Best Bayern Munich Betting Sites 2020

Best Bayern Munich Betting Sites 2020

FC Bayern Munich is the most successful German club team in Bundesliga history. FC Bayern Munich was founded in 1900 and, with its almost 300,000 members, is one of the largest football clubs in the world. Good reasons why most online bookmakers have an extensive betting offer for FC Bayern Munich bets in their program. Bayern Sports Betting is available for players in the 1st Bundesliga, the DFB Cup and the Champions League. Munich are not only very successful in the German league and the DFB Cup, but also in the UEFA Champions League.

In the Bundesliga season 2019/2020, FC Bayern Munich is currently in 1st place after the club made a messy start to the season. However, it will not be easy for the Munich team to become German champions again this year thanks to co-favorites RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach. More on that later.

Shortly before the winter break, FC Bayern fired coach Niko Kovač because the management and the team were not satisfied with his performance. Head coach Hansi Flick has been in office since November, who was assistant coach of the national team under Joachim Löw. Flick is supported by Danny Röhl as an assistant coach. FC Bayern Munich has made significant improvements since the change of coach. On this page we give you tips for the best sports betting 2020 on Bayern Munich so that you can bet more accurately.

An important basis for betting on Bayern Munich – the transfers

FC Bayern Munich has some top-class additions to players but also some departures. The transfers can of course play an important role for your Bayern bets, so you should be well informed about them. A total of 8 new players were bought from Bayern, who are supposed to strengthen defense and midfield. With the new transfers, two young talents have been committed. Mickaël Cuisance and Jann-Fiete Arp. Below is an overview of the additions to players at FC Bayern Munich.

  • Odriozola (Defense)
  • Coutinho (midfield)
  • Mickaël Cuisance (midfield)
  • Ivan Perišić (midfield)
  • Lucas Hernández (Defense)
  • Benjamin Pavard (Defense)
  • Jann-Fiete Arp (Forward)

Rafinha and Mats Hummels are two top defenders who have left the team. The newcomers have so far not been able to really fill the hole in the defense. The team is considered weak in defense, which you can of course take into account in your FC Bayern Munich bets. However, Hansi Flick is currently trying very hard to rebuild the defense of the traditional club. However, one has to say that the quality of the new players is not, in our view, equivalent to the departures. Especially since Mickaël Cuisance and Jann-Fiete Arp are currently not used at all.

The weak defense is faced with a very strong storm, which is the best scorer in the 1st Bundesliga. This is certainly a good approach for all types of Bayern goal betting.

The trainer and his game system – the basis for betting predictions

The new trainer Hansi Flick wants to use a new game system at FC Bayern Munich. For many years, Bavaria only played with a real striker, Robert Lewandowski. Hansi Flick wants to reintroduce the double top so that Sturm-Juwel Zirkzee can be used more often. Furthermore, the great Sturm talent Jann-Fiete Arp is still on the bench – unless he is injured. The new system with 2 strikers was tested by Hansi Flick in the training camp in Doha and brought the team’s game ideas closer to the team. The new tactic should primarily be used against defensive teams. With the second spike, you can expect even more goals in your FC Bayern Munich bets.

At the moment, the coach Hansi Flick mostly still uses the 4-3-3 game system, which has been part of Munich’s standard tactics in recent years. Football experts believe that this will make FC Bayern Munich more predictable, as the failed start to the 2019/2020 season has shown. Furthermore, it remains to be seen in the course of the season whether the strong storm can iron out the supposed weaknesses of the defense.

Bavaria has achieved many victories with more than 2 goals in the current season. With its number of goals scored, FC Bayern Munich is number 1 in the 1st Bundesliga.

Plan Bayern’s home and away strengths when betting

When looking at the home and away strength of FC Bayern Munich, we come to almost balanced conditions. Bayern are strong at home and away, but the team suffered two defeats at home against Hoffenheim 1: 2 and against Leverkusen also 1: 2. Most negative results for the club had to be accepted at the beginning of the 2019/2020 season. FC Bayern Munich is currently showing a strong tendency to win at home, as evidenced by the winning streak in the Bundesliga. For your Bayern bets, of course, this means that you can plan the team as a favorite as usual.

If you leave out victories and defeats, there is also a tendency to draw in the German record champions. This is the case for both home and away games. The tendency is easy to see, especially in games played against teams in the top third of the table. With your FC Bayern sports betting, you can definitely bet on a tie with 1X2 if the game constellation mentioned is given. Furthermore, you can of course also give Bayern sports betting with the classic 2-way bets (draw money back).

FC Bayern Munich are particularly strong at home in the Champions League. All home games in Group B were won, as were the away games. FC Bayern are right in the round of 16 of the Champions League against Chelsea. Here Bayern sports betting for home games could of course pay off for you. We’ll go into Bayern Munich’s participation in the cup competitions separately.

Consider cards, banned players and injuries for tips

Current yellow, yellow / red or red, locks and injuries can be an important basis for your FC Bayern sports betting. Because they can have a direct impact on the performance and motivation of Munich residents. Bayern Munich is ranked 8th in the club statistics compared to other Bundesliga clubs. Overall, the players have currently seen 38 yellow, 1 yellow / red and 1 red card.

The record champions received the most yellow cards in defense and in midfield. The statistics are headed by the players Kimmich, Javi Martinez and Boateng. Whereby Jérôme Boateng received the only red card in the current Bundesliga season 2019/2020. In defense behavior, a tendency for regular yellow cards can be seen, so that you can plan Bayern bets on yellow cards or over / under cards well. Of course, this also includes the risk of yellow / red cards, so you should keep a close eye on the card statistics for your tips. Online sports betting sites place bets on certain Bayern players receiving cardsrewarded with high betting odds. If one of the players continues to play aggressively and dangerously after his yellow card in the same game, a FC Bayern live bet for yellow / red cards can be worthwhile.

