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Looking for the weekend football predictions?

Betting on the result of a football match is essentially about predicting which side you believe is going to win. Making correct football predictions are considerably harder than some might imagine though. One of the things that makes the sport so exciting week in and week out is its unpredictability. We have all, for instance, witnessed big teams suffer shock upsets few people would have guessed.

Nevertheless, making these guesses accurately is what separates a successful punter from the rest. You may get lucky with a few blind bets – there are many times in which the final result will have been very predictable – but in order do so on a regular basis you need a unique and educated insight into the game. It may require you to analyse the teams’ respective styles of play, their record against one another, and many other conditions that could affect the overall result.

Here is our guide to making football predictions as accurately as possible:

Using historical data to make football predictions

Football is a game in which scores are largely determined by tactics. Equally as much as ability, coincidence and sheer luck, having the right tactics can be the difference between a team winning or losing against their opponents. The way a football team is built may allow them to have an advantage, or the way they are managed may provide them with an edge. We can generally understand how tactics help or hinder teams in a match by looking at a team’s historical data.

Before making a football prediction you should examine how teams have performed against one another in the past. The data may surprisingly reveal that the underdogs have managed to hold a draw against their opponent the last three times they have faced each other on their home turf, indicating that you have a strong possibility of reaping the rewards of betting on a stalemate. It may, instead, demonstrate how the predicted winners have struggled against teams in the relegation zone so far this season, signifying that a safer bet might actually be in the other direction.

Is there an advantage for home games rather than away games?

An estimated 50 percent all the games played in football leagues around the world are won at home grounds. Only 25 percent of them are won away from home, while draws make up the remaining 25 per cent. It stands to reason, therefore, that a team is far more likely to win at home than they are away.

That a team will win at home and lose is no foregone conclusion. Anticipating the 25 percent of times when this is not the case is equally as important. Some teams may, for example, have a poor record at home against particular opponents. Others may have a great record away from home against certain sides. Before making a football prediction, punters should investigate each team’s forms both at home and away.

Also studies have been made to prove the effects of the home crowds pressure on the referee. The referee is persuaded by the supporters to make crucial decisions on the favor of the home side. It has been determined the crowd does play a factor and that is especially evident in awarding penalty kicks to the home side.

Outside factors to consider in making your weekend football predictions

Making the weekend football predictions is not just a matter of considering the factors that might affect a team on the pitch. It is also about looking at things off the pitch that may strengthen or weaken their performance. A team whose manager has recently been fired forcing an interim coach to fill their place may be struggling with internal problems that will affect their play. This is the same for teams who have players injured, suspended or called out on international duties. Remembering to investigate these outside factors will allow you to make a better judgement about how a team will perform.

Can the weather affect the outcome of a football match?

A surprising yet nevertheless relevant factor that should be taken into consideration when making football predictions is the weather. Analysing the weekend’s forecast might appear like you are reading too deep into a game even by most professional gamblers’ standards. However, the weather can undoubtedly affect a side’s performance in a football match.

Rain will make the pitch slippery causing the ball to move faster, thereby favouring teams who play the ‘tiki-taka’ style of football – short, quick and tight passing. But you’re wise to find out the condition of the pitch because when a pitch is in bad condition, it becomes softer and therefore slower, favouring under bettors and technically less gifted sides. Also heavy wind might hinder the performance of teams who favour a long, high passing game as the force of the gale may make the ball’s trajectory less accurate.

In Barclays Premier League matches in the United Kingdom, where the weather is stereotypically very unpredictable, punters should keep an eye on local forecasts near teams’ stadiums to see how it might affect your weekend football predictions.

Betting on the goal scorers

Football predictions in betting aren’t just about guessing which team is going to win. You may instead want to predict who is the first goal-scorer or whether the overall result will be a goalless draw. Being able to make these kinds of predictions still requires the same level of investigation and analysis however. Rather than looking into a team’s overall form though you will need to research individual players within that team.

A goalless draw relies on both goalkeepers rising to the challenge, for example. Before placing a bet on a 0-0 draw you may want to study how many clean sheets each keeper has managed to hold, not only in recent matches but also against their particular opponents. Meanwhile, in order to place an educated bet on which player will strike the first goal in a match you will need to investigate their scoring record. How often do they score for their team? And how often do they score against the opponent they are facing in this particular match? Have they been on good form lately? Or have they been going through a dry spell?

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