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Best Bundesliga Betting Sites 2020

Betting on the Bundesliga is all the rage! In Germany there is not only the highest number of spectators, the most beautiful stadiums and the best mood – the highest German division is also predestined for huge profits in sports betting. There is hardly a league where Europe is so exciting and balanced, there are surprises on almost every match day. This is especially true for the current 2019/2020 season!

Why bet on the Bundesliga?

You don’t have to be a big football expert to know that the Bundesliga is a major sporting event. Countless fans watch the games live in the stadium and follow the events on the TV sets. The fact that there is a lot of money involved is as normal as the kick-off before a game.

In particular with the bets that the bookmakers place, tons of stakes flow into the cash register. Anyone who is well versed in the sport and is skilled at it has a good chance of winning a bet.

How are the betting odds on the Bundesliga displayed?

On every match day of the Bundesliga, there are between 100 and 1,000 betting options for every game. The popular bookmaker 888sport offers, for example, more than 130 single bets for every match , of course you can also bet live and in real time on every game. The following screenshot shows the most important and most frequently used betting markets: The classic 3-way bet (win, draw or away win) as well as a bet on the number of goals scored. At this point, the bookmaker sets a certain number of goals (usually 2.5 or 3.5) – you then bet on whether more or fewer hits will be scored in the corresponding game. In this case, it doesn’t matter how exactly the game ends.


The Bundesliga season bets: long-term bets on the German top league

Before the starting shot is fired in the Bundesliga, the so-called season bets are of course particularly in focus. These long-term bets bet on different season outcomes. Of course, betting on the German champions is particularly popular . At this point you have to say very clearly that such a season bet in the Bundesliga almost only makes sense if you trust a team other than Bayern Munich to win the title.

The last German champion who did not come from Munich was called Borussia Dortmund – and that was in 2012! Since then, Bayern have dominated the Bundesliga, and the championship odds for FCB are correspondingly low . This is also shown in the screenshot below of the top bookmaker Betway. However, in the current 2019/2020 season there seems to be the most exciting championship race in the Bundesliga for many years, because BVB has a team that is strong as a bear.

It is good to know that long-term bets on the Bundesliga are not only offered before the start of the season! Almost all established bookmakers have the corresponding seasonal bets permanently in their program – the odds are updated here after each game day. In addition to long-term bets on the German championship, bets on relegated teams and bets on top scorer are particularly popular in the Bundesliga. Our advice: Only place bets on seasonal bets that you can do without over a longer period of time. Because it is clear that these bets are only paid out at the end of the season – unless you use the cash-out function beforehand. However, this is sometimes not offered for some long-term bets.

betway bundesliga

As mentioned briefly above, a Bundesliga bet on Bayern Munich as the German champions is not really profitable. If you want to bet on a title of record champion, you should perhaps wait for part of the first half of the season and speculate that Bayern will not pull away immediately. In the winter break of the 2018/2019 season, for example, a championship bet on Bayern would have been worthwhile, because BVB was six points ahead of the table.

Such developments should be kept in mind especially in the current season 2019/2020, because as I said: In contrast to previous years, Borussia Dortmund is a serious competitor. The Westphalia squad does not have to hide from Bayern. It could be a hell of a race. The sports betting experts from our editorial team also trust BVB to hold the championship – you can find all the details on this forecast in our contribution to the BVB 2020 championship bet .

The champions in the Bundesliga in the past ten years



A look at the last decade shows how much FC Bayern Munich had the Bundesliga under control. The record champion from the Isar seems to have a permanent subscription to the title in the Bundesliga:

  • 2019: Bayern Munich
  • 2018: Bayern Munich
  • 2017: Bayern Munich
  • 2016: Bayern Munich
  • 2015: Bayern Munich
  • 2014: Bayern Munich
  • 2013: Bayern Munich
  • 2012: Borussia Dortmund
  • 2011: Borussia Dortmund
  • 2010: Bayern Munich

Betting on records, relegated Bundesliga or layoffs

Overall, however, it can be said that bets on the possible relegations in the Bundesliga promise more interesting odds. Because here too, the high level of performance in the Bundesliga makes it difficult for bookmakers to commit to the correct candidates. Are you really going to hit the climbers from Paderborn and Union Berlin in 2019/2020? And what happens to the odds when clubs like Schalke 04 or Bayer Leverkusen – as happened last season – suddenly start horror and find themselves in the table cellar?

Another attractive betting market is also a long-term bet on the first or the next coach dismissal in the Bundesliga. In the past 2018/2019 season, Tayfun Korkut from VfB Stuttgart was hit after the 7th matchday, for example.

