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The XFL is a new league of American football, which was created as an alternative during the breaks in the NFL. Until 2001 there were first attempts to introduce the XFL Football League in America, but this was not really successful. Therefore, the game operation was stopped in 2001. In February 2020, the XFL Football League will start again with a fresh concept in the second attempt. WWE owner Vince McMahon has invested a total of $ 100 million in the XFL and has greatly improved the concept of the American Football League through expert advice.

XFL betting

At the start of the new American Football League you will now find the first XFL sports bets at some online betting sites . The main focus is on XFL bets on the overall winner of the season. At the start of the XFL season you can benefit from very good betting odds. On this page we provide you with all the important information about the new American Football League XFL 2020.

How does the XFL Football League work?

The XFL American Football League only takes place during the NFL offseason and is streamed over the Internet or on TV. XFL owner Vince McMahon was able to win top-class television stations such as FOX, ABC, ESPN and FOX Sports as partners for the broadcasts of XFL. The first XFL game will be played a week after the Superbowl on February 8th.

The XFL League 2020 is made up of 8 teams that compete against each other in one season. After that there will be two playoff games for the XFL final. All of the new league’s American football teams are owned by XFL and Alpha Entertainment LLC.

The teams of the XFL 2020:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • New York Guardians
  • Tampa Bay Vipers
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • DC Defenders
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Seattle Dragons
  • St. Louis BattleHawks

There are already NFL teams in 7 of the 8 cities, so there is another competition with the XFL. In St. Louis the XFL League is e.g. B. the only range of American football games. The teams from New York and Los Angeles were there before 2001. For American Football bookmakers, the Dallas Renegades and New York Guardians are favorites for the title – also known as The Million Dollar Game. You can of course take this into account in your XFL sports betting .

Preparation and XFL game mode 2020

In the pre-season of the XFL, mini camps are held on a club basis in preparation for the start of the season. In January, the XFL also organized a training camp in Houston, Texas. Each XFL football team trains in a different stadium in the city, as the overview below shows.

Stages for the official XFL training camp:

  • Dallas Renegades at Darrell Tully Stadium
  • DC Defenders at Rice University Stadium
  • LA Wildcats at Alexander Durley Stadium
  • New York Guardians at Husky Stadium
  • St. Louis BattleHawks at WW Thorne Stadium
  • Seattle Dragons at Delmar Stadium
  • Tampa Bay Vipers at George Turner Stadium

As part of the XFL training camp, the so-called Preseason Matchups are held in the last week of January, which are to be understood like the first auditions. Apart from the training, the official XFL training camp with its auditions should also act as a trial run for upcoming media broadcasts. The preseason is actually less considered by the betting sites with XFL sports betting, so that they can only be found occasionally. Of course, the betting offer looks different when the XFL season 2020 starts.

The divisions, semi-finals (play-offs) and the final in Los Angeles will be structured in the XFL 2020 in a similar way as was the case in the past. The division of the league is divided into an Eastern Division and a Western Division of 4 teams. Below is an overview of the division of the XFL football teams for 2020.

Eastern Division:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • Seattle Dragons

Western Division:

  • DC Defenders
  • New York Guardians
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Tampa Bay Vipers

Each XFL football team plays a total of 10 games in 10 weeks (also called weeks) during the season. Each XFL team plays against teams from its own division, for a total of 8 games, and twice against competing teams from the other division.

The teams of the Eastern Division and Western Division, which are placed in 1st and 2nd place in the league table at the end of the season, qualify for the semi-finals. So the XFL playoff games, in which the teams only play once against each other.

XFL play-off mode:

  • Team place 1 against team place 2 (Eastern Division)
  • Team place 1 against team place 2 (Western Division)

The fixtures of the XFL playoffs are not crossed over the football league, but are played internally in the divisions. So that one representative emerges from each of the Eastern Division and Western Division. These two XFL teams compete against each other once at the final in Los Angeles to play out the title among themselves.

Football rules of the XFL 2020

In direct comparison to the NFL and college rules, the XFL rules have been designed slightly differently. Of course, there was a lot of discussion in the media, among fans and among American football experts. However, the basic game remains basically the same, so that the basic understanding of American football can also be taken into account in your XFL sports betting.

