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American football – or NFL – is the star sport in the United States. There are more and more enthusiasts. Betting sites also offer many types of bets and great odds to bet on. Overview in this article.

Rules of American Football

American football is a collective sport between two teams of eleven players who alternate between defense and attack. The object of the game is to score points by carrying or throwing the ball to the opposing end zone.

To keep the ball, the attacking team must advance at least 10 yards or more than 9 meters and this in 4 attempts is called these attempts “down” in English.

For its part, the defending team must stop the opponent’s attacks in order to regain possession of the ball. If the attacking team advances 10 yards in its attack phase, they are entitled to four new attempts to continue gaining ground. Otherwise, possession of the ball passes to the other team, and the roles are therefore reversed.

Here are some rules to remember:

There are several ways to score points: crossing the goal line with the ball, making a deep pass to another player on the other side of the goal line, making a tackle on the ball carrier of the opposing team in its own end zone (safety) or by shooting at the foot between the posts of the opposing goal it is very similar to the drop that we know in rugby.

The winning team being the one to have scored the most points at the end of the match.

How to Bet on American Football?

Betting on American football seems difficult for beginners. Indeed, US football is a sport where, obviously, the level of the 2 teams and their reputation are important but not only.

If you want to earn money on this sport, you must also be aware of the tactics (called systems) implemented by the coaches.

Although very physical, American football is above all a strategic battle between the staff of the two teams. It’s a mix of chess and rugby in armor. The role of the coach is really determining, much more than in other sports.

Specifics of American Football

There are up to 45 players on a game sheet. The absence of one player or another will have little effect on the outcome of the match. With the exception of certain key positions: like the best Running Back the player who must run with the ball in hand while avoiding being tackled, or even and above all the Quarterback a kind of playmaker who distributes the balls whose quality passes is formidable.

Indeed even those who know nothing about US football will have seen American films or series and therefore know that the quarterback is the star of the team and have probably heard in the press people of Peyton Manning and the famous Tom Brady.

The physical aspect is not the main criterion since the NFL teams only play 17 games per regular season. The matches take place on Sunday and Monday and the players have a week of rest between each match to recover.

The stake of the match is to be taken into account at the end of the season, some teams fighting for the playoffs, while others are already qualified and therefore somewhere a little vacant. In the NFL, as in the NHL and the NBA, there are many away wins.


All combinations are decided before each phase of play and are coded.

Criteria to Remember to Bet

Before betting, check the following:

  • The classification and level of the 2 teams
  • The game systems put in place by the coaches
  • The place of the match
  • The injury of a “key player” such as the Quarter back or the running back
  • The shape of the moment
  • The challenge and the motivation
  • Physical freshness
  • The history of the last meetings

Understand the main strategies and the key role of the coach for live betting.

To set up their “system”, the coaches are led to make choices on their offensive, defensive priorities and the choice of players who form the special teams, these special teams and its members are best adapted to the strategy decided upstream .

Should we prioritize possession of the ball, or play with position on the field? In attack, will we use the forward pass game to then free up spaces for the race, or on the contrary will the game be based on ground games with occasional feints leading to forward passes (play action)?

In defense, we can choose a risky but potentially profitable system consisting of sending additional defenders to put pressure on the Quarterback (blitz) to tackle it, make it back up or make it drop the ball, finally we can decide to let the opponent gain ground little by little without conceding large portions, counting on the fact that he will eventually make a mistake.

When to clear in 4th attempt, when to try everything for all?

The coach should be able to answer all of these questions.

Offensive Game Tactics

Basically we can distinguish three ways of advancing the ball: by playing on the ground by running with the ball, we can also play on the ground by using the strength of the ball carriers and the offensive line a bit like in Rugby, we can also try by betting on speed and playing so quickly that the second defensive curtain has no time to react or finally by betting on finesse by hiding the ball, multiplying the feints to sow trouble in the defense opponent who no longer understands anything.

In the same way, there are several types of forward passes: the most classic is the drop back which sees the Quarterback go back a few steps while looking ahead to analyze the defense before stopping and launching its pass.

The men of the line then form a pocket to protect it. The Quarterback can also run directly outside (roll out), it sows doubt in the defense because it can decide to make a pass or to run itself.

Finally, against very aggressive defenses, the screen pass can be formidable In this type of pass, the Quarterback backs up excessively to suck up the opposing defense and at the same time the offensive line voluntarily lets the defenders penetrate and stands in front of a receiver or a carrier ball that will stand out to protect its progress.

Just before being knocked off, the Quarterback passes the ball to the receiver, who has a real protection screen to progress. This technique is however dangerous for the Quarterback who can be injured by the opponent’s defense sack.

Training Coding

The choice of tactics is dictated in the Quarterback by the coach. Then during the huddle, that is to say the gathering of players before the game sequence, it gives the code name corresponding to the tactic to be executed.

During the countdown, the Quarterback can still change the tactics by shouting a new code name (Audible). Each code name corresponds to a combination worked out in training by the players. All training is recorded in a playbook or game book.



  • US football in Europe can be considered a niche sport where you can find valuebets
  • Lots of statistics available
  • Current outside victory


  • Few games available per season, only 17 games
  • Rules that are difficult for novices to grasp and strategies that are not always understandable.
  • A lot of experience is required to be profitable
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