Tipico is one of the leading bookmakers in German-speaking countries and is known for its great long-term and special bets on the Bundesliga . The betting site thinks up numerous special bets before each season and in some cases still offers them during the current season. For the 2019/2020 season, for example, there is a special bet for every Bundesliga team on club-internal records .

Which team manages to occupy the best table position ever after the 34th and last matchday? For clubs whose best position so far was 2nd (such as Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04 or Hertha BSC), this would of course be equivalent to the German championship – the odds are correspondingly lucrative. Another special bet is a bet on the best scorer of a team.

Other Tipico special bets related to the Bundesliga deal with the number of goals scored in a season. Does a team break their own goal record per season? Will the Bundesliga record be scored for the most goals scored? Or are the teams hitting as badly as never before and there is a negative record? Other goal bets also deal with individual players.

For example, you can bet whether Bayern’s top scorer Robert Lewandowski will score more than 24 goals in the 2019/2020 season. Both “yes” and “no” have a rate of 1.85 at this point. Tipico also offers similar bets for the players Marco Reus, Timo Werner, Kevin Volland, Serge Gnabry, Kai Havertz and Lars Stindl.

By the way, the Bundesliga special bet “Heimteams vs. Heimteams vs. Foreign teams ” . This bet is also regularly offered by Tipico and follows a simple principle: on a certain day, all goals of the home teams in the Bundesliga are added, which is countered by all of the goals scored by the away teams. Accordingly, a draw is also possible with this special bet. The odds on the home teams are naturally somewhat lower in most cases – unless Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund play away on a match day.

Week after week – the best betting markets for the Bundesliga

Whether it’s a regular game day at the weekend or an English week with games on Tuesday and Wednesday: when the ball rolls in the Bundesliga, the sports betting heart beats faster. The best bookmakers in the scene equip their encounters with the German House of Lords with an average of 300 to 400 single and special bets . As with other leagues and sports, live betting on the Bundesliga is particularly popular. Here the betting providers are in no way inferior to the prematch betting offer. There is almost no betting market that is not also offered as a live bet. In addition, the following betting markets are exceptionally popular with the Bundesliga and have high sales:

  • 3-way bet on home win, draw or away win (1X2)
  • Double chance
  • Handicap betting
  • Over / Under betting on the total number of goals
  • Half-time bets: what about the break?
  • Goalscorer betting: which player scores?
  • Bets on yellow and red cards
  • Bet on the number of corners
  • Is there a penalty?
  • When do the gates fall?
  • Will a team win zero?

The extraordinarily high odds for the Bundesliga are particularly gratifying – this applies in principle to all established betting sites. The high odds average is due to the large number of customers and the correspondingly strong sales of betting on the Bundesliga. This gives the bookmakers the opportunity to set a particularly customer-friendly quota key – and still collect an attractive margin. In the case of Bundesliga bets, some betting sites use a mathematical payout approach of 96 or even 97 percent. A classic win-win situation!

How often does the favorite win in the Bundesliga?

Well-known favorites in the federal leagues include FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These teams are famous for winning many games and titles in their own Bundesliga. Whoever bets on this is usually right. However, the odds for these teams are small because the chances of winning are high.

The outsiders, on the other hand, have a higher rate. That is, if the outsiders win the football match, a bet on them will also bring you more winnings.

One can say: The favorites are the favorites for a reason. They have already proven in the past that they score more goals and have won more games.

But only betting on the favorites can also have negative results, as there are teams in soccer that emerge from their outsider role and defeat the often better soccer players. Therefore, analyze the sporting events and mix them with careful bets.

How should I go about betting in the Bundesliga?

There are various ways to give tips on one or more games. If you only have an eye for high odds and thus high profits, you will soon have more losses than moments of happiness.

The reason is simply that the Bundesliga is a sport in which everything is possible. A misunderstanding among beginners is that they rely on high odds in order to achieve high profits, but they are not always fulfilled because the teams with high odds are the outsiders.

How often does a team with the lower odds win? Which teams tend to beat favorites? Which team has won the semi-finals so far? You should deal with such important questions when betting on a sporting event. With a strategy and a calculated risk, betting pays off a lot more.

What strategies are there for Bundesliga betting?

Strategies for betting online are as individual as every game itself. One cannot recommend a uniform strategy for all betting enthusiasts. However, a few basic tips should be observed, especially as a beginner.

  1. Use a small amount of money to bet!
  2. Don’t double your bet after losing a bet!
  3. Don’t bet by feeling!
  4. Your favorite club doesn’t always win!

