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Best MLS Betting Sites 2020

Professional football is also played in the USA, although after two failed attempts in the 1970s and 1980s with Major League Soccer (MLS) only since 1996. But this league is growing and thriving, with new clubs being added every now and then. With Toronto FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact, three teams from Canada are now even there when the otherwise US teams compete against each other. As in the other professional sports leagues, the NBA, the NHL, the MLS is no longer a national league, but a North American one. If you are looking for reputable betting sites, check out the following internet betting sites!

Major League Soccer (MLS) is not only interesting from a sports betting perspective , since it works somewhat differently than conventional leagues in football. The teams are divided into two “conferences”, so they do not all play against each other in a round robin system, but in a different system. The league started with just 10 teams, but has now grown to 20 teams. The following list shows which these are.

The teams of the Major League Soccer (MLS) 2020

In the top division of North America, 26 teams will be chasing goals in the coming season . 23 of them come from the USA and three from Canada. In contrast to European leagues, the teams are divided into two departments, the Eastern and the Western Conference. The MLS thus follows the system that is widespread in the USA, as is also common in basketball, for example.

Western Conference

  • Colorado Rapids
  • FC Dallas
  • Houston Dynamo
  • Los Angeles FC
  • LA Galaxy
  • Minnesota United
  • Nashville SC
  • Portland Timbers
  • Real Salt Lake
  • San Jose Earthquakes
  • Seattle Sounders
  • Sporting Kansas City
  • Vancouver Whitecaps

Eastern Conference

  • Atlanta United
  • Chicago Fire
  • Columbus crew
  • DC United
  • FC Cincinnati
  • Inter Miami
  • Montreal Impact
  • New England Revolution
  • New York City FC
  • New York Red Bulls
  • Orlando City
  • Philadelphia Union
  • Toronto FC

The reigning champions are the Portland Timbers, but the record champions of the MLS is Los Angeles Galaxy with 5 titles so far. In any European league you would only be under the championship titles, but in a young league like the MLS you are a record champion.

Incidentally, a regular season is played in the MLS before the best teams move into the playoffs, just like in the other sports. In these playoffs, the North American master of the MLS is finally determined. After all, football in the USA is not as presumptuous as baseball that the master is called “world champion” here, after all, a champion is determined in (almost) every other country in the world.

New candidates are already ready. The field of participants will soon be expanded to include Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, Minnesota United and an as yet undetermined team. However, this does not apply to the current season of the MLS.

The main teams in the MLS Major League Soccer in the USA

Of course, the teams from the largest cities are well known, i.e.New York City FC and New York Red Bulls as well as LA Galaxy. The latter is also a record champion, which does not mean too many titles in the MLS. Long distances are problematic for almost all pairings, so there are almost no away fans in the league unless it is a local derby. But the participants are spread across the country and there is almost no region with many inhabitants that would not be represented with a club nearby in the MLS.

Otherwise also relevant: the New England Revolution, which is located in Foxborough near Boston. DC United is the Washington club that bears the name of the district in which it is based. Incidentally, unlike football, the two New York clubs are in the same conference, namely the Eastern Conference. This ensures that there is at least one inner city derby more than once every season.

Other things worth knowing about MLS Major League Soccer

The best-known current players of the MLS are the Irish Robbie Keane, who plays at LA Galaxy, as well as Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and David Villa. David Beckham, who also ended his career here, has meanwhile become the co-owner of LA Galaxy and, as it were, the employer of Robbie Keane.

Former MLS teams are Miami Fusion, Tampa Bay Mutiny and CD Chivas USA. Leaving the latter club is particularly unfortunate for the MLS, since the team served to tie many Hispanics in the USA to local football instead of looking to Mexico or South America.

The league is played according to a very unusual system in football. Each club plays one home and one away game against each team from its own conference. To do this, you play exactly one game against each club from the other conference. In addition there are 6 games against randomly drawn opponents. In the end, each team has 34 games, just as many as in the Bundesliga, even though the MLS consists of 20 and not 18 teams.

The regular season is followed by the playoffs that reach the first six teams of each conference. In the end there are two clubs in the final, in which the champion is determined like in a cup competition.

Special features when betting on MLS

A big advantage when betting on MLS is that the games run at night due to the time difference to the USA in this country. So there is no overlap in your betting activities on European leagues. Here too, thorough preparation and dealing with current sports news about major league soccer are important. For a really in-depth look at the league and to research background information, at best you should be powerful in the English language to keep track of the US media. The level of reporting on the MLS is currently not very high in Germany.

A look at the statistics shows a clear picture: There are no clear favorites that dominate for several years in the strongest US league. Only one team has won the championship twice in the last seven seasons. In addition, the teams rarely keep their shape. The old rule that everything can happen in the playoffs across sports also applies to the MLS. Other than the 2017 season, in which Toronto FC won the regular season, none of the last seven playoff winners succeeded. For this reason, long-term or favorite bets are associated with a higher risk in Major League Soccer, but are also better quoted.

Our Major League Soccer (MLS) betting forecast for the 2020 season

Choosing a clear favorite for betting on the MLS is not easy compared to the top European leagues. At the current time, just over a month before the start of the season, it is difficult to make a forecast . However, our editorial team’s betting experts consider a renewed Atlanta United championship likely after the club last won the title two years ago. The club, which only joined the MLS in 2017, demonstrated from the start that Atlanta is pursuing a good concept. Instead of relying on expensive foreigners, it works sustainably and commits players who are still at their zenith. This is also evident in the particularly low average age of the team squad.

The playoffs had already been reached in the debut season, and the big hit came a year later. Head coach Frank de Boer’s team took a strong second place behind New York City FC in the regular season last season, but failed in the conference finals against Totonto FC. The German Julian Gressel has had a fair share of the success since the club was founded. The dangerous midfielder was voted “Rookie of the Year” in 2017 and has been in consistently good shape since then. In Atlanta you love the Germans, an enthusiasm for the 24-year-old called “Gresselmania” has flared up. We believe Atlanta United could win the 2020 MLS Cup , but we will update our game forecast later this season.

Conclusion on betting on MLS

The MLS has an invaluable advantage. Their kick-off times are such that the games in Europe run at night. This is the best opportunity to conclude sports betting and even more so live betting on their games. Especially when soccer is at rest in Germany, you can look across the pond at soccer in the USA and Canada. Some stars are also employed there, so that a certain identification is possible, provided you are not already a fan of one of the 20 clubs in the MLS.

The whole thing may not be on the level of the Bundesliga or the Premier League in terms of sport: it is football that you can happily bet on. Also interesting is the slightly different league mode, which also leaves teams with chances for the title that do not lead their table after the regular season.

In any case, the MLS is an attractive league, which also produces surprising results from time to time. So the best conditions to deal with it in relation to sports betting. Football in the MLS does not reach the class of European leagues, but it is quite a respectable football that is offered in the 20 stadiums of the MLS.

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