be used on football betsapplied, but the difference compared to boxing is the draw that can occur in football. A draw is difficult to interpret mathematically. In an international match between Germany and Poland, the betting friend can therefore bet on Germany and Poland, but it is important that the betting odds are different for both countries.

Take advantage of lower quotas

Internal betting from clubs can be very safe and offer advantages:

  • Sports betting is closely linked to the Internet
  • slightly different odds are enough for a safe return
  • Odds have to move like in the example with the boxing match

If the odds for a football bet are 4.0 to 1.2, if team A wins over team B, a bet on the win is possible. In the opposite way you can bet at odds of 2.5 to 1.5. The advantage of betting with the numerator is that you only have to make a small bet and still benefit from a high profit. You bet on both teams, so you can always make a profit. Now there is still the question of a tie in the room. If you bet on both teams, you will lose your bet if the game ends in a draw. However, since you only make a small bet for each bet, your loss is not too high. In the case of a foot fall, this strategy is not surefire since you have to factor in a draw.

What you should keep in mind when counting football bets

You can use the strategy with the numerator for football bets, but you should only try this strategy by placing test bets. To place test bets, you can register with two different betting providers and take advantage of the bonus offers. So you can place bets for free. With these bets you should note the following:

  • Quota structure, similar to the example with the boxing match
  • same bet on both bets
  • place a bet on the higher odds with a low stake

In sports betting, it is important to minimize loss and risk. If this is not possible, considerable complications arise, and the numerator will no longer work. You should try several bets before you actually use the numerator.

The bet with the numerator – a little trick

The numerator is a little trick you can use to win. However, you only win if you use the strategy on bets with only two possible outcomes. If, on the other hand, a draw is also possible, this strategy can be used, but losses can also occur. If you want to earn serious money with your sports betting, it is worth using this strategy, as it promises a very high return. Even with a small stake, the return is worthwhile. In order to know what the winning options actually look like, you should first place test bets. Once you have determined how easy it is to win with this strategy, you can place a higher bet; For example, you can double the bet. The numerator is most comparable to the arbitrage bet, where you bet on every possible outcome and select the betting providers with the best odds. However, betting with the numerator is much easier than one Arbitrage bet .

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