Best Europa League Betting Sites 2020

Best Europa League Betting Sites 2020

There is no reputable online betting site that does not have them on the screen – the Europa League bets. The continent’s second highest international division is even the most heavily occupied in terms of quantity. For years, UEFA has been trying to give all associations a starting place, so that the qualification and group phase are extremely extensive.

The Europa League – the facts

The Europa League has emerged from the merger of the former UEFA Cup and the European Cup of national champions. The competition has been held in groups since 2004/05, as is common today. The name Europa League has existed since 2008/09. Before starting in September in the preliminary round groups to score and score, there are countless Europa League bets in summer. The preliminary phase is played in three qualification and one playoff round. In the group phase, a total of 48 teams will face each other in twelve teams of four.The participants of the knockout round will be determined in autumn and return games. The two best groups move into the intermediate round. In this, it continues with the third-placed Champions League in knockout mode. The Europa League therefore has one more round compared to the premier class.

The Europa League winner then not only plays the UEFA Super Cup against the Champions League winner, but also now qualifies directly for the premier class of the coming season. With this relatively new rule, the value of the Europa League matches was increased again. The German Bundesliga currently has three starting places. The DFB Cup winner and the fifth in the final table march directly into the group stage. The sixth Bundesliga player starts his international games in the third qualifying round.

Below we have put together the Europa League winners of the past few years:

  • 2009/10: Atletico Madrid
  • 2010/11: FC Porto
  • 2011/12: Atletico Madrid
  • 2012/13: Chelsea FC London
  • 2013/14: Sevilla FC
  • 2014/15: Sevilla FC
  • 2015/16: Sevilla FC
  • 2016/17: Manchester United

The betting offer for the Europa League

The betting sites can bet on every game of the Europa League on a daily basis. The most popular are still the classic tips for victory, draw or loss. However, the Europa League betting offer is significantly more extensive. It can be bet on almost all game events. The standard of the online providers includes the double chance, the goals over / under tips, the half-time / full-time betting, the exact result and various handicap offers. The best bookmakers have between 100 and 150 Europa League bets per game on the screen.

In the long-term area, you can count on the final title holder, the group winners, the qualifiers for the knockout phase, the country of the Europa League winner and the best scorer. In the comparison of betting sites, there are still clear differences in the Europa League bets in the long-term sector. Not all bookmakers see the competition at eye level with the Champions League.

The betting odds in the Europa League

If you place Europa League tips, you can be almost certain that you will play them with a valuable betting odds. The sites’ odd key for the “second” European league is on average between 95 and 96 percent . However, the mathematical payment approach depends somewhat on the respective lot. If, for example, a team from the Bundesliga meets a team from the English Premier League, the customer response can be expected to be significantly higher than in a match between two representatives from Latvia and Azerbaijan. Of course, this affects the mathematical betting odds approaches.

The little betting help for the Europa League tips

If you want to place your Europa League bets successfully, you should note a few minor features:

  1. Qualification : The qualification is played at a time when the majority of national leagues are still in the summer break. Some cadres are not yet complete. Furthermore, the top clubs may not always compete against the underdogs with the A team.
  2. Group stage : As a rule, many sports bettors mainly rely on teams from England, Germany, Spain or Italy. In the Europa League, however, the role of favorites is far from being as pronounced as in the premier class. Ultimately, these are only teams from the national midfield.
  3. Group stage : Towards the end of the preliminary round, it may be that some teams are already qualified for the knockout round and the remaining game is only playing with half the force.
  4. KO phase : Especially in the first leg, many favorites away from home are satisfied with a draw. Victory is not always played consistently.

Furthermore, our experience in Europa League betting shows that many coaches from the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, the Spanish LaLiga and the German Bundesliga do not really take the competition seriously. Quite a few clubs generally play the Europa League with improved B-teams. Even in the knockout phase, such usage schemes can still be seen here and there.

Bonuses and promotions for the Europa League

The Europa League bets have significantly increased in value among bookmakers. This can be seen in the numerous additional bonus offers for the encounters. Anyone who carefully studies the special offers will find free bets, cashbacks and odd boots on every matchday. It should be noted that these offers are still available weekly for a specific game day or for a game.

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