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Best Serie A Betting Sites 2020

In recent years, Juventus Turin has dominated the Italian league and has collected numerous titles. The former top teams like Inter or AC Milan can no longer keep up. On this page you will find all the information you need for your Serie A bets . We present you the best providers for the tactical game class. We also took a close look at the odds, betting markets, bonus offer and live betting.

We offer you extensive statistics, introduce the clubs and stars such as the multiple world footballer Ronaldo. In short – we provide you with all the facts you need to start playing Serie A games . Dive into your favorite topic immediately with the help of our table of contents or read our guide step by step. But enough of the preface – let’s get started with the Calcio Italiano.

Serie A betting – the best sites

If you want to submit your tips on Juve, Napoli and Co., the most important of all questions arises first. Who is the best bookmaker for Serie A betting? Now we no longer want to put you on the torture and present the results of our extensive research and analysis to you at the top of this page. The best providers in our test and comparison can be found in the table below . With these betting providers you do nothing wrong with betting Serie A. The most extensive betting markets and the highest odds await you here. The bookmakers also have an excellent live betting program. We don’t want to forget the numerous bonus promotions.

So you will find an excellent Serie A betting provider

The providers for Serie A bets online are very diverse. Since betting on football is one of the most popular activities for a bookmaker, the Italian top league is of course also listed with all providers. In order to determine the best of these portals, we have developed a number of criteria for our test and examined the various pages accordingly.

Our best Serie A betting providers meet the following criteria:

  • Lucrative quotas and therefore high payouts.
  • Regular bonus offers for Serie A games
  • Varied live betting program.
  • Extensive betting markets for pre-match and in-play betting.

We will explain these individual parameters in detail in the next sections. You will find out how the odds affect your winnings, how the in-play bets are presented, how important the largest possible number of betting markets is and which Serie A bonus offers await you.

What role do the oddss play?

The difference between odds 2.0 and 2.1 is only minimal at first glance, but has a decisive influence on your profits. With a stake of € 100, with a correct bet with the higher betting odds, there would be at least € 10 more in your betting account. The simple formula is: the higher the odds, the greater the profit . That is why our selection of the top providers for betting on Serie A games only comes into question for those who guarantee you the most lucrative payouts.

Serie A bonus promotions

On our page with the best bonus offers we have put together the promotions of the online betting providers for you in detail. In addition to an attractive welcome offer, you can also expect many regular promotions. For example, you get a premium of up to 100% on your winnings for your extensive combination bets. When playing games from Juventus, Inter or Napoli, you also benefit from special Serie A bonus offers. So the bookmakers have increased odds, free bets, money-back specials or 100% betting markets for you in the portfolio.

Live betting and streams

Placing bet on live sports betting is very popular. With the best bookmakers for betting on Serie A games, you have the opportunity to make your predictions for every game in the league. For a total of 380 games in one season, you can choose your favorite from dozens of betting markets. The series A bookmakers provide you with current statistics so that you are always up to date. So you don’t miss a corner or a shot on goal. In addition, you can follow the game happening in real time with a live match trackerand be informed about every single action in the game. As an absolute highlight, some providers even offer you live streams. With these you can follow the duels and thus gain important insights for your sports betting.

Number of betting markets

Fortunately, the days when we only had a choice of a handful of types of betting for our online Serie A betting are a thing of the past. Nowadays you can expect an interesting and varied range of different betting markets. Whether tips on corners, warnings, possession of the ball, penalties or goal hits – you are spoiled for choice from over 100 markets per game . With the top games like the Derby d’Italia between Juventus Turin and Inter Milan, you have even more options. If you want to place your tips on the go, you can access the entire program. With the sports betting apps , you don’t have to do without anything compared to the desktop version.Serie A betting

  • Betting markets
  • Long term bets
  • history
  • societies

Series A betting markets

Now we come to the chapter you’ve been waiting for – concrete Serie A betting. We differentiate between two types. On the one hand, these are the forecasts for the individual games of each game day and, on the other hand, the long-term bets, which usually affect the entire season. We not only introduce you to the most popular markets, but also give you inspiration and help for your own tips with various current statistics .

Single game bets

The first markets we want to talk about are predictions about each game . Every week these are the ten games of the respective game day. From the three-digit number of different types of bets that await you in sports betting Serie A, we will go into more detail on the most popular. Our extra page with explanations of the most important football betting types offers you a more extensive look at the different options . Our bookmaker Serie A recommendation, where both newbies and more experienced players are in good hands, can be found in the following box.

Game winner (1X2) and statistics

The prediction of the winner of the game is the oldest betting market, but it is still by far the most popular and fascinating. As you can see in our graphic, home win is by far the most common game outcome. What is striking is the relatively large number of points shared , which is even higher than the victories of the away teams. If, on the other hand, you prefer a league with far fewer draws, check out our Premier League betting page . But now to the specific figures from the 2018/2019 season for betting on Serie A games.

