Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips- Strategies for Betting on Football

Unlike other forms of gambling, where the house has a built-in advantage, football betting online actually gives punters a chance to win long-term profits. That is because punters can use skill and research to consistently make winning football bets, and the outcome is not merely random chance. However, the house does take juice (or vigorish) from losing bets as a fee, and this amount is normally 10% of the total wager.

For example, if you bet £11 on a football team and lost, £10 of your bet would go to paying winners, and the other £1 would be kept by the online sportsbook as juice. This being said, you need to take juice into account when considering your long-term chances of winning at football betting.

Types of Football Betting

The football betting strategy you use will often depend on what type of football betting you are dealing with. After all, your strategy for over/under lines, which involve the total score of a competition, will be different than the straight-up wagers seen with the money line. Now this is not to say that you cannot use general football betting strategy for all styles of wagering, but it helps to use specialized tips for each form of betting. The basic types of football betting are money line, over/under, and proposition betting.

Football Betting Tips for the Over/Under

When wagering on the football over/under bet, it is especially important to look at the weather forecast for a game. After all, football teams have a much tougher time scoring in rainy/bad weather, so picking the under is a good option when bad weather is predicted (assuming the line is not unusually low already). In addition to this, it is also important to look up recent matches between the two teams that are playing, and try to come up with a solid combined score. Assuming there has been a key player addition to one team – in particular a great striker – you should also take this into account when deciding the final score. Their travel times if playing away from home, altitude, and even the ball can play a role here, as seen in the World Cup 2010 where many players/goalies complaint about the ball, causing for lower goalie performance, and even low stricker performances too.

Football Betting Tips for Money Lines

With money line football betting, you are trying to package a team’s chances of winning and the featured odds into a strong bet. Before we expand further on this concept, take a look at the following money line:

England 1.75
France 2.30
Draw 2.05

If you wagered on England with this bet, you would win £0.75 in profit for every £1 bet. But assuming you found an online sportsbook that gave England 1.90 odds, you would earn £0.15 extra per £1 wagered on a winning bet. Looking for the best football money line odds is one of the things you should focus on the most with this style of betting.

Football Betting Tips for Proposition Bets

Football proposition and parlay bets are wagers offered on alternative outcomes in a football match, such as ‘who will score the first goal?’, or ‘how long will it take for the first goal to be scored?’. Prop bets are normally only offered on the bigger football games, so punters tend to view them as more of a fun bet, and put little research into making these wagers. However, you can make a much more informed decision simply by putting a little time into the matter and studying individual aspects of your bet. For example, if you want to bet on who will score the first goal, you should look at statistics from both teams’ top scorers, and try to figure out who tends to score the quickest.

Basic Football Betting Tips

As mentioned before, there are some basic tips that you can apply to all forms of football betting. One of the best basic tips is to look for weak lines in various matches. Sure bookmakers are professionals who try to predict football matches as accurately as possible; however, they are also prone to human error, which many skilled punters are able to capitalize on. You can usually find a lot of weak football betting lines towards the beginning of the season, when bookmakers do not have as many statistics to go off of while creating lines. Furthermore, many of the teams are not totally in sync at this point, so they will have bad days on the field.

Beyond this, it is really important to extensively study statistics throughout the season whenever you are planning on making a bet. Sure the stats can only give you averages on how teams/players are performing, but these averages go a long way towards making informed football bets over the long-term. Above all, just realize that even the best punters are dealing with small edges, so there will be plenty of highs and lows with football betting; and as long as you are willing to hang in there through the low points, you have a good shot at improving as a punter for football betting.

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