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Best Premier League (EPL) Betting Sites

The Premier League is particularly attractive for sports betting fans because the games have a lot of action to offer. In contrast to Italian football, which pursues a defensive strategy, the professionals in the top English league play primarily on attack without having to play around a lot. The Premier League (EPL) is characterized by a quick switch from defense to attack and long passes to overcome the midfield. That is why this league is one of the most popular fields of activity for sports bettors.

Premier league betting: tips & sites

Here we present all the information we have gathered on the topic of Premier League betting. We explain the most important rules in the Premier League and illustrate the most important factors that influence the game.

In addition, we give you an overview of the most important sites of Premier League bets and show you strategies on how you can also make money with Premier League bets.

What are Premier League bets?

Your team is playing in the English top league and is competing against the “enemy” today? What could be better on a Saturday afternoon than watching the game with a delicious beer with your football friend?

Before each game, each of you gives a tip. Which club wins? Who will score the goals? How many goals are scored? In the end, the winner gets the full bet. So you can double your bet on a correct bet.

There has been intense competition between people for hundreds of years. It started in antiquity. The bookmaker term has been known since the 18th century due to the introduction of horse racing.

The term bookmaker comes from the English “Bookmaker” or “Bookie” and is derived from the fact that betting transactions were recorded in hardcover books until the 20th century. Nowadays everything is highly digitized and is only saved in special computer programs.

Today you will find a variety of betting sites online or stationary. The betting shops have established themselves all over the world.

Football betting in particular is a lucrative business for bookmakers. Football doesn’t just make men’s hearts beat faster. In recent years, the popularity of sport has also grown among women and is becoming more popular. Big or small, this sport is one of the most famous sports and not only moves fans but also others to an emotional outbreak.

Why bet on the Premier League?

The top English league is geared towards attacking the opposing goal with little ball contact. This usually leads to a goal-rich game. This league is one of the richest in the world, which means that top stars are bought from other top clubs and play at the forefront. Depending on the EPL betting site, the payout key can be up to 96%.

The Premier League bets stand out with above-average betting odds. This gives you a higher chance of leaving the field with a win.

With a little luck and knowledge, you can get the most money out of this league.

What types of Premier League bets are there?

Different forms and variants of betting can be made in the Premier League.

Football betting offers you a wide range of options for making a bet. The top bookmakers leave nothing to be desired. Up to 200 betting options are available in one game.

Single bets

With the single bet you decide on an event. You can bet on the profit with a tip. It is the simplest and most profitable form of betting with a low risk.

These are the single betting categories:

  • victory
  • defeat
  • draw
  • Live betting

The live bets are individual bets – with one difference: the football events are broadcast on TV and you can watch them live. You can place your tips here until the end of a game.

These are the most popular live bets:

  • What is the halftime score?
  • Who’s offended?
  • Which player will score the next goal?

Long term bets

With long-term bets, the bet is not decided within one day. You rely on long-term tips. This type is set up sensationally by British betting providers and offers you high betting odds.
These are one of the most popular long-term bets:

  • Championship title
  • Top scorer
  • Season champion
  • Combination bets

Combo bets allow you to play multiple games with just one bet. You can make a big profit with this form with little effort. The number of different tips depends on the respective bookmaker.

INFO: All tips must be correct to win the bet. If there is one wrong bet, the entire bet is lost.

System bets

System bets are an extension of combination bets, which means that you can place multiple combination bets with just one bet. This form is usually used by sports betting professionals.

What are the best betting sites in the Premier League?

For betting sites, Premier League betting is probably one of the most important on the market. Up to 200 betting options are offered per betting provider.

It is a challenge to find the right betting provider for you, because every bookmaker has certain advantages.

How do Premier League bets work?


To get good Premier League odds, you first have to place your bet. To do this, you first need an account with any bookmaker of your choice. The account opening takes just a few seconds and you’re ready to go. First fill it with the desired budget.

There are several deposit options to choose from: PayPal, credit card, bank or instant transfer. You will usually receive a bonus as a thank you for your new registration.

Betting process

Find the right game for you. Pay attention to your information knowledge. Now decide on a bet form. Special bets and standard bets cannot be combined. You will be reminded of this on your virtual ticket.

EPL betting sites

The Premier League is very popular with both betting sites and betting fans. (Image source: / Mitch Rosen)

Bet placing

Now you are almost there. All you have to do is tap the button. And you’ve already put your tip. Once the tip is set and you have confirmed it, you cannot undo it.

What betting odds are there?

Football betting odds are the most thoroughly fixed odds with betting sites.

It is nothing more than a multiplier that provides information about the probabilities of the outcome of the game. There are basically 3 betting odds for each game – home win, draw and away win.

The higher the betting odds, the lower the probability of occurrence. Outsiders, on the other hand, are rewarded with high betting odds.


  • For live betting, it is good advice to only place your bet after the kick-off. Otherwise place your bet placement 1-2 days in advance
  • Lucrative betting odds increase profit
  • Use betting odds calculator

What are the strategies for betting on the English Football League?

The right strategy is part of placing bets, and the system should be well planned and considered in advance. Once you’ve found the best solution for you, there’s nothing standing in the way of making long-term, long-term winnings.