Both teams to score and statistics


  • 53.42%
  • 46.58%

Do both teams score a goal in the game or not? This is what the both teams to score prediction is about. A look at the data for the 2018/2019 season shows that the majority of this bet ended with the goals being scored by both clubs . If you are looking for a league with an even clearer tendency to “yes” for your tips, then the Bundesliga bets are definitely something for you.

Under / Over 2.5 bets and stats


  • 51.84%
  • 48.16%

Are there at least three goals in the game or just two or fewer? If you can’t commit to a game winner, this market is usually a welcome alternative. If we look at the data for the 2018/2019 season, we find that in Italy, once known for its defensive skills, slightly more than half of the games ended with over 2.5 goals . If you prefer to bet on the Under 2.5 goals variant, then betting on La Liga is more likely to suit your taste.

Betting on Serie A long term markets

In addition to betting on the individual games, you also have the option of placing your predictions on the champions, relegated teams or the best scorer. Even bets on the next coach layoff are regularly in the Serie A betting portfolio. These long-term bets are not decided like a game within 90 minutes, but extend over a much longer period. In most cases, the entire championship.

Who will be champions in Italy?

The trophy for the Series A winnerThe classic among outright bets is the question of the Italian champion. For the past eight years, the answer has always been the same – Juventus Turin . In May 2019, the old lady celebrated her 35th title. The record champion is again a big favorite in the new season. In return, online Serie A bets on the title attract lucrative odds for Naples, Inter or AC Milan.

Who will win without Juventus?

A soccer field and the logos of the SSC Napoli and the AS Roma in the foreground.Due to the great dominance of Juventus , forecasts for the best-placed team without the team of Ronaldo and Co. are enjoying increasing popularity. In the past seven years, AS Roma and SSC Napoli have alternated in second place. Recently the heirs of Maradona ended the season in second place. Surely not a bad idea for your bets on Serie A outright markets, right?

Who descends?

The B series logoThe biggest losers of the season are the relegated teams. The teams in positions 18 to 20 have to leave the league and continue to play in Serie B. You can not only place your Serie A bets on the relegated team, but also on the team that will be last in the end . Traditionally, the newcomers in particular have had a hard time keeping themselves in the top division. In 2019, two newcomers, Empoli and Frosinone, descended again immediately.

Who will be top scorer?

A goal net.Which player scores the most goals? Most of these players come from the best teams . In Italy, however, this has been somewhat different in recent years. In the past seasons, no Juventus player was able to secure the top scorer. Instead, Qualiarella, for example, triumphed from midfield team Sampdoria Genoa in 2019. Ronaldo could not be dangerous to the international either.

Everything you need to know about Serie A football

The Serie A headquarters in Milan.
SurnameSeries A
Founding year:1929
Partner:TIM, Nike, Panini
Champions League seats:4th
Euro League seats:3rd

Serie A is the highest football division in Italy and was founded in 1929. Each team receives all other teams once in the home stadium and also competes once with all competitors in their arena. The championship in Italy has existed since 1898 . At that time, the title holder was determined in a final tournament with the winners of the various regional associations. The first championship was won by Genoa FC. For every tenth title, the corresponding team receives a master star on the jersey.

Serie A has been made up of 20 clubs since 2004 . The last three teams in the final table relegate to Serie B. The teams in places one to four qualify directly for the Champions League. The fifth in the table and sixth in the table play in the Europa League. Another international starting place is reserved for the winner of the Coppa Italia . However, if the cup winner is among the top 6 in the final table, the team moves into seventh place in the Europa League.

The 380 games of a full season are played between the months of August and May . A short winter break over Christmas and New Year breaks the league for a short time. Player changes are possible in two transfer windows. In summer between July and early September and for improvements in January.

The Italian league has fans all over the world. For lovers of tactics in particular , it is still number one for many. For decades, the league was considered to be the division with the best defensive lines and accordingly few goals. Currently, however, the trend is clearly towards more hits. The country of the Catenaccio can thus increasingly shine with strong offensive lines.

The official Serie A channel on YouTube

The Italian League clubs

In our overview of the sports betting Serie A we now deal with the big clubs in the Italian league. Many fans still rave about AC Milan under star coach Arrigo Sacchi and consider the team around Gullit and van Basten to be the best team ever . We introduce you to the most popular teams and show you interesting statistics.

The title holders

Unsurprisingly, the champion of the last few years is also unchallenged in the overall list of title holders. Juventus Turin won 35 triumphs, almost twice as many championships as the two pursuers Inter and AC Milan combined. While we find almost all former champions such as AS and Lazio and Fiorentina also currently in Serie A, seven-time victor’s Pro Vercelli only to be found in the third-tier Serie C .

