Best Barcelona betting Sites 2020

Best Barcelona betting Sites 2020

FC Barcelona betting & info

Founded: 11/29/1899
Club colors: Blue-Red
Stadium: Camp Nou
Seats: 99,354
Fans: 143,459 Members
Facebook Fans: 102,818,770
Full real name: Futbol Club Barcelona
Coach: Ernesto Valverde
Most important players: Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Ousmane Dembélé, Gerard Piqué
Most expensive player: Lionel Messi – market value: 180,000,000
Current competitions season 2019/20: Primera Division, Copa del Rey, Champions League
successes in the season 2018/19: 1st of the Primera Division, Copa del Rey Finale, Champions League Semifinals
Biggest Success: 5x Champions League winners, 3x UEFA Cup winners, 26x Spanish champions

In addition to Real Madrid & Athletic Bilbao, Barca is the only club in Spain that has never had to relegate from the first division. Barcelona is number 1 in the eternal Uefa ranking of European club competitions. The first real successes came in the 80s under the Dutchman Johan Cruyff , who led the Catalans to the first championship title after 14 years. This was followed by further championship titles , but Barcelona also spread its glory internationally in the 90s. In the 2000s, Barca had a world-class team that regularly dominated the Champions League . The most famous players were: Cocu, Maradona, Litmanen, Cruyff, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Krankl, Kluivert, Schuster, the De Boer brothers, Ronaldinho and many more etc. With the triple a few years ago Barcelona confirmed the cult status in world football. Most recently, the Catalans failed several times prematurely, although they are considered a favorite for the title in the Champions League almost every season. Barcelona bets on the victory in the premier class are always an option, this time the odds could be a little higher.

How to bet on Barcelona? • See how to win money by betting on Barcelona

Hello Friend how are you? Do you already know how to bet on Barcelona ? Read this article and learn how to do it.

We already know that Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, right? Even because this club has the best players in the world and has always been playing titles of the most important competitions that exist. What do you think if I told you that it is possible to earn money with this equipment? Would you like to make a profit betting on a team as incredible as Barcelona? We are referring to sports betting, which is the great specialty of Betting Club. Don’t worry if you’ve never gambled in your life – this article is going to be a guide for all gambling beginners.

Come on, then, to understand how you can bet and win money with betting on Barcelona

Surely at some time in your life you have bet a beer with your friend before a very important game, right? Sports betting works exactly the same and is very simple to understand. You analyze a match, register your bet and wait for the result. If you succeed, your bet is victorious. But if not, your bet is a loser. The only difference is that, unlike your friend, you bet against a bookmaker.

An example of a bet in favor of Barcelona

So that everything is easier to understand, let’s go to a practical example. We paste an image of Betmotion , a reliable bookmaker that has an immense range of sports betting, making it one of the best sites in Latin America in the segment. Below I show you the odds (odds) of Betmotion from the match between Girona and Barcelona for the Liga BBVA.

bet on barcelona

Odds represent the potential benefit if the bet wins. To know yours, you need to multiply your investment by the odds offered by Betmotion . For Barcelona to win the match we have a 1.35 odds. If you bet on Barcelona’s victory and risk $ 100, we will have a possible financial return of $ 135 (100 x 1.35). In other words, a benefit of $ 35 if Barcelona wins the game. We know that Barcelona is a very strong team and that it wins most of its matches. It is a bet that is not bad, yes?

The markets to bet on Barcelona

At Betmotion it is possible to bet on different markets and not just for the winner of the match. There is also the possibility of making a bet on the number of goals that a match will have. And that’s what we’re going to talk about now: the markets to bet on Barcelona.

Goals Market

We start then with what we mentioned above: goal bets. Did you know that you can try to guess if a game is going to have many or few goals? In this type of bet, the winner does not matter, but the number of goals does and to win money, you have to bet on “more” or “less” goals. For a better understanding, take a look at the goal markets for Girona vs Barcelona:

barcelona bet

We have the possibility to bet more or less x.5 goals. This means that, for example, if we bet on more than 0.5 goal, the game cannot end without goals. If we bet on more than 1.5 goals, the game has to end with more than 1 goal and so on. On the other hand, if we bet on less than 0.5 goals, the game has to end without goals. If we bet on less than 1.5 goals, the game has to end with less than 1 goal and so on.

Result, first half

This is a very similar market to the “Match Winner” market. However, it will only work for the first 45 minutes. That is to say that to win you do not need the team to win the game, but it does have to be victorious until half time.

barelona betting

Will both teams score?

This market means whether the two teams are going to score at least 1 goal or not. So if you bet yes, both teams have to score. But if you bet no, only one team can score goals or there is no goal in the match.


Exact Result

A very difficult market to bet on is the Correct Score. To win you have to match the exact number of goals from both teams. At least they are very high odds (the higher the odds, the more unlikely the event, and therefore the better the prize promised by the bookmaker).


Asian Handicap

Finally, we would like to highlight the Handicap market. Your goal is to create an advantage or disadvantage for one of the teams. Take a look at the examples below.

asian handicap

A bet with Asian Handicap -1 against Barcelona means that a victory for just one goal from Barcelona would result in his bet being returned. In other words, you don’t win, but you don’t lose either. In other words, you would only lose if Barcelona did not win the match. If Barcelona wins by 2 or more goals, you would win the bet. Another example is Barcelona -1.25 (-1, -1.5), which means that a victory by a Barcelona goal would only consider half of your losing bet. So you lose only 50% of your money. In that case, if Barcelona wins by 2 or more goals, you would have more profit.

Note that by giving these disadvantages to Barcelona, ​​you have slightly more risky bets, but their potential benefit is also much greater in case of success. Nothing more fair, because the benefit is totally linked to the risk. But in many opportunities, it can be worth it, because Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world.

Other markets

Do you think it’s over? It is quite the opposite: these markets only represent a part of what you find in bookmakers. Therefore, be sure to explore the Betmotion platform and see what it offers to invest in Barcelona games.

The best bets for Barcelona

Barcelona is a very offensive team and it plays with its advanced sides. In general, he maintains possession and control of the game against his opponents. For all these characteristics and also for the quality of its players, it is very common for Barcelona to win the first time. The odds for Barcelona to win in the first half are generally better than the odds for the winner of the match. That happens because there are 45 minutes less to play. Therefore, it is a bet that you can make very frequently if you want to bet on Barcelona.

Below we show examples of Barcelona’s victories in the first half. Note that the first time result is the one in parentheses.

Best Barcelona betting Sites 2020

Special features when betting on Barcelona:

Barcelona , together with Real Madrid, is currently the big hunted in Spain, which ensures extremely low favorite rates. Against smaller opponents, Barcelona offers a 2: 0 halftime score , as Barcelona often accelerates early and later manages the result. Even over-goal bets are at Barca always a good choice. Cup games are dangerous because they are not always taken seriously because there is also a second leg in Spain. In the Champions League, Barca is often considered the big favorite in the end, but it is often not enough. Betting on a Champions League title is an option at slightly higher odds than in previous years.

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