We’ll show you how to get a successful strategy in an example:

  1. Selection of the best betting odds.There is real competition among the betting sites, which means that betting odds for individual games go up enormously. It is best to open an account with several betting sites. There is a greater chance of getting the best odds
  2. Place your bet as early as possible. With particularly attractive betting odds, the odds are quickly reduced.
  3. Use the promotion from the betting providers. In the highly competitive betting business, bookmakers are fighting for every customer. The attraction of attractive bonus programs plays a major role. BUT: Please always note the conditions behind each bonus!
  4. Get a head start on information.Find special areas and inform yourself about all events. (Injuries etc.) This means that you are one step ahead of the bookmakers because they have to concentrate on several leagues and sports.
  5. Choose the right bet type. It is the right bet at the right moment. You can see the possible types of bets that bookmakers offer in the table.
  6. Budget management. Never bet money that you don’t have or need. Divide your total bet into small units.
  7. TIP: Always look at the last 3 games and analyze them in terms of score, goalscorer, ball contacts.

With the strategy you choose, you don’t just have to enjoy betting. It ranges from researching to managing. Everything has to be clearly structured and elaborated before you can enjoy the fun.

Which process you choose in the end is up to you. Decide on the strategy you feel comfortable with. Don’t be influenced by other things and take your time planning.

And once you have found the right strategy for you, it means: stay true to it!

“Arrogance rarely feels good”. On a winning streak, try not to increase your betting budget. It is equally important not to compensate for losses through higher wagers.

What do you need to watch out for in Premier League betting?

Anyone can beat anyone in the Premier League. So all teams are able to play on the podium. It can be seen that the top 4 have always ended in different orders in recent years. The good thing about the English league is that there are 6 top clubs on the island and therefore a top game almost every game day.

The English teams are geared towards offensive games. The best strikers from around the world are represented in the Premier League. A mostly exciting and scoring game is offered to you in 90 minutes of play.

But the island’s soccer is not only known for its numerous goals. The English kickers are also notorious for their grandiose corner balls.

A total of 1018 goals were scored in season 17/18, which means that an average of 2.68 goals were scored per league game.

Can I bet on the Premier League without making a deposit?

No deposit bonuses are not easy to find in football. The problem is to find a bookmaker who offers you an attractive betting offer and at the same time provides a no deposit bonus. It is rare. But this gap closes. Many EPL betting sites have recognized the gap and have rolled out the offer of betting stakes into the market without making a deposit.

TIP: Choose a betting site that is reputable. It won’t get you there if you sign up for an unknown bookmaker just because of the 0 deposit bonus.

What are the best apps for Premier League betting?

You can submit your tips to the various betting sites via app. Nowadays you are offered opportunities in every way. Via Android or IOS. Whether IPhone, IPad, Phone or mobile website. Everything is possible. The bookmakers have adapted to today’s times and have all forms to achieve success.

Here are the best apps:

  • bwin sports betting app: simple and clear operation
  • betway Sports- sports betting: good conditions and betting odds
  • Tipico Sports Betting & Odds: Great variety and good structure

Trivia: The most important thing about the Premier League

What is the Premier League?

Nobody is familiar with the term football. One of the most popular, fast-paced and most impressive sports around the world. The Premier League is one of the best known and most successful leagues in history and has shaped England since 1992.

In the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Co, the teams fight for goals and points every week. The teams compete against each other in the first and second leg from August to May.

The English league captivates with numerous derbies, where by the city duels always lead to a risky and exciting game. The home strength of the islanders is outstanding. The teams have enormous ambitions and show great team spirit in every game.

English football also weights its level of awareness in terms of transfer access. Due to the lively change of the most famous football legends, the demand grows more and more. Even top trainers like Jürgen Klopp like to accept a change of location on the island.

Record transfer purchases in the Premier League

Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United: € 101m
Romelu Lukaku from Everton to Manchester United: €
84.7m Virgil van Dijk from Southampton to Liverpool FC: € 78m

What is in the Premier League?

In the top division in English football, 20 teams have the opportunity to win the title as champion in 38 match days, with a first and a second round. The teams of the English League always pull through from May to August, without a winter break.

In the last Premier League year 2017/18, Manchester City won the title ahead of Manchester United by 19 points.

The English football record champion is Manchester United with 20 titles since 1988, followed by Liverpool FC with 18 championship titles.

Who are the top scorers in the Premier League?

The top ten English goal scorers 2017/2018:

Salah, MohamedLiverpool FC32
Kane, HarryTottenham Hotspur30th
Aguero, SergioManchester City21
Vardy, JamieLeicester City20th
Sterling, RaheemManchester City18th
Lukaku, RomeluManchester United16
Firmino, RobertoLiverpool FC15
Lacazette, AlexandreArsenal FC14
Jesus, GabrielManchester City13
Hazard, EdenChelsea FC12th

The all-time record scorers in the Premier League are:

  • Alan Shearer with 260 goals
  • Wayne Rooney with 208 goals
  • Andrew Cole with 187 goals

What makes the Premier League so successful?

Unfortunately, in 2018 it wasn’t quite enough for a podium place at the World Cup. But when it comes to marketing your league, you are definitely in first place. No matter whether you are in Chile, Hawaii or India, you will meet people all over the world wearing a jersey from their English club. The popularity of the Premier League trumps all other leagues in the world.

Of course, this does not remain unaffected in the world of gambling. The wide range of bookmakers is impressive and shows the variety of possibilities.

Conclusion – you should be aware of this in Premier League betting

The Premier League is part of the standard program for betting providers. The highest English league is not only characterized by the best betting odds, but can also be shown in terms of diverse betting options. Whether you place your tip for standard bets, special bets or live bets, you are usually granted a win.

If you are on the go and have no time to go to the betting office, it is no longer a problem to place your bets on the go. With apps you can quickly and easily submit your tip and even be there live.

Bookmakers are getting better and better. It is advisable not to focus on just one betting provider. Compare each provider and get the best out of it.

And with a little luck you’ll soon be at the forefront!

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