Juventus TurinJuventus Turin351897Allianz Stadium
Inter MilanInter Milan18th1908San Siro (Meazza)
AC MilanAC Milan18th1899Giuseppe Meazza
FC GenoaFC Genoa91893Luigi Ferraris
FC BolognaFC Bologna71909Stadio Renato Dall’Ara
Pro VercelliPro Vercelli71903Stadio Silvio Piola
FC TurinFC Turin71906Stadio Grande Torino
AS RomeAS Rome3rd1927Olimpico di Roma
AC FlorenceAC Florence2nd1926Artemio Franchi
Lazio RomeLazio Rome2nd1900Olimpico di Roma
SSC NaplesSSC Naples2nd1926San Paolo

The teams with the most viewers

The ranking of the clubs with the highest number of visitors is led by the two Milan clubs. For Juventus only third place remains in this table. However, this is also due to the low capacity of their Allianz stadium. The two capital clubs Lazio and AS follow on the other places. Overall, the average audience was just over 25,000 visitors .

An overview with the top 10 of Serie A with the most spectators per home game in the 2018/2019 season.

Club records

A look at the record teams gives you important insights into your betting on Serie A games. You get to know the strongest storm series, the best defense, the longest positive series and the long-running favorite of the league.

  • Inter Milan jersey.Longest winning streakMost wins in a row come to Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri won 17 games in a row in 2006/2007.
  • Inter Milan jerseyBelonging to Serie AInter Milan is the only team that has never relegated to Serie B and has played all games in Serie A since 1929. In 2019, the team was already in its 88th season.
  • AC Milan jersey. Longest unbeatenAC Milan did not lose a single match from May 26, 1991 to March 21, 1993 and always scored at least one point in 58 games. Curiously, the series started and ended with the same club – AC Parma.
  • Jersey by Cagliari Calcio.Few goals conceded in one seasonCagliari Calcio had to concede only 11 goals in 30 games in the season 1969/1970. With this outstanding defense performance, the team from Sardinia also secured the title.
  • AC Milan jersey.Most goals in one seasonThe players hit a total of 118 times in the 1949/1950 season. Despite this best performance, it was only second to Juventus in the table.

Back to the best Serie A betting providers

The great legends and new stars of the A series

In order to place bets on Serie A games, it is important not only to know the teams involved, but also to deal with the protagonists of the game. For this reason, the following chapters focus on the stars and legends of the Italian championship .

The top scorer of the last 5 years

In Italy in particular, the fans are at the feet of the goalscorers. They decide the games with their hits and thus have a large share in the success of their clubs . There have been many different top scorers in recent years. Only Mauro Icardi secured the crown twice. With Dzeko, Immobile and Toni, three of the most accurate strikers of the past five years were there who also made their money in the Bundesliga.

seasonTop scorersocietyGates2nd place
2018/2019Fabio QuagliarellaSampdoria26Zapata (Atalanta), 20th
2017/2018Mauro IcardiInter29Dybala (Juventus), 23
Ciro ImmobileLazio29
2016/2017Edin DzekoAS Rome29Mertens (Naples), 28
2015/2016Gonzalo HiguainNaples36Dybala (Juventus), 19th
2014/2015Luca ToniVerona22Tevez (Juventus), 20th
Mauro IcardiInter22

The stars of the Italian league

The Italian championship is one of the most important in Europe and has consistently produced new stars for decades. After an interim crisis, large players are now increasingly attracting Serie A again . Above all, of course, with Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the world with Messi in recent years.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo jersey.The superstarFive-time world footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing for Juventus in 2018 and was crowned champion in his first season.
  • Jersey by Mauro Icardi. The bomberGoalscorer Mauro Icardi hits like on the assembly line for Inter Milan. The Argentine international has already been the top scorer in Italy twice.
  • Jersey by Edin Dzeko.Old-style scorerBosnian Edin Dzeko scores an average of almost every second game. In the Bundesliga, he used to go chasing goals for VfL Wolfsburg.
  • Jersey by Gianluigi Buffon.The eternal gigiGoalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is still not thinking about retiring at the age of 40 and still shows his class in the box of Juventus.
  • Jersey by Federico Chiesa. The great talentAttacking Federico Chieso from AC Florence is the great future hope of Italian football and one of the best players in the league.

Series A legends

The fans are enthusiastic not only about the current sizes, but also about the legends of the past. The former players are still the favorites of the Tifosi. In addition to their excellent football skills , they were particularly characterized by their loyalty to the club and spent almost their entire professional career at their parent club.

Paolo Maldini1985 – 2009647297
Francesco Totti1993 – 20176192501
Javier Zanetti1995 – 2014615125
Alessandro Del Piero1993 – 20124781886
Roberto Baggio1985 – 20044242052nd

Player records

In order to give you perhaps one or the other suggestion for your online Serie A betting, we now take a look at the individual best performances. Who has the most bets? Which player hit the most? Who is the best wild card? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the compilation below.

