Best FIFA World Cup Live Betting Sites 2020

Best FIFA World Cup Live Betting Sites 2020

The long wait for World Cup will soon be over. Previously, fans were able to pass qualifying games and friendly games, now it is clear which nations will take part in the FIFA World Cup. This year the World Cup will take place from June 14th to July 15th.Many football fans not only want to follow the games, they also take the games as an opportunity to bet on them. Betting sites have been preparing for the World Cup for a long time, and some of them already offer long-term bets. You can place advance bets before and during the World Cup, but live betting is particularly popular. You can only place these bets with online betting sites, this is possible during the game. The range of live bets differs depending on the betting provider. Here you will find the best betting sites for the World Cup.

Live betting for FIFA World Cup – what you should know about it

There will be live bets on every game at the World Cup , but these live bets are not yet available. Live bets will only be available from live betting sites when the matches are played. The games will be announced a few days or hours before the game so you can’t miss a game. If you want to be on the safe side, you should download a game plan from the Internet in good time. Not only games with German participation, but also all other games of the World Cup will be broadcast on TV, so you can follow every game and then place your bets during the game. If you want to place live bets on the World Cup , you should select the right betting provider and at the same time

  • Live betting offer including special bets
  • App for mobile devices
  • Betting odds
  • additional services such as livestream or live images
  • Bonus on live betting

respect, think highly of.

The selection of live bets for the FIFA World Cup

The selection of live bets for World Cup differs between the different live betting sites, but you can basically bet on any game. Online bookmakers with a small range of live bets offer only a few special bets, apart from the normal three-way bets with victory for the favorite team, victory for the outsider team and draw, while many special bets are available from the major betting sites. You can find such special bets as, for example

  • Over / under bet
  • Handicap bet
  • Bet on mid-term result
  • Bet on exact result
  • Bet on the number of goals
  • Bet on number of corners
  • Bet on number of red cards
  • Bet on length of injury time
  • Bet when the next goal will be scored
  • Bet which team will score the next goal

Even more special bets can be placed with the various betting sites. The live bets relate to the regular season, but additional live bets can be offered if there is an extra time or a penalty shoot-out. The range of live bets is often expanded or changed during the game; the odds for live betting change constantly during the game.

The betting odds for live betting

Just as with the advance bets that you can place during the game, betting odds apply to the live bets. In advance bets, the odds change only slightly before the game kicks off. The odds for the pre-bets are based on different criteria, also in the live bets before the game takes place, different criteria are used for the formation of the odds:

  • Results of past team games
  • Shape of the player
  • special situation in the teams, for example many injured players
  • Weather conditions
  • Stadion

The odds provide information about the probability of an event, the higher the probability of an event, the lower the odds. A lot can happen during the game, so the odds for live betting change constantly during the game. The changing odds are displayed in the live bets. During the game, the odds in the formation of the odds only include the situation in the game

  • Team activity
  • Fouls
  • Possession of the ball
  • Goals

You should pay attention to the odds during the game, because if a odds have just risen you can place your bet and then make a big profit if the event actually occurs. However, if you want to be cautious about your bet, you should pay attention to a low odds, because then the probability that you will win your bet is high.

The app for mobile devices

You can place bets on the FIFA live World Cup not only on your home PC, but also on the go. Most betting sites have thought that it is the most fun to watch EM games abroad, for example directly in the stadium, at public viewing or with friends. You need an app for this purpose. Depending on the betting site, you can get an app or a mobile website. While you can store the app on your mobile device and call it up again and again, you have to enter the web address for the mobile website in the browser of the mobile device each time. It is important that you can access the entire range of live bets with the app or mobile website. Most betting sites can use the app or mobile website for tablets and smartphones with the most common operating systems such as

  • iOS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone

be used. So that you can place your live bets immediately when the games take place, you should not wait long and get the app on your device. Many apps not only allow betting, but also deposits into the betting account and requesting the payment of winnings.

Extras that make live betting easier for you

With many betting sites, you can not just place live bets on live FIFA World Cup, but various extras are also offered. The current results of the individual games are always displayed in the live bets, but you can also often use live images or a live stream if you cannot watch a game on TV or during public viewing. With many sites, you can also use the app to use live images or a live stream.

Bonus on the occasion of the Football World Cup on live betting

With some betting sites, a bonus is granted on live bets for the football World Cup; it can be paid on the stake or the profit. If you want to receive this bonus, you have to observe various conditions:

  • Live bets accepted for bonus
  • Minimum bet
  • Minimum quota

Some betting sites also offer a combination bonus on live bets, you have to place combination bets with a minimum number of tips, where each tip has a minimum odds. Every single tip must be correct, because if even one tip is wrong, the entire bet is lost. Such a bonus is staggered depending on the number of tips, and is higher the more tips your live bet contains. The bonus is granted on the profit.

Choosing the right betting site

In order for you to get the best range of live bets for FIFA World Cup and the best conditions, it is important to find the right betting site. You should use the betting provider comparison on the Internet or read reviews of the betting sites to find out about the conditions. If you are already betting with an online bookmaker, you can look for another bookmaker for the FIFA World Cup that offers particularly good conditions. You can also benefit from a new customer bonus.

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