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Best Football Betting Sites

The best online football betting sites provide bettors with real money betting on a wide variety of football matches governed by FIFA. Individuals looking for the best football sites should prioritize the quality of features such as bonuses, software types, betting options, customer support methods, banking options and more. It’s also important to determine whether a given football betting site offers its services to your country and in your currency before registering for a new account.

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Online Football Betting

While most people that bet on football are casual punters looking to have some fun, there’s a growing number of people who are looking to make consistent profits from the sport. At Betbubbles, one of our biggest goals is to help casual punters make the transition to becoming profitable. After all, it’s a lot more fun to win.

All of our football articles are designed to help punters understand the different betting options, along with tips on how to make the most of them. Consistent wins in sports betting is about slight edges repeated over and over, and proper money management. Profit is in the details.

The content below will help newer punters understand the basics of online football betting, and provide a starting point to becoming a profitable punter. When you’re done here, check out some of our advanced football betting strategy articles.

How to Make Money Betting on Football

The two most important aspects to making money on football betting are getting the best prices and money management. While every bet has its positives and negatives, these are the two things that make the biggest impact on profit. We also provide some additional football betting tips before placing your bets online.

Getting the Best Price

There are two ways that sharp punters get the best prices (odds) on their wagers. The first and easiest way to ensure that you’re getting the best price is to have funded accounts at several of the best online betting sites. This gives punters the ability to place their bets at the bookmaker who has the best odds, which can help when looking to make value bets in football. Why take 5/7 at bookmaker X when you can get 5/6 at bookmaker Y? It might not sound like much on a single £20 wager, but when repeated on every bet a punter makes each year, the difference can be thousands or tens of thousands of £’s.

Think of it like bank account interest. Would you rather get 1% on your money, or 10%? If you have credit cards, you’ve probably seen the difference in 6% interest versus 15% interest. The difference adds up fast. This is exactly the same thing.

Most online bookmakers have very simple signup forms, and the most popular deposit options only take a few minutes to process. Is one hour to sign up at 5-6 bookmakers worth thousands of dollars to you? If you’re trying to make a profit in online football betting, it should be.

Predicting Line Movement

The other way that sharps find the best prices is by predicting the line movement. Just because bookmaker Y has the best odds right now doesn’t necessarily mean you should be placing your bet right now. When will the public start betting, and how will they move the odds? When will the sharps start betting, and how will they move the odds? Experienced punters follow these trends and take advantage of them.

Timing is a big issue in line movement. On some types of bets, sharps bet early. In others, they bet late. The volume of casual punters placing bets tends to increase as game-time gets closer. Knowing the trends for the type of bet you’re placing can play an important role in finding value, and the best prices.

Another common way to get the best price is to follow the odds at several bookmakers, then wait for one or two of them to move the line. If you catch these moves quickly, you can often find other books who are slower to change their odds. This can give you a window to the direction a line is about to move in, and gives you the opportunity to get a bet in before the line moves at the other books – locking in a better price. Of course this can take more time & attention than you might have available, but when you have the time to test it, give it a try.

For serious punters who want to try this strategy, there are paid services that give alerts for dozens of bookmakers, letting you know at the exact time when odds are moving at each book.

What Football Leagues Can I Bet On?

As the largest sport in the world, there are dozens of football leagues that can be bet on. Every major football league, plus local leagues from all over the world are available as well. Since football fans are so passionate about the sport, most online bookmakers offer a huge variety of betting options for football – possibly more than any other sport. Just a few of the football leagues that can be bet on include the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Brazil Serie A, Italy Serie A, Germany – Bundesliga, Scotland Premier League, and many more.

Essentially, if you’ve heard of the league and your flatmate doesn’t play in it, you can probably bet on it.

Betting on Internationals

Every online bookmaker offers betting on major international football events. Often pitting bitter rivals against each other, internationals generate huge attention from loyal fans rooting for their home country. The selection of bets that are available are as wide as they are for any of the biggest EPL or Spanish La Liga matchups.

A few of the internationals that can be bet on include the World Cup, Women’s World Cup, UEFA Cup, Confederations Cup, Gold Cup, Copa America, friendly matches and many more.

How to Bet on Football Matches

For people new to online football betting, the list of betting options can be overwhelming at first. There are literally dozens of different types of bets that can be made, and little variations of them from book to book. We recommend that new punters stick to the more common types of bets while they’re learning, and only branch out after they understand the basics. It’s important to understand how to find value, calculate vig, and learn proper money management skills before testing the more obscure betting options. Below are brief descriptions of the most popular football betting options.

Full Time Result (1X2) Coupons

Full Time Result coupons, also called 1X2 bets, are wagers where punters can select either team to win, or for the match to end in a draw. No handicap is employed, so odds can vary greatly between the favourite and underdog.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap football bets are different from Full Time Result bets in a couple of ways. First, the draw is removed from the wager, so punters only select a winning team. Secondly, these bets employ a handicap to make matches more competitive – and more exciting for punters. If the match ends in a draw after the handicap has been taken into account, the wager is pushed (returned to the punter). Since a handicap is being used, odds on either side are typically much closer than 1X2 bets. This makes it more attractive for betting on favourites.

Match Totals (Over/Under) Bets

In a standard Totals bet, punters choose whether the combined score of both teams in a match will total over or under 2.5 goals. If you expect the teams to combine for two or fewer goals, you’d select the under. If you expect them to score three or more goals, you’d select the over.

Alternative totals are also offered at a lot of online bookmakers. For example, you could select the over or under on 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5 or even higher totals.

Proper Money Management When Betting on Football

Money management in sports betting relates to the % of a bankroll that a punter is investing in a single wager. However, the type of bet being placed also affects the maximum percentage a punter should wager. There are differing opinions on this subject, but it’s commonly agreed that no single wager should exceed 3% of a bankroll, and more often 1-2%. On higher risk bets, the maximum can be as low as .5%.

This isn’t to suggest that professional punters follow the rules on every wager. Even the most successful punters will go for the big score now and then. However, if proper money management skills aren’t employed for the vast majority of a punters wagers, he will eventually go broke.

When a punter bets 5-10% (or more) of their bankroll on a wager that loses, most people start chasing their money. This means that they start betting even bigger, trying to get back what they’ve already lost. This is how most punters end up broke.

As a general rule for football betting, keep your 1X2, Asian handicap, and total bets at a maximum of 1-2% of your bankroll, and .5-1% maximum on accumulators and other long-odds coupons.

Bonuses At Football Betting Sites

The best football betting sites offer a number of sports betting bonus offers and promotions, such as initial deposit bonuses and free bets. Look for a large initial deposit bonus to maximize your bankroll from the start, such as 100% up to $100. Many football betting sites offer free bets to new players or those who meet some other qualification, in which you can receive a $10, $15 or $25 free credit for placing a bet.

Many reputable football betting sites also offer Refer a Friend bonuses. To take advantage of this bonus, you’ll need to convince a friend to sign up for the site and make a deposit. Some of the best football betting sites also offer VIP programs, which reward you with points that can be turned in for cash when you make real money wagers.

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