Sports connoisseurs already place more advanced bets.

  1. Late goals betting
  2. Each team scores at least one goal
  3. A certain player scores a goal
  4. 2/3 combination bet on 3 favorites

Before each bet, it is important to analyze the factors that can affect the game. In addition, statistics should be used, in which, for example, the progress and final results of the last 10 games are listed and which can be used as a guide.

How does a live sports bet work?

Sports betting is in itself a very exciting and nerve-wracking undertaking. In recent years, however, live betting has become a special event for many users.

Instead of like with normal bets, where you have to set your bets before the start of the game, you can submit new tips around the clock in live sports betting.

Typical live bets are:

  • Who will win the first half?
  • Who will score the next goal?
  • Who is winning the game?

The advantage of live betting is that you can follow the development of the game live and reposition the bets live. How does the team’s possession change? Who used more chances to score?

What strategies seem to be working together? Which player is about to receive a red card? With the help of these probabilities it is possible to make better decisions and thus have better chances.

What do I have to watch out for when betting on Bundesliga?

Manipulated end results

As far as one can remember sports betting, as long as there have been people who want to gain an unfair advantage in betting. Referees are either paid to make wrong decisions in favor of favorites.

Or a single player on a team is bribed to help the opposing team with poor football performance. The bribed is paid well for bad passes and screwed up chances.

Dubious experts

Online, supposed experts shoot like mushrooms and advertise on various social networks with their infallible knowledge of online betting. However, these false business people ask for this knowledge in advance and the tips given turn out to be completely insane.

It is even worse if they put the money invested directly into their own pockets instead of the bet itself and enrich themselves with it.


History shows that betting fraud has often occurred in the past decades. But how do we protect ourselves from fraud? Basically, you can say that you are in good hands if a bookmaker has been established for a long time and has good reviews.

Stay away from new platforms, which are laid out in layman’s form and do not look perfectly flawless, as well as from dubious people who arrive with high promises.

Dates and times: When do the Bundesliga games take place?

A lot has been expected of the Bundesliga fans in recent years. The focus is increasingly on TV marketing, which has led to an increasing fragmentation of the kick-off times. The days when almost all games took place on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. are definitely over. A conventional game day usually begins with a match on Friday evening, which is generally kicked off at 8:30 p.m. It is pleasing for the fans that the majority of the games still take place on Saturday afternoon. The traditional time of 3:30 p.m. has not been shaken so far, usually four to five games are kicked off.

The top game on Saturday evening with a kick-off time of 6:30 p.m. is almost normal . At this point you have to say that this does not necessarily have to be the most attractive match of the match day. There will be two or three games on Sunday – it depends a little bit on whether and how many German teams were in action in the European Cup the previous week. The kick-off times for these games are 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. In total there will be five unpopular Monday games in the current season , the kick-off time is 8:30 p.m. The majority of the Monday games will probably take place in the second half of the season.

And then of course there is the exceptional case of the so-called English Week. This means that the ball rolls in the Bundesliga even on weekdays. When an English week is scheduled, the game starts on Tuesday evening with a game at 6:30 p.m. and three games at 8:30 p.m. The matchday will then be completed on Wednesday, again there will be a game at 6:30 p.m. – later the remaining four matches at 8:30 p.m.

On TV or as a stream: How and where can you watch the Bundesliga live?

At this point, too, it has not become easier for football fans and betting fans. If you really want to watch all Bundesliga games live on TV, you now need two different subscriptions! The Friday games will be broadcast by DAZN in the 2019/2020 season – this requires a paid subscription for EUR 11.99 per month. We can only hope that the streaming service has meanwhile improved its image quality. DAZN also has the exclusive rights for all Sunday games at 1:30 p.m. and for the five Monday games.

All other games on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and the Sunday games at 3:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. will continue to be broadcast by Sky . Here, the quality has declined. Which is astonishing when prices rise at the same time. A regular sports subscription now costs around 45 euros a month. For this you can endure amateurs like Rene Adler as an expert or Jörg Dahlmann as a commentator. If you want to watch the Sky broadcasts on the go via stream, you can use Sky Go.

There are also summaries of the Bundesliga games at the streaming service DAZN (highlights can be seen here 40 minutes after the final whistle), in the ARD sports show (Saturdays from 6 p.m.) and in the ZDF sports studio (Saturdays from 11 p.m. – here then the first pictures of the Saturday top game on Free TV).

