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Best Manchester City Betting Sites 2020

Manchester City betting – facts, figures and club history

Manchester City is one of the most traditional English clubs and one of the founding members of the Premier League . For many years, however, they were overshadowed by local rival Manchester United. However, since the Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan club, this has changed. The Sheikh, who comes from Abu Dhabi, has invested many millions in new top stars and has gradually led Manchester City to the top. In 2012 and 2014, the Citizens each won the championship title. Overall, Manchester City was at the top of the Premier League four times. In addition, Manchester City won the cup five times and won the English League Cup three times. With the success, the expectations of the fans have increased. Many already dream of triumphing in the Champions League. However, the reality is different. In recent years, Manchester City has not yet won over the highest European competition. Winning the 1970 European Cup Winners’ Cup is the only international title to date.

Key facts about Manchester City at a glance:

  • Full name: Manchester City Football Club
  • Founded: 01.1880
  • Colors: light blue and white
  • Sports: football
  • Stadium: Etihad Stadium (47,805 seats)
  • Successes: 1 x European cup winner, 4 x English champions, 5 x English cup winners, 3 x English League Cup winners, 4 x English Super Cup winners

What are the special features of betting on Manchester United?

It is not without reason that Manchester City is one of the most accurate teams in the English Premier League. In recent years, top stars in particular have been committed to the offensive. In contrast, the defensive was neglected, which is certainly one reason for the lack of international success. In the home league, too, the team conceded a relatively large number of goals for a top team. In the current 2014/2015 season, Manchester City have already conceded 20 goals. One of the peculiarities of Manchester City is that there are hardly any differences between home and away games. The team almost always plays for victory, both in their own stadium and in other places. A defeat or a draw must always be taken into account.

Place bets on Manchester City

The English Premier League has several top clubs to offer. Sports bettors benefit from very good odds , especially in the matches against Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal. These are usually always above 2.0. If you want to be on the safe side, you can of course bet on a home win against weaker teams, but then you have to be satisfied with betting odds of 1.2. Away from home, the odds against outsiders are only marginally higher.

Since the English clubs are all very offensive, over / under betting is also a very interesting thing. Results with a goal or less are rare in the Premier League. A championship tip on Manchester City will also be rewarded with good betting odds. This season, however, the club should not be able to get past leaders Chelsea. A relatively safe tip is that Manchester City will be in the top four at the end of the season.

Manchester City’s greatest successes

Manchester City is not one of the most successful clubs in English football, but has had a few titles. The traditional club won the first championship in 1937. However, fans had to wait 31 years for the second title. The dry spell lasted even longer until the 3rd championship. In 2012 the time had finally come and only two years later Manchester City won the title again. Between 1904 and 2011, the club also won the English Cup five times. In its long history, Manchester City has had to compete in the second division several times, but usually rises again after a short time. Internationally, the team celebrated its greatest success in 1970 by winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

The current squad from Manchester City

In the Manchester City goal is Joe Hart, the English national goalkeeper. Defense is former Bayern star Martin Demichelis. The Belgian Vincent Kompany, the French Gael Clichy and the Argentinean Pablo Zabaleta ensure that their own box is kept clean. The showpiece, however, is the attack with the class rubble Sergio Aguero. The former Bundesliga top scorer Edin Dzeko is always good for a goal. Montenegro’s Stevan Jovetic has also proven his class several times. In the middle of the field, club legend Frank Lampard ensures order. He is supported by other top players like David Silva or James Millner. The Manchester City squad is really top notch in name and doesn’t have to hide from anyone in Europe either.

What are the future prospects for Manchester City?

It is no coincidence that Manchester City has become an absolute top club in the Premier League. Due to the many millions of the investor from Abu Dhabi, the squad could be further strengthened. This inevitably led to success and several championships. However, one is not at all satisfied with what has been achieved so far in the club’s environment. The club would like to regularly win the Premier League championship. Above all, however, the club’s international reputation should be polished up. The Champions League title is the most important goal. In recent years, the Citizens have already dropped out in the preliminary round, which was partly due to Lospech. This year too, the group phase was only survived thanks to a strong sprint. The English were not lucky this season either. FC Barcelona is already one of the big favorites in the round of 16. The decisive factor for the future of Manchester City will be whether it is possible to assemble a homogeneous group. Simply buying the most expensive players will probably not bring the desired success.

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