Best DFB Cup Betting Sites 2020

Best DFB Cup Betting Sites 2020

In addition to the Bundesliga, the DFB Cup is played every season in Germany. It has been around much longer than the Bundesliga. It was played for the first time in 1952, even if there had previously been cup competitions in Germany. At the time, the cup was even more important than today, at least compared to the league. If a team is successful in both competitions in one season, then one speaks of a double. The peculiarity of the cup is of course that it is always a knockout game, which is all the more interesting for sports betting. Because before a game it is often difficult to predict in which direction it will develop. Decision after ninety minutes or extra time, even a penalty shoot-out. In the DFB Cup, live betting can also lead to unimagined flights of fancy.

DFB Cup betting

There were already cup games in Germany when the DFB Cup didn’t even exist. The formerly big cup has already known title holders, such as 1. FC Nürnberg, but it has a name that may not be known to everyone. The competition was called the Tschammer Cup, because the then Reich Sports Guide Hans von Tschammer launched the German Club Cup Championships. Germany was therefore relatively late. The Cup has been played in England for over half a century. The war put an end to this cup until the DFB Cup officially began in 1952. Won by Rot-Weiss Essen in the first year. A long history of the cup has accumulated over the decades and sports betting has almost always been included in some form.

Single and combination bets for the DFB Cup

Depending on the game round, there are a lot of games. At the end, logically, only the final, i.e. a game in which the winner is searched for. This will be won at the end of every game during the DFB Cup. In the DFB Cup, of course, victory bets are also used. Either one or the other team wins. There are no other options. At least theoretically, because you can also bet on a draw for the single bets on the cup. This applies to the result after ninety minutes, which would automatically go into extra time. Most betting sites can also bet on the exact result, which can be very interesting for some games. Since teams from different game classes meet, there are always very interesting results. And also the different markets of the DFB Cup can be combined in combination bets to get even better odds. If an outsider wins against a favorite, which happens sometimes, there are good chances of winning.

DFB Cup live betting

In league operations, there can be a tie after 90 minutes and the game is over. Not so in the DFB Cup. A winner is sought here in every game. This is also why DFB Cup live betting is so interesting, because sometimes it can be very exciting. Of course, there are sometimes clear results, but even then, live betting makes sense. These are given directly while the game is running and the odds change by adapting them to the game. For example, if an outsider scores a goal, it can mess up the odds. But extra time and penalty shootouts are also very attractive. At best, you should simply set a limit beforehand so that you can calmly set in the heat of the moment. It is also only conditionally recommended to bet on your own favorite team. Sports betting and the penalty shootout of the favorite team fit together rather manageably.

Season bets for the DFB Cup

As with the Bundesliga and other competitions, you can of course count on the overall winner. This usually goes on for quite a while before the DFB Cup actually starts. It usually applies that the further away you are from the final, the better the odds. Even while the trophy is already running, you can still bet on the overall winner. Many betting sites also go one step further and offer, for example, bets on the finalists or also 2nd place. Bayern Munich often go into the tournament as a favorite, but as the past shows, there is no guarantee. If you skillfully bet on an outsider, but who wins the lot, there are good profits. With some seasonal bets you can also bet on how far a team can get in the DFB Cup.

Advantages of DFB Cup betting

The DFB Cup is interesting in Germany for several reasons. The excitement of the KO games comes together with the colorful mix of the teams, so that almost every game can provide excitement. It is said that anyone can beat anyone in the cup. This may not always be the case, but there are plenty of examples where high favorites have been the losers. There is of course no such tension in the league. From the point of view of sports betting for the DFB Cup, you can often watch at least two games live, which of course has enormous advantages.

Great strength of the teams at DFB Pokal

The DFB Cup basically only plays the second violin after the Bundesliga in Germany. But when a cup night is coming, all eyes are on it. This is not only the case in Germany. Some cup games, especially the final, are also very popular abroad. This also has to do with the strength of the teams. Like the Bundesliga, there is a high level of balance. Of course there are always favorites, but it feels like all teams can often beat each other. Even outsiders in the first rounds often surprise and when it just has become an exciting and highly competitive game. For DFB Pokal bets, this offers a lot of games that are potentially interesting.

Watch DFB Cup matches live

The DFB Cup usually takes place during the week, both on Tuesday and Wednesday. The advantage is that at least two games are usually broadcast live. Of course, this is perfect for live betting. If you have corresponding offers at home, you can of course watch other games live. The final usually takes place at the weekend and of course offers a very good opportunity to follow the game and place live bets. The semi-finals are usually broadcast completely. Of course, a lot can always happen in the DFB Cup, but it is also important to look at the performance of the teams in the season so far. It is not uncommon for teams to play differently in different competitions, so real heights are possible. Whoever sees the games live or the summaries afterwards,

DFB Cup with many types of bets

Actually, it is fundamentally very exciting to simply bet on the victory of one team, but most betting sites are not satisfied with it. Games in the DFB Cup are actually always exciting and it makes sense that there are a variety of bet types. This means that it is not just betting on victory alone, but also all possible events in the game. Will there be extra time or penalties? Which team will hit first? How is it at halftime? Goal bets can also be very interesting, including over / under bets. Both the balanced games and those with top favorites are so exciting because a lot can happen to the goals. Cant wins are just as possible as narrow wins at the last minute.

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