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Best Veikausliiga Betting Sites 2020

Finland also plays top-class football , even if it is hardly noticed internationally. This is partly due to the fact that ice hockey is a very big number in Finland and partly because the national team of Finland hardly appears in football. Even for the 24th European Championship in France, when the third group place in a qualification group would have been enough, it was not possible to qualify. However, this is not an issue that you should be interested in as sports bettors, this is about the league operation in the Veikausliiga, it is quite a lot and is extremely interesting for online betting. In the following table you will find some exclusive bonus offers from our betting bonus comparison !

Current participants of the Veikausliiga

The 12 clubs do not play a normal league round with each other, rather all clubs compete against each other three times . You have to know that the season in the Veikausliiga usually only lasts from April to October due to the climatic conditions in Finland. Sometimes the Veikausliiga season doesn’t start until May. After all, the league usually does not have to consider the big tournaments. The country has never qualified for a major tournament since the Finnish Football Association.

As in previous years, the Veikausliiga consists of 12 clubs. These are currently the following participants:

  • PK-35 Vantaa
  • FC Lahti
  • PS Kemi Kings
  • Helsingfors IFK
  • HJK Helsinki
  • IFK Mariehamm
  • Inter Turku
  • Kuopion PS
  • Rovaniemi PS
  • Seinäjoen JK
  • Tampereen Ilves
  • Vaasan PS

The inclined sports weather already notices that there is hardly a “big” club underneath. With drawbacks this may still apply to HJK Helsinki as well as Helsingfors IF and Tampere United. You’ve probably never seen any of the others in the European Cup. This, in turn, may not matter to friends of sports betting. The Veikausliiga has its own charm when it comes to sports betting.

Previous champions in the Veikausliiga

Finland has been playing a championship in football since 1908. However, the top division has only been operating under the name Veikausliiga since 1990 and is also independent of the Finnish football association. Coincidentally, Veikaus is the state betting company in Finland. The subject of sports betting is not far from this sponsor anyway.

  • 1990 – HJK Helsinki
  • 1991 – Kuusysi Lahti
  • 1992 – HJK Helsinki
  • 1993 – FC Jazz Pori
  • 1994 – TPV Tampere
  • 1995 – FC Haka
  • 1996 – FC Jazz Pori
  • 1997 – HJK Helsinki
  • 1998 – FC Haka
  • 1999 – FC Haka
  • 2000 – FC Haka
  • 2001 – Tampere United
  • 2002 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2003 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2004 – FC Haka
  • 2005 – MyPa Anjalankoski
  • 2006 – Tampere United
  • 2007 – Tampere United
  • 2008 – Inter Turku
  • 2009 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2010 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2011 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2012 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2013 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2014 – HJK Helsinki
  • 2015 – Seinäjoen JK

The clear record champion of the Veikausliiga is the HJK Helsinki, which should not be compared to FC Bayern in Germany. After all, there was a phase of weakness before the title in 2009 since 2003 when you could not even win football in Finland.

Records and other useful information about betting on Veikausliiga

The record championship is the HJK Helsinki, if you only use the times in the Veikausliiga. Then the following picture emerges with the number of total championships:

  • HJK Helsinki 11
  • FC Haka 5
  • Tampere United 3rd
  • FC Jazz Pori 2
  • MyPa Anjalankoski 1
  • Seinäjoen JK 1
  • Kuusysi Lahti 1
  • TPV Tampere 1
  • Inter Turku 1

However, as mentioned, this only applies to the Veikausliiga, a total of 26 clubs have already won championships in Finland. The last newcomer was Seinäjoen JK in 2015 , which comes from the town of Seinäjoki, which has only 60,000 inhabitants. As is known, the last newcomer to the Bundesliga was VfL Wolfsburg in 2009 as the first-time champion.

The Veikausliiga is very weakly placed in the five-year UEFA ranking, but this does not make any difference for sports betting on their games. This does not change the odds, rather it is more difficult to assess the level of the teams. At UEFA it currently looks like this:

  • 35. Iceland
  • 36. Georgia
  • 37. Finland
  • 38. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 39. Albania

Even behind the much smaller Iceland, the Veikausliiga has to line up. This is mainly due to the fact that ice hockey is the number 1 national sport in Finland and even if football has become significantly more popular since the introduction of the Veikausliiga in 1990 – as a child you still learn to play ice hockey in Finland before you start maybe go to a football club.

You can see that legionaries from Brazil, Argentina or other countries are also active in the Veikausliiga from time to time when you look at the top scorers of recent years. In 2014 it was the Argentinian Luis Solignac, in 2007 the Brazilian Rafael.

Conclusion on betting on Veikausliiga

Not the really big football you can experience in Finland’s Veikausliiga. For the purpose of sports betting, this league is nevertheless suitable in Europe’s far north, mainly for two reasons .

First of all, the Veikausliiga plays its game days from April to October, also in June, July and August, when many leagues in Europe are resting. So if you are looking for sports betting on football and do not want to do without it in summer, you will be happy with the Veikausliiga in Finland.

Second, the league is fairly balanced despite its small size of 12 clubs. Of course, the clubs from the larger cities are – as a rule – superior because they are equipped with larger resources. However, this does not mean that the other participants face them without any chance. As a look at the master list of the Veikausliiga shows, there is quite a lot of variety here, even if the HJK Helsinki last did a series from 2009 to 2014. But this is already over. And this balance always means high odds and, in addition to pure fun, also good chances of winning for everyone who concludes betting on Veikausliiga.

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