Bundesliga betting: special offers, bonus offers, promotions

As already mentioned, the German soccer Bundesliga has a very special status among betting sites. As a result, the online bookmakers regularly provide the German football upper house with special promotions.

Various free betting and cashback offers for the Bundesliga have become the standard for many betting sites . And this is not just limited to the hot phase before the start of the season or during the first few games. Basically there are various special promotions of the betting sites all year round around the Bundesliga.

The so-called “odds boost” is particularly popular , in which absolute madness odds are offered for a specific game. Often, a moderate favorite rate (for example Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund) is raised to a crazy amount of around 51.0.

The only catch: almost always a maximum bet of one, two or five euros applies to these special bets. Winnings are usually paid out as free bets. Last but not least, because of the exceptionally high odds level, Bundesliga betting is of course also ideally suited to unlocking a welcome bonus from a bookmaker.

Our tips – you should pay attention to this when betting on the Bundesliga

Be careful when betting on your own favorite club: In practice, our sports betting experts always try to avoid betting on your own favorite club in the Bundesliga. At this point, a bad component for successful betting intervenes: the emotion. You should therefore always ask yourself whether, based on your specialist knowledge, you really believe that your club will win – or whether you might just wish it from the perspective of a fan.



Take enough time to research: The key to long-term success in sports betting is preparation. Above all, look at how the two Bundesliga clubs are in shape. Is there a clear tendency to win at home or away? Are important players injured?

Or has there been a change of coach recently and the players are particularly motivated under the new coach? You shouldn’t go overboard with facts and statistics, but some research is simply necessary.

Keep an eye on the European Cup games: It is not uncommon for a favorite to stumble in the Bundesliga at the weekend because of a difficult European Cup game from the past week.

Especially when it comes to long trips away or if the teams might even have to go into extra time, you should take this into account when you play in the next Bundesliga. Conversely, you should also keep an eye on the games before an important match, for example in the Champions League. Bayern especially like to spare important players in this case.

Insignificant games: Towards the end of the season it happens again and again that certain teams only play for the “golden pineapple”. You can no longer risk relegation, but you can also no longer attack in the table above.

The same applies to teams that are mathematically German champions or relegated. In this case, the rest of the games often become an unpredictable Vabanque game. We do not recommend betting on such matches.

To improve your own Bundesliga prediction, bettors should always be up to date. Read Google News, sports news and club news carefully. Everything that could influence the upcoming games must be included in the decision. A lot can be drawn from this and experienced tipsters know when to stand against their bookmaker’s favorite bet.

In contrast to the providers, the bettor can include significantly more information. Among other things, this means:

Injuries : A player in the first lineup injured himself during the last game or training session. Thus, the trainer has to find a replacement for him, which does not always have to be equivalent. In addition, the other players in the squad must be able to work well with them. If several of the club’s top players are not ready for action in the long term, it weakens their performance very much.

Coach change : When it is time for a coach to leave, the club will replace him. A new football coach has to make friends with the team. Getting to know each other and harmonizing with each other takes time. This is another reason why the team’s performance can be below the normal level.

Disputes : Every now and then serious disputes within the association emerge. Players among themselves, misunderstandings with the coach or the club management. As in a company, the community climate also determines motivation in a football club. This should be noted in the case of suddenly unfocused players. Or they play very one-sided and do not give up the ball.

Player transfers : Bundesliga professional tips also refer to newcomers and sales within a team. Every change requires an adjustment. New players get involved more or less from the start. Good interaction with the existing team must first be learned. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Changes in the line-up : A hot potato for Bundesliga professional tips are new line-up attempts. The trainer sometimes changes his mind spontaneously. Suddenly one player is missing or the distribution on the field is different. Information that, if at all, is only revealed shortly before kick-off. Otherwise you still have live bets.

Bundesliga tips prediction: use live betting

Which brings us to the biggest problem with Bundesliga football predictions. Due to the numerous players, the trainer and opportunities to influence, forecasts are extremely difficult. Sometimes the best professional Bundesliga tips don’t help.

If you have bet on sports betting for a while, we recommend taking a look at live betting. While the game is running, the customer can place his bets. E.g. does not start until the second half. Clearly: he has to accept lower odds, but his bets are all the more secure.

The bettor can sit comfortably on his couch or in a sports bar. With his smartphone at hand, he is free to place a bet at any time. Live betting is extremely exciting and promising.

The odds of live bets are subject to those with a fixed odds before the start of the game. This has to be considered for profitable sports betting. However, this balances out with active participation in the action.

If you follow all the games of your favorite teams anyway, you can place live bets just as well.

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