  • Leotard by Paolo Maldini.Most gamesPaolo Maldini is a legend at AC Milan. The left full-back never changed clubs and played a total of 619 Serie A games.
  • Jersey by Gianluigi Buffon.Longest without conceding a goalGigi Buffon from juventus Turin is one of the best goalkeepers of all time. In Serie A, he was 974 minutes in a row without conceding a goal.
  • Jersey by Silvio Piola. The most successful scorerSilvio Piola scored 274 goals in 537 games, making him the number 1 scorer. Totti, Nordahl and Meazza followed in further places.
  • Jersey by Paolo Montero.The rough leg  Paolo Montero flew 16 times in the Italian elite class. In 13 games he even saw the smooth red card and had to leave the field early.
  • Jersey by Alessandro Matri.The best wild cardIf Alessandro Matri is brought on by Brescia Calcio, the opponent is alerted to red. Already 25 hits as a joker are in his vita.

Serie A history and sports betting

The history of the Italian championship began at the end of the 19th century, but the league has existed in its current form since 1929. The number of participating clubs has always fluctuated between 16 and 20. The dominating and legendary teams of the past are many fans of the series A is still a term today. The era of the towering eleven of AC Turin, which came to a sad end due to the plane crash at Superga. The big AC Milan under Sacchi and Capello in the 90s. Inter Milan under Trapattoni with the German Matthäus, Klinsmann, Brehmein the late 80s and the legendary team that won the triple in 2010. The masters of surprise such as Hellas Verona 1985 or Sampdoria Genua 1991 are also unforgettable. The recent past was far from such sensations. Dominator Juventus ranks championship after championship.

Such a long history goes hand in hand with a passion for sports betting. In the following overview you can see the most important milestones. However, they are not all positive in nature.

An overview of Serie A connections and sports betting.

Discover the best Serie A bookmakers

Tips for online Serie A betting

Placing Serie A bets has changed a lot compared to previous years. The Italian league is still known for its defensive strength and high tactical skills. However, this no longer automatically means that hardly any goals are scored. On the contrary, the championship now has an over 2.5 goal tendency and is increasingly becoming the focus of players who prefer games with goals in their tips.

Before placing your bets on Serie A games, it is of course always important to take enough time for a thorough analysis and research . To do this, also use the many statistics offered and always keep an eye on the form curves, the direct comparison and the team failures.

Betting partner of the clubs

While more than half of the clubs still had an official betting partner in the 2018/2019 season, things look very different in the 2019/2020 season. A new law prohibits the advertising of sports betting. The Italian clubs thus lose millions of dollars in revenue . The days of sponsoring Inter Milan by the betting provider bwin or the partnership between AS Roma and the bookmaker Betway are now a thing of the past with the start of the 2019/2020 season.

Beware of these bookmakers!

We cannot repeat the most important fact when choosing your provider for Serie A betting enough. The basic requirement should always be the existence of a valid license for sports betting. This is the only way to ensure safe and fair gaming for you. It also protects you as best as possible from fraud and irregularities . So stay away from bookmakers who want to lure you with tempting odds and sensational bonus offers, but are not in possession of a valid license. Trust our selection of bookmakers for Serie A and you will not experience any nasty surprises.

Facts and anecdotes about Serie A sports betting

The world of betting on Serie A games is full of interesting anecdotes and curious stories. In the following boxes you will find a small overview of three particularly unusual events.

  • A lot of banknotes.Record win in Serie AIn February 2016, a lucky guy from Oristano, Sardinia, made a real splash with a successful bet on Serie A games. The fifty-year-old won almost € 700,000 with a stake of around € 50.
  • The A series logo Crazy ItaliansWho says only the English are crazy about betting? The Italian players bet well over a billion euros each year on their top division.
  • Jersey by Ivan PerisicA few centimeters were missingA betting enthusiast from England played a combination bet for the 2018 World Cup with different goal scorers for 1 pound. All tips were correct only Inter striker Perisic hit the post and not the goal. There would have been £ 140,000 profit …


We have given you all the important information about sports betting Serie A on this page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and write us an email: kontakt@wett

Is it possible to give a 1X2 tip not only on the final result, but also on the first half?

Of course, this is possible. You do not only have the option to predict the winner of the first half. Many Serie A betting providers also have tips after 15 or 30 minutes of games in the program. So you have the free choice and are by no means limited to the end result.

Are long-term bets also offering head-to-head bets?

This exciting option in terms of betting options , in which you have to forecast which of the two teams will be in the better place in the table at the end of the season, has some of the top providers for sports betting Serie A in their portfolio. Here you can bet on whether Inter is better placed than local rival AC Milan.

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