Below we list the areas for you where the American football rules have been slightly modified compared to the XFL 2020.

Areas of the regulations with changes:

  • Kick off
  • Point-after touchdown
  • punt
  • Double forward pass
  • Overtime
  • 5 timing changes
  • Comeback period
  • Up Tempo Game Clock
  • Timeouts
  • Replay rulings
  • 5 Common Sense Rules
  • Dedicated Ball Spotting Official
  • Coach-To-Player Communication
  • Simplified Illegal Man Downfield
  • Shorter halftime

If you want to bet on XFL live betting, the rule changes can of course have a certain impact. It always depends on which XFL betting market you want to bet on. Please understand that we do not want to explain the differences to the NFL / College rules in detail. Because that would simply exceed the scope of our XFL information. However, you can read all about the rule changes on the official XFL website.

Football players with a criminal history are excluded from the XFL’s operations. Furthermore, all political matters, such as kneeling down to the national anthem, are prohibited and subject to sanctions.

Future forecast for the XFL

In the USA, there are already many top-class offers for American football with the NFL and the college competitions. With the XFL Football League, another competition has now been created, which takes place during the break of the major events of the NFL. For example, American Football fans in the USA are offered an ongoing program. The general interest in American football has increased internationally, so the chances of success of the XFL can be assessed as good.

The XFL games are certainly not to be rated as high as the games of the NFL. However, the XFL also includes cities where no football games otherwise take place. Furthermore, the XFL Football League is of course also a catch basin for EX-NFL professionals and rookies who want to develop themselves playfully and want to become real professionals. Therefore, the XFL is of course a great thing from a playful point of view.

A small drawback of the XFL Football League could be the slightly changed rules, which will not be equally well received everywhere. Before 2001, for example, there was a problem that the NFL rule changes increased the risk of injury to football players. Another difficulty is to get the necessary attention for the XFL among viewers. Before 2001, this was already attempted by installing cameras in the teams ‘and cheerleaders’ cabins.

For the start-up, XFL owner Vince McMahon obtained the opinions of fans, business, medical and football experts in order to make the XFL start as successful as possible. In addition, popular American television channels were brought on board to broadcast XFL football games.

Whether and to what extent online bookmakers offer sports betting for the XFL after 2020 is certainly heavily dependent on the success of the new American Football League. Below we will take a closer look at current betting offers for XFL betting.

XFL sports betting offers

Most bookmakers are already offering seasonal bets for the launch of the XFL American Football League. These are to be understood like football long-term bets on the overall winner of the XFL 2020. Football bookmaker Tipico issues very good betting odds on the overall XFL winner.

XFL betting odds:

  • Dallas Renegades 4.00
  • New York Guardians 4.2
  • Tampa Bay Vipers 6.00
  • Los Angeles Wildcats 6.50
  • DC Defenders 8.00
  • Houston Roughnecks 10.00
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 10.00
  • Seattle Dragons 10 a.m.

According to the XFL odds, the Dallas Renegades and New York Guardians are rated as top favorites for the title win. You can count on further XFL sports betting at the start of the season. With the new XFL bets you can still benefit from the ignorance of some online bookmakers, which can be reflected in the higher betting odds. Below is an overview of betting markets that may be offered by the betting sites for the XFL.

XFL betting markets:

  • Overall winner XFL (title)
  • Division winner
  • XFL play-off teams
  • Best quarterback
  • Finalists
  • Victory bets
  • Handicaps
  • total score
  • First to score
  • Half and quarter bets
  • Victory lead
  • All kinds of touchdowns
  • Fouls (Yellow Flags)

Depending on the XFL bookmaker, there may be more or fewer betting markets. The betting markets mentioned refer to XFL sports betting (pre-match) and XFL live betting. With the XFL live bets you will surely find a larger range of bets.

Please note that there may be slight differences in the XFL bets compared to tips on the NFL due to the changed rules. However, you do not have to pay attention to these in the classic XFL victory bets or tips on the XFL title 2020.

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