Due to the card statistics in the defense, we also have to consider Bayern penalty bets that are directed against the Munich. If Bayern is under pressure in the weak defense, there is definitely an increased risk of penalties. Therefore, depending on the progress of the game, you can make penalty bets against Bayern.

On the other hand, many Bundesliga teams know how to help themselves against Bayern’s strong storm other than fouling. The striker star and leader of the Bundesliga goalscorer list Robert Lewandowski has been sent to the pitch 31 times during the current season. Overall, the fouls resulted in 5 penalties for Bayern Munich. The penalty kicks were shot by Robert Lewandowski and Philippe Coutinho. Both have converted their penalties 100%. There are at least 4 betting approaches for your Bayern betting strategy. The first that a penalty is called for Bayern, the second, whether the penalty is converted, the third, who converts it and as a last chance of course certain players scored a goal for the entire season.

In the field of injuries, Bayern had to do without some top players this season. Basically, only Niklas Süle fails as a central defender among the Munich with a cruciate ligament tear for a long time. In football, a cruciate ligament rupture is a very serious injury and has led to a career end for players a few times. It remains to be seen whether this will be the case with Süle. The innocent defender is certainly a big loss in the weak Bayern defense. Nevertheless, the injuries according to the current status will not have a particularly large impact on your Bayern Munich bets.

Predict cup competitions (DFB Cup, UEFA Champions League)

FC Bayern is doing very well in the national and international cup competitions. This affects both the DFB Cup and the Champions League. In both competitions you can see Bayern as favorites for the title, although we would rather see it in the Champions League. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that FC Bayern build on its current strong performance in the league. It is advisable to consider the team with one or two Bayern long-term bets on the cup victory.

The German champions against Energie Cottbus and VFL Bochum won the first two rounds in the DFB Cup. At home against Hoffenheim there was a goal festival of both teams with a final score of 4: 3 for Bayern Munich. Regarding these results, however, we have to say that Bayern have scored too many goals due to their poor defensive performance against weaker teams. Furthermore, the games against the regional league team Cottbus and the second division team Bochum could not be clearly decided for the club. At least not as expected from an incumbent German master.

In the DFB Cup quarter-finals, Bayern must now go to Schalke 04, which of course will not be an easy task. Because everyone knows how strong Schalke are at home. If the Munich boys manage to defeat Schalke, no particularly strong teams will wait until Leverkusen. A long-term Bayern bet on the DFB Cup victory can be worthwhile for you.

In contrast to the DFB-Pokal games, Bayern Munich showed a great performance in the UEFA Champions League. In the group phase, not only were all games clearly won, but the club also had the best goal difference in the entire Champions League. In terms of goals scored, Bayern is in first place in direct comparison to all other teams. Chelsea are now in the round of 16, who are not doing so well in the Premier League at the moment. Chelsea have conceded 34 goals in the current season and are now just a goal difference of 9 with the goals scored. Based on this record, we see Munich as favorites for the game and would place a winning bet on Bayern.

Prospect of the German championship available?

Bayern weakened strongly at the start of the 2019/2020 season. Only shortly before the winter break did the team catch up to the top of the Bundesliga. In our view, there will be no clear German championship for Munich this year. The teams RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach are just too strong. This is especially true for RB Leipzig, who won a 2-2 win in Munich. Bayern currently have a series of 5 Bundesliga games. But as the saying goes: after every high a low! Certainly there will still be difficult games for FC Bayern Munich, one or two draws or a defeat. Whether Bayern will become German champions this season is certainly not solely in the hands of the Munich, but also depends on the performance of the other top teams. We see FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig as the top favorite for the title.

Tap on scorer – is it worth it at Bayern Munich?

At Bayern Munich, this question can definitely be answered with a clear one. With Robert Lewandowski, Bayern has the strongest striker in the 1st Bundesliga in the team. Lewandowski has been playing very consistently for years and hits the goal on average up to once per game. Furthermore, the striker with yellow cards is very reluctant and is rarely injured.

Robert Lewandowski is currently top scorer in the 1st Bundesliga. The Bayern star has won the title of top scorer twice since 2017. This year, too, he has the best chance of becoming the new top scorer of the season against Timo Werner. In the game, league and cups, Lewandowski is a guarantee of goals, so you can always pay attention to this player with a Bayern goal bet. At Bayern Munich you can generally place bets on the following goal betting markets.

Recommended betting markets for player scorer bets:

  • Goal scorer (anytime)
  • First goal scorer in the game
  • Meets last
  • Player hits twice or more
  • Player scored hat trick
  • Player scores a goal and his team wins
  • Long-term bet top scorer
  • All types of penalty bets

Bayern also won some Bundesliga games beyond 2-0. You can plan this knowledge well for Bayern over / under goals betting or for tips on exact results.

Conclusion and future forecast of the association

FC Bayern Munich is still not only one of the strongest teams in Germany, but also in all of Europe. The decisive factor here is the good performance in the UEFA Champions League. On our site you have learned many important backgrounds about the club, which you can support with your FC Bayern sports betting so that you will land more hits when typing.

In the field of FC Bayern Munich sports betting and live betting, you will not always find particularly high betting odds in the regular betting markets, such as 1X2 . This is due to the fact that many online bookmakers generally see Bayern as favorites. Depending on the quality of a Bayern game, it can make sense to switch to betting markets that offer you a bit more risk but a higher odds and therefore more betting profit. We particularly recommend the result bets, all kinds of goal bets and goalscorer bets.

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